Starscream (Machine Wars)

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Transformers character
Machine Wars Starscream toy
First appearance

Termination, Transformers Timelines Vol. 2 #8, June 2013
Species Transformer
Relatives Starscream (clone parent)


Alternate mode

Sukhoi Su-47

Pursuit & Capture

"The future lies in the ashes of that which has come before."

Machine Wars

BotCon exclusives, Deluxe vehicles
Tech specs

ST07 IN09 SP10 EN07

RN08 CO09 FB08 SK08

Starscream is a fictional character in the Transformers series. Introduced in 2013, he is a clone of his namesake made by Jhaixus who turns into a jet.

Machine Wars

Starscream is a Decepticon who turns into a jet. He is a clone of his namesake.

Fictional biography

Starscream is not the same robot as his template - although he retains all of the intellect and guile of the original Starscream, this clone portrays none of the treachery or desire for power. He is content with his position within the ranks of this new generation of Decepticons and is unwavering in his loyalty to Jhiaxus. Considering himself to be the smartest, most sophisticated Decepticon, Starscream attempts to pass his refinement to those under his command. He believes that they should rely on astuteness and speed rather than brute force. However, as commander of a fleet of massive bombers, the force Starscream wields might possibly be the most brutish of all of Jhiaxus' Decepticons.


Fun Publications

Wings of Honor

In Termination the second Golden Age of Cybertron has come to an end. The armies created by Jhiaxus, cloned from some of the most infamous Decepticons in history and led by Megaplex—clone of Megatron—have swept across the galaxy, devastating the forces of the Autobots and Decepticons wherever they are found. In Iacon, Megaplex surveys the devastated planet Cybertron, haunted by the exhilaration it makes him feel. Starscream warns him he is beginning to sound like Megatron himself, prompting Megaplex, his distaste for the comparison barely disguised, to caution Starscream that he should strive to be less like his own template. Skywarp arrives to report the capture of Thundercracker, and given that Starscream cannot send his drones in without fear of injuring their comrade, Megaplex decides to deal with the matter personally. Later in battle, Electro seizes Megaplex's discarded sword and uses his Forestonite-granted Laser Rod powers to energize it, dispatching Starscream with its blasts.

In A Common Foe Starscream participated in Jhiaxus’s invasion of Cybertron. When Jhiaxus was killed and his invasion foiled, Starscream surrendered to the joint Autobot-Decepticon army. He was later present at the signing of the Pax Cybertronia, and shook Clamp Down’s hand at the ceremony.


  • Machine Wars Deluxe Starscream (2013)
A BotCon 2013 attendee exclusive recolor of Transformers Terradive. Turns from robot to jet and comes with a trident/spear.


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