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Scott Ransopher
Born September 25, 1974 (1974-09-25) (age 47)
Tempe, Arizona, U.S.
Alma mater University of Texas at Dallas
  • Poet
  • activist

Scott P. Ransopher (born September 25, 1974) is an American poet and activist. His work focuses on issues of fatherhood, death, feminism, race, as well as motherhood. He published the poetry books The Poems of Scott Ransopher, Collected Poems Volume One 1995-2004 and Collected Poems Volume Two 2005-2012 in 2012.

Early life and education

Baby Hronek was born in Tempe, Arizona. His biological father is John Bugge and his biological mother is Pamela Hronek Littlejohn. Mr. Phil, a manager of sales, and his wife Barbara K. Ransopher legally adopted Scott when he was three days old and named Scott P. Ransopher. Ransopher was raised by Mr. Phil and Barbara K. Ransopher in Phoenix, Arizona; Richardson, Texas; Garland, Texas and Austin, Texas. He has an adoptive brother and an adoptive sister, Ivan Allen Ransopher, an actor, and Lisa Ransopher. Ransopher has said he grew up in an environment with boundless television access. He has described his young self as a "weird child" who enjoyed reading and writing and was encouraged by his adoptive mother.

Ransopher attended Beaver Brook Children’s Center, for Kindergarten; Hyde Park Baptist School, a private school in Austin, for grades 1-8; Austin High School, for grades 9-10 and Naaman Forest High School, for grades 10-12. He studied English language and literature at the University of Texas at Dallas, graduating in 1997.


Beginnings (1995-2020)

Ransopher's art focuses on issues of fatherhood, death, feminism, race, as well as motherhood.

In September 1995, he wrote "Reassuring", "Frustrating" and "Amid Undulating Bodies".

In November 1995, he wrote "The Airport".

In February 1996, he wrote "The Airport II", "The Cruise Ship", "The Cemetery" and "The End Of The World".

In March 1996, he wrote "The Carnival" and "The War Zone".

In July 1996, he wrote "The Ledge" and "The Junction".

In January 1997, he wrote "Der Felsvorsprung".

In December 1997, he wrote "A Father’s Hands", "Kokopelli", "The Price", "Threnody", "Firstborn 1950", "Death", "An Undiscovered Land", “Don’t lollygag, scalawag, scurry on home,”, "Sea Shells", "A Different Day", "Krystal At Two", "Remembrance", "A Thrush Will Sing", "A Sunday For Satirists", "You Can’t Staple Souls", "The Quiet Time" and "Colorado".

