Stormtrooper by Lawrence Watt-Evans

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Stormtrooper by Lawrence Watt-Evans mixes change storms and Wind Whales and Nazis and not very nice people and the victims of not very nice people in with New York City's finest. Readers of Glen Cook’s Annals of the Black Company will recognize the allusion. The characters in this story call the change storms reality storms. They don’t know what to make of the Wind Whales. The scientists have hopes of cloning one from the remnants.

The world is beset by these reality storms that drop off items from other places and sometimes take things/people with them. Items dropped include Nazis and a concentration camp in the Bronx and a castle on Coney Island. Lieutenant Gregory Mitsopoulas runs the Discontinuity Control Squad of the New York City Police Department. They are in charge of dealing with people/things brought to New York City by the storms.

Mitsopoulas and his men go out to investigate a reality Storm from the night before. They find themselves next to St Agnes Catholic Church on 43rd Street in front of the New York City Internal Security-- Midtown “B U R O” building. (Catchy name, no?)

New York City Internal Security -- Midtown Buro are the people in charge of dealing with the leavings of reality storms in the New York City of their world. Commandant Fitzwater and the other fine officers of the Midtown Buro want to take Lieutenant Mitsopoulas and the DCS into custody to be dealt with accordingly. Somebody is in their New York; someone else has been brought to a different New York by a reality storm. The question is which.

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