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Transformers character
Siren art by Dreamwave Productions
Name Siren
Series Transformers: Generation 1
First appearance Transformers Marvel Comics UK #230
Alternate modes Toyota Supra (MKIII) Fire Escort
Function Incendiary Damage Control
Gender Male
Motto "Act first, ask questions later."
Partner Quig
Rank 7
Sub-group Headmaster

Siren is a fictional character from the Transformers series introduced in 1988. He should not be confused with Go Shooter, who looks similar, but is consideredf a seperate character.

Transformers: Generation 1

Siren's original bio described him as a loudmouth, due to his upbringing in the deafening Sonic Canyons of southern Cybertron. Because of this, he bellows orders and opinions at his fellow Autobots: he's not being overbearing, its just the way he is. Naturally, this leaves his relationship with his Nebulan Headmaster partner, the quiet, bookish Quig, somewhat strained. [1]

Marvel Comics

Siren originally appeared in issue #230 of the Marvel UK comic, where he was dispatched to investigate the suspicious death of an Autobot on Earth alongside Nightbeat. Linking up with Hosehead, they soon uncovered the killer as Thunderwing, who was attempting to prove he was worthy of Decepticon leadership. The three eventually defeated him via the explosion of the corpse they were investigating. Thunderwing did not prove so easy to kill, and in a later assault on the Ark, Siren encountered him again and prepared to sacrifice himself to stop him, until Optimus Prime and the other Autobots sent the Decepticons into retreat.

Following this, Siren, Nightbeat and Hosehead made their US debut in issue 62 of the U.S. Transformers comic, having been dispatched by Prime to recover his previous body and the Matrix with it. Encountering gangsters on the planet Pz-zazz, they believed the planet's fabled fountain of youth to be the Matrix. Fighting off the criminals, they found it to be a dead end - as Thunderwing arrived and took them prisoner. The Autobots eventually recovered their bodies, and when Thunderwing was possessed by the Matrix, the three opened the air lock and deactivated the gravity, sweeping the monster into space. After this, the three joined Prime's troops, and participated in the battle against Unicron. Siren survived, but in the battle on Klo, was killed by Bludgeon. With the coming of Prime and the Last Autobot, Siren was presumably resurrected, but he did not appear again.

Condor Verlag

In a story called "Memories of Bumblebee" from Transformers Comic-Magazin issue #15 by German comic publisher Condor Verlag Bumblebee views a recording of Optimus Prime where he identifies Autobots and Decepticons in battle using the Ark's computer. Siren is among those he displays.[2]

Dreamwave Productions

Siren appeared only in Dreamwave third Transformers: The War Within series as one of the Autobot rebels during the age of interment. This was before he became a Headmaster or was reformatted into an Earth-style car.

IDW Publishing

Siren made his first IDW Publishing appearance in the Spotlight issue on Kup as the only survivor of an ill-fated attempt to rescue the deranged veteran Autobot. Siren angrily informed Springer of the disaster, demading to know what he was planning to do about it.

Fun Publications

The Fun Publications 2008 Timelines Summer Special, entitled "Cheap Shots", features Autobots Nightbeat, Slag, Sludge and Siren. [3] In this story Nightbeat's crew are hired by a sentient ship named Amory to relocate her pilot. After investigating they find the whole job is a trap set by the Decepticon Ruckus, now leading the Mayhem Attack Squad. Ruckus is holding the pilot hostage, but Slag cuts Ruckus' arm off and recovers the pilot, for which Amory pays them.

Siren appears in At Fight's End.


  • Generation 1 Headmaster Siren (1988)
Siren was repainted as the Japanese "Headmaster Jr." Go Shooter, a white police car with black stripes. Both were sold in the same year (1988).[4]


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