In 1998, he wrote "Flight", "Echoing Quest", "November Wind", "Afterword", "On Hearing Schubert Trio In B Flat", "Sweet Prince", "Cheetah, Seen At Wildlife Safari, Wenton, OR.", "Adaptability", "A Lefthand Poem", "Lovescape", "On Nantahala; July", "Success", "Sensuous", “Lemon tasting baby dreams”, "A Promise Fulfilled", "The Forest", "She’s Been Stockpiling Happiness", "Green Chilies", "The Ballad Of Pastor Don", "Camp Fire Chit Chat", "Their People", "A Soldier’s Fortune", "Wind Song", "Night Visitor", "Victim Of Society", "Death Mother’s Lullaby", "For Sallie (1876-1925)", "Melissa’s Resting Place", "Generations", "Does Anybody Know She’s Here", “Words can devour the mind and eat away at the heart.”, "Blaze Of Glory", "Before The Sun Rises", "Time", "12th Street In October", "A Grandfather Like You", "Lonely", "The Feel Of A Writer", "Selling Out", "Red Alert", "Masquerade", "Nature’s Child", "Bend Over This Won’t Hurt A Bit", "The Simple Men", "Trains In The Back Yard", "Candle", "She’s Having Her Party Early Today", "Dreamwalk", "Chosen Recall…", "Garden Workshop", "A Bad Place To Visit", "A Single Rose", "Grandma’s Shawl", "The Guiding Voice", "Sisters", "Country Of Dreams", "Christmas Past", "The Trees Are Silently Weeping…", "Marching", "Whispering On The Wind", "The Wharf", "Reflection", "The Music", "Her Penpals", "Winter", "Ode To The Night", "Why Do The Birds Sing", "Anasazi", "Summer’s End", "The Swan", "Romancing With Earth", "The Magical Rose", "Silver", "Eagle", "The Winning Shot", "…Her Gramma…", "The Rose", "School Is Starting", "Toys", "The Sun So Bright", "Metamorphosis", "Body", "The Cherry Cupboard", "Reunited", "Left Without", "Those Hands", "Love’s Country Peekaboo", "Pink Bleeds Black", "Dance Of Dreams", "Little Audrey", "Her Precious Angel!", "Let’s Keep The Soul And Spirit Of America", "The Loves Of Her Life", "Alpha-Bits", "Romance Is Alive", "Dear Heidi", "The Flower Petal", "He Misses You", "Four Corners", “Pain cuts,”, "After The Storm", "Rock", "Wildflowers", "A Woods Eclipsed By Winter", "A Sea Shell…", "Sisters II", "A Young Man’s Heritage", "Eating Shoes", "Auntie Maude", "Family Tree", "Her Favorite Angel", "Life", "The Slavic Dream", "Love Thy Neighbor", "Life II", "Missing You", "Mom", "Dear Mother Earth", "Whale Song", "The Human Search For Meaning", "Brother", "Old Things", "Vincent’s 23rd Dream", "Symphony #12 In E Major", "Winter Crystal", "Lullaby", "Color Of A Chameleon", "Arbor Serenade", "Mind Set", "Mixture Of Tears", "Pondering", "That Old Dog", "R.I.P.", "Apprehensions", "Genocide", "Away", “Have you ever cried?”, "Kind Words", "Trust", "The Sins Of Simpson", "Composure", "The King", "Woods’ And Water’s Peace", "Wildflower", "Fall", "Firefly", "Storm’s Acomin’", "Flow Chickahominy", "Slumbering Giant", "Lady Liberty Remembers The Reason", "Her Angel Above", "About A Name", "Life III", "Hope", "Two Stars", "A Symbol Of Love", "The Tree", "Heavy Lies The Rain", "An Evening In Solitude", "Harvest Colors", “A single red rose”, "The Flowers Are So Beautiful", "Autumn Arrival", "Autumn’s Beauty", "In The Midst Of Confusion", "She Is Woman", "If You Could Be Her", "Galaxy", "Darkness’ Art", "Memories", "Longing For Spring", "Phantom", "Twilight Time", "It’s Raining", “As he sits out by a pond he came to find,”, "To Fight A King", "Auction Time", "Primeval Journey", "Lost Rose", "Her Tale", "Brooding Love", "The Art Of Forgetting" and "Loss".

