Shaykh Atif Ahmed

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Shaykh Atif Ahmed
Nationality Pakistani
Years active 2014
Organization Islamic Scholar

Shaykh Atif Ahmed, the founder of Al Midrar Institute, holds a degree from the University of Houston, Dallas. He teaches various subjects at the institute, including Principles of Management Sciences, Human Behavioral Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Art of War, and Islamic Creed. Shaykh Atif also completed his Aalim Course from Mahad ul Quran under the supervision of Grand Shaykh Mufti Khaleel ur Rahman Lakhvi. He is certified in Quranic exegesis from Mohaddis Mufti Shaykh Abdullah Amjad Chatwee and in Saheeh al Bukhari from Shaykh Mehmood Ahmed Hassan.[1]