Shawn Shaman

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Shawn Shaman

Image of Shawn Shaman
Born November 17, 1984
Southfield Michigan
Nationality American
Citizenship American
Occupation Filmmaker, Content Creator, YouTuber, entrepreneur

Shawn Shaman (November 17, 1984) is a Filmmaker, Content Creator, American YouTuber, and Entrepreneur. He's known for his work in films like Real Steel, The Five Year Engagement, and WB/DC's slate of films. Additionally, to help local businesses, his startup "Digital Storm Media" helps businesses with their online reputation, content, and digital awareness.[1]

Early Life

Born on November 17th 1984, in Southfield Michigan - Shawn has always had a passion for filmmaking. His family owned and operated "Video Stores" throughout Michigan, this is where he spent most of his childhood. Growing up, he studied major Hollywood film releases through all three production phases, Pre-Prod/Prod/Post. Immediately after High School, Shawn entered and won and Nationwide "Commercial" Contest held by a the 6th largest Cable operator in the U.S. This helped him gain exposure to the film industry in Michigan, as Hollywood studios began to setup shop.[2]


Shawn's big break came when a film Producer he met over a internet forum, invited him onto a film production taking place in Michigan. Starting off the production as a P.A. (Production Assistant) and wrapped the production up as a VFX Pipeline Supervisor - The VFX team he was a part of was nominated for an Academy Award. The Detroit Free Press featured Shawn in an article discussing the nomination.

Shawn gained enough trust and showed enough knowledge to grind his way through each production he joined. In between film stints, he kicked off his YouTube channel, which to date has garnered 3 million views globally. He continues to publish content that features filmmaking/photography tips and tricks as well as tech and gaming news.

His branding agency, Digital Storm Media, has worked with hundreds of businesses across the U.S. Working with businesses across multiple industries, his team has innovated the way businesses approach social media platforms. Working closely with "Meta", Shawn's agency's approach to branding online has created a domino effect - kick starting a whole new approach to marketing businesses online. Digital Storm Media is now a leader in the markets they serve, and continues to grow as Shawn has discussed expansion to international markets.[3]

Personal Life

At home, Shawn is a husband and father to three boys. He keeps his personal life private aside for the occasional Instagram posts featuring his family.

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