In 1999, he wrote "The Beginning", "What If", "How To Understand A Girl", "A Lost People", "Faith", "To All Love’s Children", "A New Song For The Lord Love & Blessed Mother: Beautiful Love (Tuned To The Song: Beautiful Dreamer)", "Crossroads", "Soaring", "Dear Love", "A Child Picks The Best (For Daniel And Rebecca)", "Child Of The Night", "The Potion", "For Jennie", "Only Son", "Gavin, Her Son", "Into Peaceful Sleep", "Angel", "Through The Eyes Of Seventeen", "To Daddy", "Her Aunt", "Her Uncle", "Reflection II", "Where Birds Go To Die", "Death II", "Nicholas’ Star", "An Indian Lyric", "In The Beginning", "The Prize", "The Love That Will Never Leave", "Winter Of His Soul", "Always There", "Before You Close Your Eyes", "Her Anniversary Couple", "Country Romance", "The Eyes Of A Dreamer", "Her Heart", "This Kiss", "His Heart Has Spoken", "She Doesn’t Understand Why", "Questions Without Answers:", "The Job", "Happy Life", "Today And Tomorrow", "On Being Fifty-Five", "Life IV", "Obsession", "Going Back To School", "Life/Death", "What To Forget", "The Evening News", "Feelings Of Love", "Dreamscape", "She Loves You", "Till The End", "What Is Love", "Love Thoughts", "Making Good On His Mistake", "Daydreaming", "Friday The 13th, 1999", "Broken", "Did You Draw The Line", "The Misery Of Her", "Her World Is Sad", "Sometimes", "As She Flies Into The Sky", "When You Were Born", "Memories Of Lil House", "Brother II", "What’s The Best Drink Of All?", "Sara", "The Joyride", "Tender", "Country Poor House", "A Vision Of Love", "The Foundation Of Love", "Love Lost", "Unlocked", "Season’s Synthesis", "Visions And Reflections (On An American City Street)", "The Girl Who Came Before", "Behold A Sight", "Anger", "Rage Has To Overcome", "Remembering You", "Magestic Wings", "At This Very Moment", "Remember", "Little Girl Accused", "Grandma’s Treasures", "What Makes A Mother?", "For Jarrod", "Back Home", "The Father", "Sweet Baby’s Breath", "Soul Survivor", "Who Cares?", "Why Put Him Down", "Her", "Friends", "A Moment To Be Quiet In", "Secret Paths", "When Will He Be There", "Higher, Higher, Higher", “Rivers Rivers Rivers cool cold”, "Borogo (The Bridge)", "Dreams Of False Hope", "The Other 'Girl'…", "April Showers", "Daddy Stop The Cycle (The Final Friday)", "Battle Of A Tug Of War", "Maria Alicia", "The Sad Circle", "Pain", "Life’s Lessons", "Darkness", "Y Generation X", “A boy awoke”, "Glass Slippers", "The Dance", "A New Sound Mind", "Change?", "Third Shift Woes (Tribulations Of A Young Nurse)", "A Valentine To His Bride", "Feelings", "The Air She Breathes", "Love Upon Her Throne", "Their Love", "Waste Cans", “Life is a song,”, "Obscenity", "Rebuilding Bridges", “But there was a window”, "Life V", "Pass It On", "He Never Loved", “She is surrounded by people but she is alone”, "The Bruised And Battered Child…", "Disillusionment", "Broken II", "Tears In Oklahoma", "Fireworks In The Night", "Sunsets", "September Green", "A Rose At Midnight", "Twilight", "Mountain", "Ireland", "Leaving Zero", "Seemingly Unrelated Thoughts", "Life’s Blessings", "Respect", “The colors of life seem to”, "Night Thoughts", "Escape", "The Choice", "Lovers", "Love And Marriage", "Darling She Loves You So", "Especially For You", "Other", "Walker Between The Worlds", "Happiness Comes With A Knock", "Lest They Forget", "Come Back", "She Wouldn’t Be Far", “Alone”, "Going Home", "Tired", "Blacktop River", "What Is Love?", "Relief", "The Fire Still Burns", "Really, He Must Go", "True Meaning", "She Thought About You", “How does she tell you”, "Read Him A Story", "To His Aunt Helen, With Love", "Mom Will", "Mom", "Tina, Her Sister, Her Friend", "A Child", "Change", "Leaving…", "The Stained Glass Window", "Miles To Go", "The City", "Life VI", "Hate", "The Dead Of Things", "Mistaken Love", "Child’s Eyes", "Delinquency", "Torn", "Approved For Publication", "Mom II", "Naming Their Daughter", "Returning Home", "Asked In Innocence" and "An Exceptional Teacher".

