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Shafaet Hossen (Bengali: শাফায়েত হোসেন) is a Bangladeshi Social Entrepreneur & YouTuber.[1] He is best known as one of the Entrepreneur.
Shafaet Hossen
Born Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education World University of Bangladesh
Years active 2020- present

Early Life

Shafaet Hossen was born Dhaka, Bangladesh. He Studies L.LB Hons from World University of Bangladesh.[2]


Shafaet Hossen started his career as a cyber security worker and social organizer. He created an online platform for abused children and adolescents. Through which he provides services to them.


Shafaet Hossen started a YouTube channel with the name "Shafaet Hossen" and started publishing video on different topics. The channel publishes video on various topics including vlogging, Graphic design, kids videos etc.


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