Simon Rieber

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Simon Rieber
Born 1994/05/18
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Nationality Tanzania
Occupation Digital Artist
Years active (2018–present)
Known for Digital Art, Author & Musician

Simon Cosmas Michael better known as Simon Rieber[1] is a Tanzanian Digital artist[2] born 18 May 1994, in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

He is famous for his illustration drawing style and is currently one of the most popular artist on Instagram. Rieber is called as artist of this generation he started his career as (I.T) which open doors for him into digital art it cost him a whole year to learn to draw online using adobe illustrator software, but his for his patience has made him successful and he is now a highly regarded drawing artist. In 2021 he did an interview with an art center based in new York, and has advised aspiring artists to share his experience as a current artist.

Early life and education

Rieber received his primary education from Mwenge primary school and get his secondary education at Perfect Vision.[3]


He studied information technology but later his mind changed after he met a famous painter by the name of Chiworld1234, and began learning from him. it cost him a whole year to study online to get to know the Adobe illustrator better. and by 2018 he officially began to put his work online and give him fame through the online world.

Notable events

in 2021 he was interviewed by an existing art site headquartered in New York it is called Kulture Hub.[2]


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