Shehab Beram

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Shehab Beram
Born January 22, 2000 (2000-01-22) (age 23)
Tripoli, Libya
Nationality Libyan
Other names Shehab Mohamed Beram

Lancaster University (BS)

Sunway University (BS)
Occupation Entrepreneur

Mohamed Elhadi Beram (Father)

Sana Mohamed Elbahi (Mother)

Shehab Mohamed Beram (ʃˈɛhæb bᵻɹˈæm; born January 22, 2000) is a Libyan entrepreneur, product manager, product consultant, and former computer science researcher. He co-founded one of the very first Libyan startups, Manasat. [1]

He is also known for being one of Malaysia's youngest active computer science researchers. Shehab is an active product consultant with different growing startups in the MENA region.

Early life and education

Beram was born in Tripoli, Libya. He grew up traveling and living across multiple countries. However, Shehab spent most of his life in Malaysia, where he attended high school and university. His father, Mohamed was a businessman and diplomat, and his mother, Sana worked as a civil engineer.

Beram earned his high school diploma from Sunway Internationl School in 2018. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Software engineering dually from Lancaster University and Sunway University.[2]


Before University (2016 - 2017)

Before his university journey, Beram worked with different Libyan startups as a software engineer developing full-stack software. During this time, Beram was planning to build his first startup, Manasat.

During University (2018 - 2021)

After Beram was admitted, he launched Manasat with three co-founders. Beram managed his startup remotely while pursuing his university degree and multiple other initiatives.

Beram was actively involved with three Malaysia startups, Me Reka, Engage Blink, and Nimbus as a part-time product associate to help better their digital products. Furthermore, Beram worked as a research assistant with different computer science and human-computer interaction research labs in Malaysia. He was known for his high research output in Machine Learning and HCI and was one of the youngest researchers in Malaysia. Along with his research teams, Beram has successfully filed four patents and one Canadian copyright.

Early Career (2021 - Now)

After his university venture, Beram exited his startup and started his first product manager role with Taker. Later after around a year, Beram left Taker to start a new product manager position with Qawafel. He is also a product and strategy consultant for multiple stealth startups.

Beram is also a product management mentor with CareerFoundry & Udacity. He is also an active product management content writer, writing for 15k+ monthly readers and building product development workshop templates for over 1000 product managers.[3]

Personal life

Beram lives happily with his family of two brothers and one sister. His recreational interests include football, bodybuilding, and table tennis.


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