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  • This is to keep a log of the appalling manner in which Wikipedia treats people who run even marginally against the grain of its tyrannical policies. == Spam from Wikialpha ==
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  • ...nrollment of about 27,000 undergraduate and about 12,000 graduate students from the United States and around the world, UCLA is the largest university in t ...|date=2004-06-18 |work=University of California History, Digital Archives (from Berkeley) }}</ref>
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  • by the [[Louisiana]] based firm [[Bollinger shipyard]]s, using a design from the [[Netherlands]]-based [[Damen Group]], with the ''Sentinel'' design bas ...d Commandant|Commandant]] [[Thad Allen]] announced that they had withdrawn from a contract for the construction of the vessels, but had not entirely cancel
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  • ...ana]]. David previously served as a lawyer and military officer, retiring from the [[United States Army Reserve]] in September, 2010 with the rank of [[Co ...preme Court. David will replace Justice Theodore R. Boehm, who will retire from the court on September 30.
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  • | title=From a Critic of Tribunals to Top Judge On May 29, 2008 an e-mail from Kohlmann announced that a new officer was appointed to replace [[Peter Brow
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  • | publisher = [[North County Times]] :''"...a shadowy enemy who hides among the innocent people, does not comply with any aspect of the law of war, and routinely targets a
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  • ...Albion Mines (now called [[Stellarton, Nova Scotia|Stellarton]]), [[Pictou County, Nova Scotia]], Robertson enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in J ...retreating enemy. During the consolidation his use of the machine-gun kept down the enemy sniper fire. Later when two of the snipers on his own side were w
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  • ...te University]] in 1966. He taught English at Cincinnati Elder High School from 1967 to 1968, the spring of 1970, and the 1970 Summer Enrichment Program. ...s by working closely with the Fayetteville City Council and the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners. He played a key negotiating and coordinating role i
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  • Warsame emigrated to [[Canada]] from [[Somalia]] in 1989.<ref name="affa"/><ref name="warn"/> In 1995 he married From 2000-2001, Warsame said he was intrigued by the "utopian"<ref name="affa"/>
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  • | caption = screen shot from al-Shabaab's propaganda video Hammami grew up in [[Daphne, Alabama]] where he graduated from [[Daphne High School]].<ref name="Who is al-Amriki">{{Cite news|url=http://
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  • '''Port Rowan''' is a town in [[Norfolk County, Ontario]] on [[Lake Erie]], adjacent to [[Long Point]]. This lakeside comm ...dale's mill in Vittoria. Speculation has it that he was to related to key people in the United States.
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  • [[File:MimicoQueensAndLakeShoreVimyPark.jpg|thumb|Toronto Skyline from Mimico]] ...ip (and later, City) of [[Etobicoke]], and was an independent municipality from 1911 to 1967.
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  • |12/16/2012||[[USA]]||[[San Antonio, TX]]|| An off-duty sergeant took down a gunman who attempted to open fire at a crowded movie theater lobby during |11/30/2012||[[USA]]||[[Detroit, MI]]||An 81 year old man from Detroit was woke to the sounds of a brick shattering his glass door. He rea
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  • This is a '''list of [[bullycide]]s''' — people driven to [[suicide]] by [[bullying]]. ...ry... |author=George A. T. Allan, Jack Eric Morpurgo |publisher=Town &amp; County |year=1984 |isbn=9780863640056}}</ref> || 12 || 1877 || [[Christ's Hospital
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  • ...]] for North Carolina's fourth district, serving since 1997 and previously from 1987 to 1995. He is a member of the [[Democratic Party (United States)|Demo ...political science]] and [[public policy]] professor at [[Duke University]] from 1973 until his first campaign for Congress in 1986.<ref name="washington ti
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  • ...rother,' Not 'Commander'], ''[[CBS News]]'', August 18, 2004</ref> Aref is from ([[Iraqi Kurdistan]]), and his grandfather was a famous [[imam]]; Aref was ...he end of 2001, two years after Aref had left Syria and the IMK job, split from IMK to form Ansar al Islam, which is a designated terrorist organization. W
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  • ...composer]], best known today for fathering several distinguished [[British people|British]] military commanders and politicians. ...ty College, Dublin]] and was elected its first Professor of Music in 1764. From early childhood he showed extraordinary talent on the [[violin]], and soon
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  • ...and in 1793 he purchased a [[Lieutenant]]cy. In 1794, while on a trip home from [[Lisbon]] with his sister Anne, he was captured by the French, and remaine He chose to sit for Eye, and held the seat until his [[resignation from the British House of Commons|resignation]] in 1809<ref name="stooks-smith"
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  • ...e Marsh, a survey of which he had made in 1872, and the broken front lots. From 1872-1905 he held the position of assessor, and city surveyor, 1905-10. He He spent the next nine years surveying [[Muskoka County]].
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  • heard about, the jail held hundreds of people charged with no crime -- people caught up in the nation's crackdown on illegal immigration. Fewer still kn [[Hiu Lui Ng|Hiu Lui "Jason" Ng]] an immigrant from [[China]] was the captive who died.<ref name=BostonHerald2009-04-28/>
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