In 2000, he wrote "New Life In Love", "Her Thoughts Were Wrong", "Birthday", "The House Upon The Hill", "A View Of Love", "The Juggler Or Turn It Up", "Love", "Serenity", "Streep Star", "Nature", "Her Garden", "Like The Rose", "Prestorm", "The Serenity Of Day", "Sobering Thought", "The Light Of His Heart Black Beauty", "Explanation", "Love And Him", "Their Greatest Possession", "Key Word Of Love…", "A Matter Of Life And Death", "Forever Her Heart", "Planning A Precious Goodbye", "The Warrior", "She’ll Be There Until The End", "A Widow’s Cry", "Ever After", "She Does Not Have Beginner’s Luck", "Harley", "Her Frightful Night", "Living Hell", "Pleasure In Pain", "Too Many Memories", "Silent Tears", "It’s Him", "She Alone", "She Saw", "Blank", "Perceptions", "Sand Castle", "Games People Play", "Dying Breed", "The Sewing Lesson", "Bluesmore Sunday", "Life’s Sunburn", "Old Soul", "A Dream", "I’m Aiming To Catch Me A Meal", "Then And Now", "What’s Your Out?", "Life Is Precious", "Close Your Eyes", "The Marriage", "She Will Never Stop Loving You", "Your Smile, Your Eyes, Your Touch", "Communication", "Love’s Duet", "Love II", "Allow Her To Share", "Music", "A Rainbow--Smile", "The Sleeping Dragon", "Karmic Christmas Tree", "Piasa", "Her Home", "A Parent’s Prayer", "Dearest Daddy", "Pathway To Home", "Looking For Talent", "Five Cents More", "The Fall", "Nothing", "Porcelain Doll", "Alzheimer’s Patients In Nursing Homes", "Unreleasable Anger", "A New Widow", "In The Memory Of Yesterday", "Living In The Big City Ain’t No Joke", "Tarnished Memories", "While She Dreams", "Linnie", "Rain", "The Beast Never Seen", "Lonely Without You", "Empty", "Humanity’s Blues", "Rainy Days", "Butterflies", "Small And Tall", “All their lives they wander, aching”, "The Mystery Of Life", “Amidst the darkness”, "The Red Stain", "Facing Face To Claim", "Without You", "In Its Arms", "Alone", "The Divorce", "Cry", "The Mystery Of Live II", "Dark Destiny", "The Death Of Ecstasy", "The Old Man", "Second Chance", "Someone Cares", "Heaven", "Answer: Love", "The Restless Night", "In Love’s Eyes", "Just Then Love….", "Reverie", "For In Giving They Shall Receive", "He’s Saved!", "John 3:16", "She Will Go Oh Lord, Send Her", "The Master Calls", "Four Seasons", "Night Life", "Her Prayer", “See the trees that reach for the sky,”, "The Most Precious Name", "A Visit From Love", "Sobriety", "His Race With Life", "Summer ‘00", "Time II", "The Dance II", "Torn Away", "The Storm", "Weather Report", "The Donor", "23", "Reminiscing", "Night’s Journey", "Intervention", "Where Is She?", "A Fear Forgotten", "Change II", "Her Love Eternal", "Her Secret Place", "Godspeed", "Today, She Cleaned Her House", "Broken Hearts", "Momma She Hears You", "Pictures Of You", "Forever Your Friend", "Friend Or Foe", "Lost Love, Found", "Grow And Grow", "Hannah", "Paula’s Little Angels", "To A Child", "Kayla", "Imagine", "She Wants To Be Loved", "His Day Fishing", "Etui", "This Time Next Year", "Forever Gone", "Kristen", "Death Of A Poet", "Love’s Best Angel", "Tribute To A Fallen Fireman", "Through Her Mother’s Eyes", "Uncle Earnest’s Tower", "Dinner", "A Toast To All Mothers-In-Law", "To Her Mother", "Mother", "Silent Prayer", "Locked Memories", "She Lifted Her Eyes Towards Heaven And Smiled", "To Reminisce Is Bliss", "The Controversial Deed", "Her Many Selves", "Here In Her Heart", "Counting Stones", "Getting It Done", "Comforting Arms", "Love’s Hand", "In Everything Give Thanks", "Finding The Way", "A Word", "Gifts Of Grace", “The day is now their elder”, "Man/Woman", "This River", "Money Tree", "Ode To John", "Alzheimer’s", "Seduction Of Vanity", “Behind the image in the mirror”, "Quiet Places", "A Gift", "Letting Go…", "The Meaning Of Love", "Love’s Wisdom", "When Love Comes", "Wine" and "Forever In Blue Genes".

