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Springload is a Frog-like Decepticon from the Robots in Disguise animated series.


Animated series

Springload is a deranged Amphiboid who is convinced that he is destined to find the legendary city of Doradus, home to a fountain of Energon, and believes that mysterious spirits speak to him. His obsession led him to attack other Cybertronians in his search for the city, and he was eventually incarcerated and imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. After escaping on Earth, his lunacy prevented him from recognizing that he was no longer on Cybertron, and he quickly began seeking out Doradus once again. This eventually led him to an ancient ruin where he was engaged by the Autobots Bumblebee and Strongarm, who soon discovered Springload's protective coating of acid. However, they were eventually able to take advantage of his psychosis and entrap him in a stone box that kept them safe from his acid.

Springload was later freed from imprisonment when his Stasis pod became damaged, and found himself teamed up with Quillfire, who convinced him that he knew the way to Doradus. As time went by Springload became increasingly-and rightfully-suspicious of his comrade, and the two eventually came to blows after the Autobots halted their escape; however, Springload was knocked unconscious and reimprisoned. The pair were later freed yet again by Steeljaw and recruited to join the Decepticon Island force, with Springload successfully acquiring a roll of steel cable in exchange for Steeljaw's promise to reveal the location of Doradus to him. This was of course a falsehood, and Springload was presumably on Decepticon Island when the Autobots set off a stasis bomb that froze all the Decepticons, allowing them to be taken back to Cybertron.