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Steve Redinger
Occupation Product Designer
Political party G.I. Joe, Transformers

Steve Redinger is the owner of SAR Design, LLC.

In 1997, Steve Redinger graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Industrial Design. For his senior thesis, Steve re-imagined Lion-O, the titular character from Thundercats. He completely re-imagined the brand and created an entire presentation to support this new vision, including a 3-d sculpted representation of Lion-O and a full size replica of the Sword of Omens. That same year, Steve went to work for Kenner/Hasbro. There, he worked on various brands and toys, including: Transformer, Jurassic Park, Chaos Effect, Gargoyles, Power Spark, Small Soldiers, Man of Steel, Batman Beyond (Bat Link), Men in Black, Titan AE, Congo, G.I. Joe Sigma Six, Zoids, B-Daman, Action Man, Marvel, Star Wars Power of the Force 3 3/4″, Episodes 2 and 3, as well as the Epic Force 6″ figures. Most notable to him, was the Star Wars quick draw Boba Fett. “I feel so privileged I had the opportunity to realize my childhood dream.”

Steve also provided numerous contributions to several volumes of the Hasbro Design Sketchbook, available San Diego Comic Cons. Several of his influences include George Perez, John Byrne, Neal Adams, Arthur Adams, Todd MacFarlane, Mark Sylvestri and Frank Miller. Steve now works as a design freelance, and remains an active illustrator and developer of product for an array of clients and licenses including Hasbro, Disney, MJ Holding, Marvel, NHL, Star Wars, and most recently Play With This Too.


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