In 2001, he wrote "Lost Minds", “The silent Hearse came slowly by,”, "Engaging The Horizon", "What Will It Take?", "A Coward’s Question", "Figment Of Your Imagination", "The Wish", "Questionably", "Lonesome Heart", "The Little Things", "To Fly By Day And Hide By Night:", "Rekindled Spirits", "The American Knight (Reads A Story To His Son)", "Dreams Can Come True", "Women:", "Know Her", "The Winds Of Change", "A Day At The Beach", "Staring Out At The World", "Anger", "Misfits Against The Main Flow Of Society", "The Legend Of The Tin Cans", "Wisdom And Reflection", “What is human?”, "Gnarled Tree", "Silence Of Time", "Hauling Hay", "The Combat Zone", "The Sunflower", "Autumn’s Exquisite Beauty", "Mesmerizing Reflections", “Tree”, "Autumn", “Have you ever looked at”, "Autumn Wind", "Country Riches", "Silent Intruder", "Morning Light", "A City Symphony", "Sky Bound", "Soaring II", "The Greatest Power", "He Taught Her", "Their Savior’s Love", "Angel Of Her Dreams", "Victory", "Wondering About Life", "The Hand She Feels But Never Sees", "Some Days", "True Love Never Dies", "His Epitaph", "Her Personal Testimony", "Getting Stoned", "Reality Of A Dream", "Devotion Of Love", "War", "A Prison Called Grief", "Broken Minds", "The Book", "Gaze Out Your Window Today", "And See The Beauty That’s Free To Behold", "Harken Unto Him", "Confinement", "Too Soon", "She Grows Old", "Bye Jaimee", "They", "Monsters", "Walls Of Tears", "Imagination", "Earth’s Promise", "Dancing Shadows", "Even So", "Just Watch", "Upon A Dream Fantasy", "Life’s Judgement", "Fearless", "To Raven", "To His Bride To Be…Pillars Of Life", "What Does Life Hold?", "The Storm II", "Her Son", "Oklahoma Bombing", "To All Their Blackened Ears (A Tale Of Grave Diggers)", "The Sleepers", "Little Georgie May", "Broken Warrior", "Silver Sire", "Qui Es", "History", "Be Thankful", "The Nature Of Things", "As They Let You Go…", "Cloudy Day", "The Rain Will Come", "The Yes-Man", "Life’s Garden", "Homestead", "Glass Goddesses", "The Contemplation Of Beauty", "Christmas Lights", "Henry Young’s Sea Painting", "Master, 7th Don", “Have you seen the moon late at night”, "Thinking", "Her II", "Faces", "Breaking At The Seam", "Blind", "Temptations & Trials", “What they believe…”, "Life’s Path", “For all your empty tears”, "Imperfections", “You…”, "Take A Walk", "A Path", "Beautiful Day", "Coping With Winter", "Fall At Block Island Sound", "Sunset", "A Butterfly", "The Gift", "The Golden Tree", "Tests Of Endurance", "Expectations Of A Hungry Young Poet", "Music II", "Mosquito", "Still Night", "French Is A Difficult Language", "Lovely Lady Reflecting", "Does It Matter At All", "A Mother’s Pain", "The Eternal Embrace", "To Her Porgy", "In Memoriam", "Cremation", "Death Visits", "People Light Paths", "The Stumble Bum And The Stranger", "And The Child Said", "Wonders", "A Mockery", "The Begotten Son", "For Her Dad", "Her Grandparent’s House", "He Remembers Grandpa…", "Them", "No Place To Call Home", "Dorothy", "Her Little Sister--Angel Gina", “He and his wife were doing alright”, "Her Best Friend", "Her Dad", "Dad", "A Mother’s Sacrifice", "The Little Wooden House", "Her Father", "His Son", "Her Daddy", "Capture Her Control", "Forgotten Secrets", "Why", "Black", "Lost Eyes", "Gemini", "The Cacophony Of Abstaining Loquacity", "All Kinds Of Books", "Reality? Or The Dream?", "The Hunt", "Trip Of Her Life", “He sees within himself”, "Flowers & You", "F-A-L-L", "Trees", "Rose", "Green Valley", "Did You Hear?", "Mother Earth", “This poem is dedicated in honor of”, "To Michael G. Culpepper", “Ever since he can remember,”, "Snowman", "For Her Little Boy", "Little Boy Lost", "Child’s Play", "Children Of The Night", "Her Dollie", "Overlookedover", "The Date", "This Pain Has Taken Its Toll", "Abortion", "Her Heart II", "All Just Pretend", "Rage", "Sorrows Dimmer", "When She Needs You", "The Black Woman Blues", "If He Could, Would He", "Dream", "Partners In Time", "Sandals On The Beach", "Country Roads" and "Mom She Wants To Know".

