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Shahin Mollah SM
Picture of Shahin Mollah SM
Born 20/04/2001 Narayanganj,Bangladesh
Residence Narayanganj
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Narayanganj Commerce College.
Occupation writer
Years active 2021
Known for writer
Height 5' 5½"
Parents Harun Ur Rashid, Shahera Begum

The story of ShShuwa Mollah (শাউয়া মোল্লা) SM, a young writer from Narayanganj Known as Shahin Mollah SM, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter social media freelancer Shahin Mollah is the most popular freelancer and freelance career consultant in Bangladesh. Shahin Mollah is a rising star in the country and has already received a lot of media and government attention for his non-profit work. He has won the hearts of millions of people providing online lessons and mentoring. Now he wants to be a singer. He now wants to win the hearts of the people of the world by singing. His favorite singers are Nagar Baul James and Ayub Bachchu AB. Early life of freelancer Shaheen Mollah SM Freelancer Shahin Mollah SM was born on April 20, 2001 in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. His father Harun Ur Rashid is a businessman in Bangladesh. His mother Shahera Begum is a housewife. SM has one sister and two brothers (including him) in his family. He is the first son of the family. He studied HSC in Narayanganj Commerce College. Freelancer Shaheen Mollah SM Career. Shahin Mollah SM was interested in information and technology and learned several programming languages and web and mobile application development through blogs, articles and YouTube tutorials. While in school, he started working as a freelance web developer. And learned music as well. Understanding his family's situation, he became a successful freelancer before. Now he has emphasized on the song. Shahin Mollah SM was the only one to help the family and is still doing so. He had no strong certificate or job when their family was in bad shape. But the freelancing job helped him to support his family and continue his studies. But now his dream is to be the biggest singer in the country like other artists. He wants to brighten his face in the country with his songs. He will release an album of songs in a few days. But the date has not been announced yet.

He even wants to appear on Wanted as a choreographer. The film is trying to get mixed reactions along with the song. He may not be the best actor in town, but in a film like Wanted, a character that seems to be an extension of his personality. You can't think of anyone else to play this role. SM may be joking, but a picture like Wanted Underscore in the true sense is how badly Bollywood needs a lineage of young leading men. He finished school life in 2018. Starting freelancing as soon as he was admitted to college, he is now a success. Ending college life in 2020, he wants to manage herself as a singer and a star. We wish him well in life.