Shima Essanoor

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Shima Essanoor (b. 1992) was Introduced to her husband, Sadjo Ture by her best friend, Reema Iqbal in 2010.[1] Essanoor left Ture while pregnant with twins as she feared his increasing militancy. Ture, and Iqbal, both travelled to Daesh-occupied territory in 2014. Ture was killed in action in 2015.


  1. "Ex-Wife of Former Jihadist Tells of Miraculous Escape from Terror Clutches". Al Bawaba. 2018-11-26. Archived from the original on 2018-12-12. Retrieved 2019-03-16. "The daughter of Somali-born parents Shima Essanoor first became immersed in the dark world of radical Islam after she was introduced Ture through her best friend's husband. She first met best friend Reema Iqbal, 30, while studying for her A-levels at a sixth form college in east London and the friendship quickly progressed."