Skapular the Cryptbreaker

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Skapular the Cryptbreaker
Mythic Legions character
Skapular the Cryptbreaker on card
First appearance

Mythic Legions Book 1, February 2017
Created by

Four Horsemen Studios
Species Human skeleton
Occupation Mercenary

Sons of the Red Star (leader), former member of the Congregation of Necronominus

"It seems the Sons of the Red Star have found their target."

Skapular the Cryptbreaker is a fictional character from the Mythic Legions series introduced in 2016. He is an evil living skeleton and leader of the Sons of the Red Star.

Mythic Legions


Skapular the Cryptbreaker is a fictional character in Mythic Legions series. He is an evil skeleton assassin and leader of the Sons of the Red Star, a legion of cutthroats with a thirst for money and influence. He sometimes uses a black horse as a mount.


The Skapular the Cryptbreaker toy was funded by the Mythic Legions Action Figures Kickstarter campaign in 2015. He was available for $45 by himself or as a $33 add-on for US backers.[1]

Skapular the Cryptbreaker was re-released as part of the first Mythic Legions All-Stars wave.

The Mythic Legions All-Stars shipped in February 2017.[2]


Fictional biography

Skapular the Cryptbreaker with the sword from the Evil Weapon Pack art
Born into the Congregation of Necronominus, Skapular the Cryptbreaker is anything but loyal to his Order. Living an opulent life of greed and depravity has driven Skapular to sell his deadly services to the highest bidder. As an assassin with a mastery of every weapon imaginable, Skapular is a powerful warrior, but his wealth and influence proves even more formidable. Along with the group of killers known as The Sons of the Red Star that he has assembled, Skapular's dangerous methods possess the capability to change the outcome of many a battle.

The biography for Jjuno the Crusher mentions that Jjuno's parents were killed by Skapular and the Sons of the Red Star.

The biography for Lord Veteris mentions that he wishes to overthrow Skapular and take over the Sons.


In Mythic Legions Book 1 Skapular lead group of Sons of the Red Star, including a Bog Goblin and several Urkku, in an attack on Silverhorn Castle. Although he seemed to have Artemyss Silverchord as his target, while everyone was distracted he managed to have his actual target, a wandering troubadour, stabbed. He then made off with most of his troops, feeling he had a good day. Skapular also had a biography printed in the book.


  • Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Skapular the Cryptbreaker (2016, 2017)
A 1:12 scale figure by Four Horsemen. This figure uses many parts from other figures in the line, including the torso first usedon Sir Gideon Heavensbrand and the skeletal upper arms and legs first used by the Standard Skeleton. His head mold is new, and was recolored into one of the heads that come with Keltuss. Comes with a spear, dagger and shield.
  • Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Skapular the Cryptbreaker Test Shot (2016)
A grey, unpainted version of the figure. Limited to 10 pieces.[3]
  • Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Evil Weapon Pack (2016)



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