Shohag Forhad

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Shohag Forhad
Born Md sha Forhad shohag
28 March 1994
Cox's Bazar,Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Magician, Youtuber
Height 5 fit 4 inches

Shohag Forhad was born at cox's bazar in Bangladesh.He was the second son of Md Shahjahan and Khatiza Begum.From the very early age, he was attracted by magic and mesmerised people by his magic.When town mela used to held, his attraction for magic increased.He started to learn magic from them.He is widely renowned as "close up magician" in his town cox's bazar.People get shocked and mesmerised by his amazing magic.His father was a mosque hafez.He got married at 11th June,2021.His wife Shahina Akter Urmi also loves magic madly.


His full name is MD Sha Forhad Shohag.But he is known as Shohag Forhad.Cause it is a full name and people used to pronounce it incorrectly.So he made it short.From then,he is ronowned as Shohag Forhad


In 2003,Shohag Forhad was admitted in provati Shishu Shikkha niketon, cox's Bazar.He passed ssc from Eidgah Adarsha Shikkha Niketon in 2012 and passed hsc from cox's bazar city college in 2014.He is graduated from University of Creative Technology Chittagong in 2020


Shohag Forhad was so much attracted by magic from his early age.At the very beginning, he used to show his magic at small towns,birthday partys, anniversary partys,Programmes.After that time, he was invited to do magic shows outside his town. Once he performed a magic show in a school located in dhaka. He showed a magic of UFO there, in which the UFO was floating in wind.All the viewers were mesmerised that day.In 2012,he was invited in a very well known magic show named "Chocobin er Deshe jadur Deshe" in RTV.From that show, his professional career of magic had begin.He used to do magic shows at television in Bangladesh and abroad.


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