Shariar Ahamed Emon

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{{Infobox person | name = Shariar Ahamed Emon Blue badge.png | image = Instagram 1673709637271.jpg | image_caption = Shariar Ahamed Emon's pic | native_name = শাহরিয়ার আহমেদ ইমন | birth_place = Tangail, Dhaka, Bangladesh | education = Major General Mahmudul Hasan Adarsha Collage | home_town = Tangail, Dhaka, Bangladesh | birth_date = 13 February 2000 | residence = Dhaka, Bangladesh | nationality = Bangladeshi | height = 5.5" | occupation = Student & Businessmen

Early Life

Shariar Ahamed Emon is a student and businessmen. He was born on 13 February 2000 in Tangail, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shariar Ahamed Emon is a young businessmen And student in the cloths brand industry. With the rapid growth and modernization of technology in the twenty-first century, young minds are inspired to create new and inspiring ideas that can make a huge difference in today’s technology. One such example is Shariar Ahamed Emon. Who, through his knowledge and hard work, is gifting fashion for new world.