In 2002, he wrote "Graduation", "Poem Of Sorrow", "Just The Other Day", "Ode To Her Husband And Children", "Bitter Nights", "Confusion Of An Unrested Soul!", "He Is Gone Forever", "To: Keri", “She woke this Christmas Morning,”, "To Acknowledge The Sorrowful", "Orville", "Patchwork Memories", "Mamaw", "Residents Of A Retirement Home", "A Great Misfortune", "The Last Chief", "To Carol", "Cathleen’s Brook", "Love III", "Michelle", "Two Hearts As One", "No One Compares To You", “Her life is a collection of things held dear…”, "Together", "The Love She Seeks", "Love Lost II", "The Silent Heart", "Miracles And Magic", "The First Snowfall", "Pamet Valley Threnody", "Summer", "September Morn", "The Eagle", "The Rains Of Change", "Amore Kujo", "Friends II", "Friend", "Letter To A Friend", "Her Thoughts", "A Self-Portrait", "The Poet", "Grandma’s Quilts", "A Mother’s Care", "A Single Solitary Rose", "Shall He", "Tradition Vs. Homeopathic Medicine", "The 'Civilized' Jungle", "Life VII", "Minutes", "Freedom Will Come Again", "Where’s The Beef?", "March, Brothers March", "What’s That?", "So Close, But So Far Away", "Never Say Goodbye", "When", "Her Missing Son", "Relationship Of Pain", "Her Tears, Her Strength", "Don’t Ask Why", "Absence Of Sorrow", "The Struggle", "Mind’s Mind", "With Nothing", "The Wastelands", "The Answer", "Her Pekingese 'Petey'", "Eulogy For Latrodectus Mactans (Black Widow Spider)", "The Bandit", "Love Knew How To Make ‘Em", "The Wolf And The Deer", "Feather And Arrowhead", "Tools", "Music III", "Night Vision", "Fantasy", "Coming Home", "Take Control", "Her Brother’s Keeper", "Summer Storm", "Two People", "Homeless", "Memories II", "The Saddest Times", "Mandala Of Thought", "Broken Dreams", "Lost In A Toy Store", "An Evening Carousel", "Her Garden Of Memory Show", "The Snow Covered Ground", "Flowers", "The Rose In Her Life", "Falling Leaf", "The Brook", "Forever’s Flight", "Dreams Of Seattle", "Is It Too Much To Ask", "Love Lost III", "A Child’s Face", “There’s a memory for every tear he cries”, "Forever In Love", "Broken Seams", "Distance Between", "Good Day, His Love", "When He Drinks", "Memories And Promise", "When They Grow Older", "A Thank You For A Wedding Gift", "A World They Could All Live In", "Aging, As Such", "This Old Town", "Saying That Last Good-Bye", "Frustrated Artist", "Oh, Beautiful Fall", "About Annie", "A Single Rose II", "The Beautiful Winds Blow", "The Storm III", "The Fishing Pond", "Broken Teapots", "Rhythm Of New Orleans", "Colors", “Awareness cindered without consciousness”, "Were-The-Words But Worthy Words!", "Just A Thought", "It’s Just A Dream", "Intruder", "The Ponderings Of A Wistful Schoolgirl", "What Is A Tear?", "Memories Of A Lost Creation", "In Memoriam For A Lost Love", "Over Distant Hills", "The Quest", "Sister Dorothy, Welcome To Their World—(Beaufort Chapter #133)", "Thoughts While Taking Off In An Airplane", "Love Given Talents", "The Artist", "Messenger From Heaven", "Love’s Tender Love", "Easter", "Enoch’s Spaceship", "The Garden", "Garden To Garden", "The Rose II", "David’s Rose Poem", "Thoughts Within", "Hungarian Hot Wax", "Enchanted", “The beauty of”, "Happiness Is…", "Greek Poets", "Christmas", "Where Do They Go?", "They Never Walk Alone", "July Storm", "Love’s Painting", "Little Bluebird", "The Glory Of The Changing Seasons", "Nature’s Ball", "Yesterday", "Amber’s Moment", "But Isn’t The Flower Lovely?", "Pussy Cat With Wings", "Halloween Night", "Her!", "Her Friend, The Snowman", "Sunset II", "An Indian Prayer…", "Prayer", "Dear Lord", "Keep The Faith", "Love Will Meet Your Needs", "Living In The Bottle", "In Love’s Kingdom", "The Gifted Lady", "Silent Man", "Loneliness", "Weak", "Unwanted Feelings", "Let Her Live", "Depressions", "The Gift Of Life", "An Inner Peace", "Ah! Memories", "Surgery", "The Stillness Of Life", "Set Free--Free Indeed!", "Laughter", "A Highway Of Dreams", "The Man", "Bouquets", "Love Sees", "Love Will Hear Their Prayers", "Rainfall", "The Light From Above", "The Pierced Ear Of The Soul", "Her Best Friend", "A Special Friend", "Her Precious Friend" and "Try To Look For The Credits".

