Shelby Herchak

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Shelby Herchak
Born 1992 (age 27–28)
Nationality Canada
Known for Convicted of killing her child

Shelby Herchak is a Canadian woman, who was convicted of killing her baby, and served several years in jail, only to learn the pathologist whose testimony played a key role in her conviction had a review panel challenger his determinations in her case, and several other cases.

He had testified the post-mortem he conducted on the child had found evidence of abuse, prior to the child's death.

Herchak was 18 years old, in 2010, when her 28 day old boy Daniel died.[1][2][3][4] She pled guilty to manslaughter, on April 30, 2014, following a plea deal. Initially the prosecution had charged her with second degree murder. She was sentenced on May 20, 2014, to 5.5 years.[5] She was granted credit for three years she spent in custody, awaiting trial.


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