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To enhance health and medical facilities, some authorities have recently introduced an emergency special water vehicle known as a ‘water ambulance’. This vehicle is distinct for remote areas. To operate the ambulance service, environmental issues and energy resources have become major concerns. This is a scope of research to address the issues. First, the possibility of using solar energy as the sole power source for a vessel is a perfect solution to these issues. Second, solar vessels operate everywhere without polluting the environment. In addition, another contribution of the research is to integrate a control unit in a water ambulance which is called an ‘intelligent unit’. This unit will prioritize the source of energy to ensure uninterrupted power to emergency medical equipment and ambulances. This paper proposes a dynamic design of a solar water ambulance that is subject to replacing small conventional fuel-run watercraft vehicles.

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Ship SOlar ICU Tawheed Hasan.jpg
Design of Solar ICU by Tawheed Hasan