Skyler Davenport

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Skyler Davenport
Born 1992 (age 28–29)
Madison, Wisconsin
Nationality USA
Other names Katherine Eva Davenport
Occupation voice actor

Skyler Davenport is a American actor.[1] Davenport has neurological vision loss, and, with notable exceptions, voice actor work has been a major focus of their career. In particular she was the star of a thriller entitled See For Me, where they play a blind person, hired as a house-sitter, who relies on a smartphone app and remote partner, to defend themselves during a dangerous home invasion.[2]

Personal life

Davenport was born with a rare form of migraine headaches, which can cause temporary paralysis, and, occasionally, dangerous strokes. Davenport has a stroke in the period between highschool graduation and studying acting in College.[3] Davenport's 2012 stroke caused profound vision loss.

Davenport identifies as agender.[1] Davenport has also had elective surgery, known colloquially as "top surgery", used by people of her gender preference.


See For Me, which premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival, was their first role that was not voice work.[1] The film was shot under restrictions due to the Covid 19 shutdown.


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