In 2002 It was reported that Ransopher was "editing the first draft of a novel the 28-year-old has been writing over the last two years."

In 2003, he wrote "Friends III", "Standing Alone", "Beacon", "System", "The World Is Unkind, But 'O' So Fine", "Shed A Tear", "Ancient Battle, Ancient Times", "Rather Be Alone", “And a day shall come when the iron eagle”, "America, Land Of The Burdened", "Let’s Unite", "Epiphany", "A Six Year Old Looks, Listens?", "A Tribute To 'Lady Liberty'", "She Is His Key", "The Ring You Gave Her", "Cordie", "Big City Park…Bright Sunny Day", "A Bright New World", "The Futility Of Writing", "The Water Lilies", "Faith II", "Morning Song", "Faith III", "The Lord’s Love", "Elves’ Laud", "The Holy Water Fonts", "Through It All", "The Hands Have Turned", "Her Miracle", "Mom III", "Sequins On The Floor", "Graduation Day", "Maybe So", "The Telephone", "Storm", "Never Ending Star", "Snowflakes", "Dolly", "The Vow", "Padded Hell", "Touched", "Call Home", "New Mexico", "Visitor’s Paradise", "The Honeysuckle", "Winter II", "Beauty", "The First Day Of Fall", "Seasons Of Beauty", "The Heart Was The Engine", "Entrusted", "Descriptions", "Eternal Love", "Silk", “Once a small flame”, "Dancing With You", "I Love You", "A Few Fleeting Moments", "Reprieve", "Literary Birth", "The Fireplace…", "The Quest II", “Within the framework”, “In a well as deep”, "Dislocated:", "Against", "Orchids", "Spring Tryst", "Ocean Diver", "The Snow Melts", "Creations", "Camouflage", "Letting Go", "Their Utopia", "J-Day #514", “You never were there”, "The Beauty In Pain", "Once", "Home Run Ball", "Yankees", "Autumn’s Fire", "RI’s Seasonal Wildflowers", "The Rose III", "There Are No Illusions Left To Hold Onto", "In Memory", "Heavenly Father Help Us Do Our Very Best", "Endangered", "The Treasure", "Winter Maiden", "The First Snow", "Winter III", "Honolulu Butterfly", "One Heart", "Michael G.", "First Love", "When They Part", "Come With Her", "He", "Her Broken Heart Her Broken Bones", “She admires people who jog”, "Of A Wedding Down Under (For Lady Gillian)", "Her Eyes", "The Fear Of Night", “She sees you”, "Threat", "Death At A Funeral", "The Allies", "Sorry", "Submerged", "Sundays…", "Come Dream", "Forget Her Not", "Upon A Lonely Throne", "Raging Fire", "Secret Darkness", "Shadows", “Why are you so sexy”, "Just A Dream", "No Mercy", "Imagine Someone", "She May Not be Here Tomorrow", "Life VIII", "Sky Bloo", “Time has”, "If", "Destined Duo", "Together II", "Second Time Around", "Forgiveness", "True Love", "Love Is", "Have You Ever Wondered Where A Wave Starts?", "?Life?", "Short Journey", "Peace", "The Doors Of Life", "For Sellers & Buyers", "Her Mirror", "The Drunkard", "Homeless By Choice", “Cracked heads held”, “House of hopes”, "Forget Her Not II", "One Voice", "Questions & Answers", "Just A Minute", "Facing The Enemy", "The Measure Of Man", "Newcomer", "Lust", “Around and Around they go,”, "In The Eyes Of A Child In Need", "Empty Nest", "A School Without Prayer", "The Stakes", "Sweetheart", "Pride And Joy", "The Chamber", "Unrelenting Turmoil", "What About O.J. Simpson", "For Nick", "Math Test", "Carrying On", "Silent Words", "To The People…", "Remnants Renewed", "I’m Alive", "Rise!", "Thank You Love", "He Made It All", "To A True Friend", "She Misses You", "War II", "The White Eagle Has Flown", "In Memory II", "Incognito", "Searching For A True Friend", "Directions On How To Take Care Of A Rainbow", "Memories III", "Black History Month", "Just Another Day", "Live", "Wind", "Life IX", "Society’s Reflections", "Seasons Of Her Life", "That’s The Way Love Wanted Her To Be", "Who Is She?", "When She Looks At You", “Birds--", "On The Grass", "Brothers And Sisters", "You Were There", "Hands", "Dearest Mother", "Daddy’s Love", "Her Parents" and "Family Reunion".

