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  • {{Transformers character| '''Dogfight''' is a [[fictional character]] from the [[Transformers]] series. He is a Triggerbot introduced in 1988.
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  • KTZZ. Having bands say"stay tuned" was gone and the William Raydundent character was also gone. In its place was an introduction by the host saying "Tonight ...nters that printed telephone pole flyers for bands, record labels like sub pop and coffee houses that were popular before tarbucks.
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  • {{Wp-cca}}<br/>'''Payload''' is the name of three [[fictional character]]s from the [[Transformers]] series. The first Payload is a Mini-Con introd {{Transformers character|
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  • '''Incinerator''' is the name of two [[fictional character]]s from the [[Transformers]] series. {{Transformers character|
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  • {{Transformers character| '''Starscream''' is a [[fictional character]] in the [[Transformers]] series. He is a high ranking Decepticon in the ''
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  • {{Wp-cca}}<br/>'''Fortress Maximus''' is the name of several [[fictional character]]s from the [[Transformers]] series. Fortress Maximus appeared in the seaso {{Infobox character
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  • '''Scattershot''' is the name of two [[fictional character]]s from the [[Transformers]] series. For trademark purposes the name is som {{Transformers character|
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  • {{Infobox character '''Carbearator''' is a [[fictional character]] and robot toy made by [[BMOG Toys]] in 2014. He is a heroic robotic bear
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  • ...who shouldn't be confused with [[Lander (Transformers)|Lander]], a similar character. {{Transformers character|
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  • {{Infobox character '''Spinout''' is a [[fictional character]] and [[third-party Transformer]] homage to ''Generation 1'' Sunstreaker ma
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  • {{Infobox character '''Hordak''' is a [[fictional character]] in the [[Masters of the Universe]] franchise, as a villain who opposes [[
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  • {{Infobox character '''Sunstreaker''' is a [[fictional character]] from the [[Transformers]] series introduced in 1984.
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  • {{Transformers character| ...haracter of series writer [[Simon Furman]], and served a long stint as the character who answered reader’s queries on the letters page of the UK’s exclusive
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  • ...en in 1175 by [[Perrout de Saint Cloude]] tells the story of the mediaeval character [[Reynard]] ('the Fox') and is another example of early French writing. The ...reations achieved popularity in the country, [[French popular music|French pop music]], known as ''[[chanson française]]'', has also remained very popula
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  • ...period.<ref name=NYT /><ref>Mansour, David (2005). ''From Abba to Zoom: A Pop Culture Encyclopedia of the Late 20th Century''. Andrews McMeel Publishing. ...igure would be used as a hostage),<ref name=Kirchner /> and a "[[hippie]]" character named "Sleeze" (later named "Tilt" and finally "Zapper"). The characters Tu
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  • ...s, hit video games, and literary works, as well as legendary musicians and pop stars. Aside from being a developer and manufacturer, SOTA Toys also serves ...e released from this partnership will be a 14-inch statue of WAR, the lead character of the game and the first [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]], atop his fie
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  • ...M21X'', ''M22X'', etc.—across the whole line as well being given formal, character names such as ''George (M101)'', ''Jack (M102)'', ''Jesse (M103)'' and ''Jo ...d for a new level of interchangeability between toys. Japanese pop-culture character tie-in toys were also released (such as ''[[Steel Jeeg|Microman Jeeg]]'', '
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  • *'''[[Brutal]]: The Activator''' - A character introduced in 2015. This all-new master of mayhem always has Cruel's back i ...nal line came to an end. A few early production Tiltor sample figures have pop up over the years and gotten into the hands of collectors.<ref>http://toyfi
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