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  • The '''''Maersk Alabama'' hijacking''' was a series of events involving [[piracy]] that began with four [[Piracy in Somalia|Somali pirates]] seizin'' arrived in the port of [[Mombasa, Kenya]] under [[United States Armed Forces|U.S. military]] escort. An 18-man security team was on board.<ref name="NPR
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  • ...underlined that European countries probably had knowledge of these covert operations. Furthermore, the CIA apparently financially assists and directs the jails "Enduring Freedom:" Abuses by U.S. Forces in Afghanistan (Human Rights Watch Report, March 2004)<!-- Bot generated ti
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  • ...o share this duty with him in certain cases. Jazz was in charge of special operations, Ironhide security and Prowl tactics. ...battles but playing key roles in few; among some of his roles in conflict involving him orchestrating the plan to invade the Decepticons' underwater base, devi
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  • ...ation with foreign security services and do not usually conduct unilateral operations in the host countries.<ref>[ ...estigations and Operations Guide.pdf|thumb|FBI Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide]]
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  • ** Transfer of combat roles to [[Afghan Armed Forces]] * Drone strikes being conducted by U.S. and Pakistani forces.
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  • [[United States|American]] [[special forces]] mounted an '''attack on an Oruzgan police station in January 2002'''.<ref On January 23, 2002, American special forces attacked a District police station, and a nearby school that was the tempor
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  • ...rce, arise.<!-- should we mention [[History of centrifugal and centripetal forces]] here? --> ...third fictitious force (the [[Euler force]]) is required. These fictitious forces are necessary for the formulation of correct equations of motion in a rotat
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  • |data24 = Artillery, Strategic Command Operations, Ranger ...[[Denver, Colorado]]. His primary military specialty is strategic command operations and his secondary military specialties are ranger, artillery, intelligence
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