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  • | caption = <!-- Mullah Abdul Rauf, swearing allegiance to the Islamic State, October 2014. --> ...heckpoint/wp/2015/01/13/meet-the-shadowy-figure-recruiting-for-the-islamic-state-in-afghanistan/</ref>
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  • {{Wp-cca}}<br/>{{About|the international military campaign}} ...ldier and Afghan interpreter in [[Zabul Province]], Afghanistan; explosion of an Iraqi car bomb in [[Baghdad]]]]
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  • ...into police van in Paris Champs-Elysees 'attack'|date=19 June 2017|work=[[The Guardian]]|access-date=20 June 2017}}</ref> ...the attack, Djaziri pledged his support to [[Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant]] leader [[Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi]].<ref name="DickeyVeryWorried"/>
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  • ...ussein al-Dhufairi. Al-Dhufairi was described as a bomb-maker, and brother of a senior Daesh leader, Abdul Mohsin Al-Dhufairi. ...of ISIS, widow of "high-ranking IS commander" killed in Syria, who entered the Philippines to carry out "a bombing operation."<ref name=Afp2017-04-14/>
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  • Duman is reported to have been a friend of [[Tara Nettleton]] and [[Khaled Sharrouf]], who travelled from [[Australia]] to [[Daesh territory] ...she attended, were astonished by her departure, as she had given no clues of her radicalization.<ref name=rudaw2015-05-21/>
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  • Da Costa''' is a citizen of [[Portugal]] who has fallen under suspicion of being recruited by [[Daesh]].<ref name=observador2015-11-18/> ...ador2015-11-18/> The five friends shared expenses, and an apartment, and, the other four men also converted to Islam.
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