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BTS Toys character
BTS-04 Sonicron box
Created by

BTS Toys
Release number

Species Transformer

Alternate mode

Sony M-200MC voice recorder/spy submarine
Tech specs

ST08 IN09 SP03 EN06

RN08 CO05 FB06 SK10

Sonicron is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Soundwave made by BTS Toys in 2011.

BTS Toys

Sonicron is a Transformer who turns into a microcassette recorder or a spy submarine. He can hold a microcassette in his chest, or any Transformer who turns into one. He is based on concept Soundwave art by comic artist Guido Guidi.[1]

According to his tech specs Sonicron is strong, highly intelligent and incredibly skilled. He has below average speed.

Other third-party Transformers inspired by Soundwave include Junkion Blacksmith Tactical Officer, Mech IDeas Ciber War Volume 1 and KFC Mugan Vox.


Prototype images of Sonicron were posted to the internet in March 2011.[2]

Preorders for Sonicron were announced in April 2011.[3]

Sonicron was released in July 2011.[4]

Black Sonicron was previewed at the Third-Party Panel at TFcon 2011.[5]

Images of Sonicron were displayed at TFcon 2013's Third-Party Panel.[6]


The WTF@TFW podcast for June 9th, 2011 selected Sonicron as one of the New Picture Picks. One of the hosts said 20 of them were sold at Botcon. He saw it in the box at a panel and liked the two head option, but didn't like the legs. The hosts also liked the cut-out cassettes on the back of the box.[7]

In July 2011 the Toy Ark web site held a contest where one member of their message board would win a Sonicron figure.[8]

In general, the figure has been criticized for loose joints, the reverse knees used to accomplish transformation, and a large waist joint protruding from the back of the figure in robot mode.[9] The figure featured prominently on a list of "third-party figure(s) you regret EVER buying."[10]


  • BTS Toys BTS-04 Sonicron (2011)
An original third-party Transformer mold. Turns from robot to microcassette player or submarine. Comes with various weapons, instructions and a collector card.
  • BTS Toys BTS-04B Sonicron Black (unreleased)
A recolor of Sonicron based on the Soundblaster recolor of Soundwave.[11]
This toy was previewed at TFcon 2011 and reviewed on youtube, but has not been released yet.



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