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MasterShooter Collectibles character
Shot-Piece box
Created by

MasterShooter Collectibles
Species Transformer


Automated Robots
Alternate mode


The Old Timer

"Easy on the trigger, I wasn't built yesterday!"

Shot-Piece is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Generation 1 Recoil made by MasterShooter Collectibles in 2013.

MasterShooter Collectibles

Shot-Piece is a fictional character created by MasterShooter Collectibles as a third-party Transformer homage to Recoil, the Targetmaster partner to the Autobot Kup.

Although spelled "Shot-Piece" on the front of his packaging, he is called "Shot Piece" in his pre-release renders and on-package biography.

The name Shot-Piece is a play on the nickname Optimus Prime gave Kup in the fan-made Transformers video "The Rude Awakening of Optimus Prime" by Dr. Smoov.[1]


MasterShooter Collectibles released concept images of their first four Shooter Masters in September 2011.[2] Shot-Piece was known as "Minute Bot".

In October 2011 prototype pictures of the first four Shooter Masters were posted to their Facebook page.[3]

In January 2012 the first four Shooter Masters went up for preorder at Big Bad Toy Store.[4]

The four original Shooter Masters were originally scheduled for release in the 4th quarter of 2012.

In March 2013 MasterShooter Collectibles put in-package pictures of their first four Shooter Masters on their Facebook page.[5]

Shot-Piece shipped in April 2013.


The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for September 12th, 2011 discussed renders of Bolt-Action, BrOOMstick, Minute-Bot and Shot-Piece in the news.[6]

The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for October 25th, 2011 discussed prototypes pictures of Bolt-Action, BrOOMstick, Minute-Bot and Shot-Piece in the news.[7]

The Radio Free Cybertron podcast for March 31st, 2013 discussed in package images of Bolt-Action, BrOOMstick, Minute-Bot and Shot-Piece as part of their Third Party Roundup.[8]

Fictional biography

Shot Piece is as cantankerous as they come, maybe moreso than his partner. Constantly has to take little blue cogs for his broken barrel, but they rarely last more than 4 hours. Doesn't particularly care for the name given to him by the Leader of the Automated Robots, who is a bit of a jerk and likes to rename bots on a whim. He'll never use the phrase "piece of shot" to describes how he fells ever again. Bragging about his past conquests has become a defining trait of Shot Piece as he loves to bore other bots with his old war stories.


  • MasterShooter Collectibles Shooter Master Shot-Piece (2013)
Shot-Piece is an original third-party Transformer mold, although he shares his basic design with several other MasterShooter toys. Transforms from robot to gun. The double barrel of Shot-Piece's gun made can come off and be used as a hand-held weapon in his robot mode. Comes with an adapter that can connect his c-clip to a standard Mini-Con port.
Shot-Piece is intended to be paired with the Generations Kup toy.



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