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Transformers character
Go Shooter from Transformers: Super-God Masterforce
Name Go Shooter
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Japanese voice actor Yumi Toma
First appearance Transformers: Super-God Masterforce episode #1, "Rise Up!! Pretenders"
Alternate modes Toyota Supra (MKIII) police car
Function Rescue Commander
Gender Male
Rank 7
Sub-group Headmaster Junior

Go Shooter is a fictional character from the Transformers series introduced in 1988. He is the main kid character in the Japanese anime series Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. He should not be confused with the Autobot Siren, who looks similar.

Transformers: Generation 1

Shuta Go, aka Go Shooter, is a 13 year old Japanese boy who became a Headmaster Junior for the Autobots. He has a strong sense of justice and sportsmanship. He can summon armor which allow him to turn into a head of the robot formed by his car. As a robot he carries a Plasma Power Rifle and Plasma Gun.

Animated series

Shuta first appears in episode #1 of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce, called "Rise Up!! Pretenders." Where he is taken hostage by the Decepticon Pretenders, but he is saved by the Autobot Pretenders.[1]

Shuta and his friends Cab and Minerva become Headmaster juniors in episode #4 "Birth! Headmaster Juniors."

During a desert battle with Overlord, God Bomber revealed an unexpected ability by reconfiguring his components into a robot mode in response to Ginrai's threat. Later, the Headmaster Juniors discovered that they could control Godbomber in both of his modes by uniting their own Chokon Power, together matching the level used by Ginrai to control him.

With Black Zarak's return to Earth and subsequent merging with Devil Z, God Ginrai was forced into a final battle with the hybrid entity. He succeeded in decapitating the villain, but Black Zarak then assumed a new hydra alternate mode, which God Ginrai destroyed with his God Fire Guts attack. With the added power of the Headmaster Juniors from within his God Bomber components, God Ginrai then executed the almighty Final Fire Guts attack, destroying Devil Z. With the energy-being's destruction, Ginrai and the other humans were separated from their Transtectors, who continued to exist as true robot lifeforms, having evolved real personalities through their partnership with humans. The newly-born Transformers then departed Earth to pursue the surviving Decepticons back into space.



  • Generation 1 Headmaster Junior Go Shooter C-301 (1988)
Go Shooter was repainted as the Headmaster Siren. Both were sold in the same year.
  • Legends Wheelie with Go Shooter ()
A new Go Shooter figure was released with Generations Wheelie in Japan.
  • Million Publishing GoShooter with Shuta (2014)
A new toy recolored from Generations Nightbeat and Bumblebee, this figure comes with a Mini-Con partner named Shuta that transforms into a helicopter rather than a Headmaster.


  • Aladdintoy.com Police Series Go Shooter (2011)
A unlicensed reproduction of Go Shooter with some color differences. This toy is missing a functioning tech spec meter, but has an added shield.[2]
  • Reprolabels Headmaster Go Shooter (2011)
A set of labels meant to make the reproduction Go Shooter look more like the original toy was released by Reprolabels in 2011. This set was given away as part of a promotion together with Minerva.



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