Transformers: Shattered Glass

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Transformers: Shattered Glass is a concept introduced by Fun Publications in the Transformers franchise surrounding a mirror universe where the roles of heroes and villains are reversed, i.e. the Autobots are evil while the Decepticons are good.


Fun Publications

The Shattered Glass concept first appeared in BotCon storyline that saw Transformers: Classics Cliffjumper transported to the Shattered Glass universe. Here, he discovered a world where Optimus Prime became an insane dictator opposed by Megatron, a former mathmatician.

Following the destruction of the Classics universe, the series featured a story set on Shattered Glass prehistoric Earth, where a crew of Classics Autobots became Maximals and a crew of Classics Decepticons became Predacons.




Cartoon series

Had Transformers: Animated not been cancelled, at least one episode would have featured the Autobots traveling to a Shattered Glass universe.


Transformers: The Complete Allspark Almanac and other material introduced characters and concepts from the Animated version of Shattered Glass, including a villainous Isaac Sumdac and a homicidal Sari Sumdac.