Shilpah Seetharaman

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Shilpah Seetharaman
Shilpah Seetharaman
Born 13 April 1993 (1993-04-13) (age 30)
Coimbatore, India
Nationality Indian
Citizenship India
Alma mater Nirmala College for Women (M.A. in English Literature)
Occupation Lecturer, Placement Officer
Years active 2018 - Present
Home town Bareilly
Religion Hindu
Parents G. Seetharaman (father)

Shilpah Seetharaman is a dynamic and dedicated professional in the field of education, celebrated for her unwavering passion for teaching and steadfast commitment to student development. Born on April 13, 1996, in Coimbatore, India, Shilpah embodies a distinctive combination of academic excellence and practical experience, making her a standout figure in her roles as both a lecturer and a placement officer. Her journey is characterized by a profound dedication to nurturing the intellectual and personal growth of her students, contributing significantly to the academic community. With a comprehensive approach to education, Shilpah's impact extends beyond the conventional classroom, encompassing innovative teaching methods, coordination of placement drives, and active participation in various academic and administrative capacities. Her multifaceted contributions underscore her status as a noteworthy and influential figure in the realm of education.

Early Life and Education

S. Shilpah Seetharaman, born on April 13, 1996, in Coimbatore, India, is a dedicated educator and placement officer. She is the daughter of G. Seetharaman. Shilpah embarked on her academic journey at Presentation Convent Matric Hr., Sec., School in Sundarapuram, Coimbatore, where she completed her Higher Secondary education with distinction in 2013. Her quest for knowledge led her to Nirmala College for Women, an autonomous institution affiliated with Bharathiar University in Coimbatore. There, she pursued her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, graduating with a commendable 75% in 2016. Determined to delve deeper into her chosen field, Shilpah continued her academic pursuit with a Master of Arts in English Literature at the same institution. Her dedication and scholarly endeavors culminated in an impressive 80% in 2018. Currently, she is furthering her education through distance learning, pursuing an MBA in Human Resources from Bharathiar University.

Teaching Career

Armed with a strong academic background, Shilpah commenced her professional journey in 2018 as a lecturer at K.S.G College of Arts and Sciences in Coimbatore. Specializing in English Literature, she demonstrated exceptional teaching skills, handling classes for both postgraduate and undergraduate courses. Beyond the conventional classroom setting, Shilpah actively participated in shaping the overall educational experience. She coordinated placement drives, conducted classes for final year students, and played a pivotal role in organizing national-level seminars and departmental activities. Her commitment to the holistic development of students extended to training them for stage performances, intercollegiate competitions, and guiding postgraduate students in their M.A. projects. Shilpah's role also involved heading the English Magazine Committee and contributing to the overall academic environment by ensuring in-depth subject knowledge and interactive teaching methods. Building on her successful tenure at K.S.G College, Shilpah transitioned to Michael Job College of Arts and Science for Women, Coimbatore, where she continued to shine as a lecturer for two years. Here, she not only maintained her excellence in teaching English Literature but also assumed the position of Placement Officer from 2018 to 2020. Her responsibilities included coordinating placement drives, conducting classes for final year students, and actively contributing to the NAAC Team under the Students Support and Progression Criteria.

Additional Roles and Achievements

Shilpah's contributions go beyond the realms of teaching. She served as an Admission Member, showcasing her administrative skills and dedication to ensuring a smooth admission process. Her engagement with students extended to conducting free coaching classes for hostel residents, revealing her insightful understanding of students' psychological needs. Notably, Shilpah took on the role of a Placement Officer with zeal. During her tenure, she conducted numerous on-campus and off-campus placement drives, successfully placing a significant number of students. Her training sessions on interview skills, interpersonal skills, and aptitude classes played a pivotal role in preparing students for the competitive job market.

Other Credentials and Interests

Shilpah's commitment to continuous learning is evident in her participation in seminars and workshops, both within and outside the campus. Her enthusiasm for literature and creative writing found expression in her role as a member of the Book Review Committee and later as the coordinator of the same committee. Her engagement in Infosys - Project Genesis - 2019 as part of a Faculty Development Program reflects her proactive approach to staying updated with industry trends. Beyond academia, Shilpah is known for her proficiency in both English and Tamil communication. Her organizational skills shine through her role as a moderator and organizer of various webinars in 2020. Additionally, she has contributed articles to Kovai Herald Newspaper on topics ranging from the importance of parental relationships to health education and the existence of freedom.

Personal Life

S. Shilpah Seetharaman, an Indian national, remains dedicated to her professional pursuits. As of the latest available information, she is single. Her contact details include a mobile number (+91) 9944585103 and 9677890630, along with the email address [email protected].


S. Shilpah Seetharaman's journey is a testament to her passion for education, commitment to student development, and multifaceted contributions to the academic community. As a lecturer and placement officer, she has left an indelible mark, not only through her classroom teachings but also in her active involvement in shaping the broader educational experience. Shilpah's dedication to continuous learning, administrative roles, and community engagement positions her as a noteworthy figure in the realm of education and beyond.