In 2004, he wrote "Your Ambassador", "There Is A Name", "Revelation", "Baby Venus", "Final Sleigh Ride", "A Savior Is Born Today", “Be at peace gentle soul”, "Does Anyone Know", "The Struggle Within", "Should She Write A Book", "A Need To Feel….", "Lost", "Bull’s Eye", "Roses", "Barn Shadows", "Seashore", "Winter’s Sleep", "The Rainbow", "Rebirth", "Trees In Winter", "A Wonderful World", "Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa", "Why?", "Her Dad", "This Lady He Calls Mom", "Hand In Hand", "Sisters", "The End", "Look Him In The Eyes", "Oh How Her Eyes Burn", "The Key", "Shadow Dancing", "They Don’t Like Their Name Or Their Jobs", "The Day She Found Love", "Hold Her", "Lovers II", “Quiet as night, like a man with a fear,”, "The Cry Of The Hound", "Night Magic", "Woodleaf Here She Is", "Outside", "The Indian Trader", "Deep And Dark", "Sand Of The Desert", “Wind blows, spirit of love”, "Inscription", "Beast Content", "Daisies", "If He Should Come In Verdant Spring", “So much deploring has developed unto them, Unto their world.”, "A Devilish Offer", "She Hopes For You", "Her Daughter", "Reflections", "If The Bullfrog Had Wings", "Hawk", "His Girl", “The great stars are the canopy of peace”, "To Smoky With Love", "The Wolf", "An Introduction To Ch’i", "The Dawning Of The Son", "Love Is Your Best Friend", "Faith In Her", "A Special Prayer", "Silent Angel", "The Road", "Eternity Is Forever", "It Takes Two", "The Outcome", "Human Nature", "Hidden From Truth", "Her Best Friend II", "Their Love Reigns", "Somebody Said", "Death III", "Do They Think About Her?", "Your Star", "One Man?", "She Misses…", "Lose II", "Relations", "Alone II", "X", "Weathering The Storm", "Quiet Time: A Meditation", "Keep Dreaming", "The Sun Of War", “The loneliest of lonely”, “Miles between them”, "Swollen Rivers", "Doctor Jennifer", "If He Were King", "Arrive A New Birth", "Why Bother?!", "Off The Road", "Tsk, Tsk, This Is His Wish", "Woodriver Queen", "Bull Rider", "Warrior And Friend Deer", "Kindergarten Projects", "Second Glance", "Summer’s Cycle", "A Baby’s Wish", "Her Gift", "Heritage", "The Visitor", "Mother II", "Mother III", "The Gardener’s Faith", "At The Seashore", "You Choose", "Farewell To Her Son On His Way To The Holy Land", "Her Guardian Angel", "Skies Of Blue And Pink", "The Right Road", "Colors Of The Heart", "Perfidy", "No Cost", "Entering A Field Of Dreams", "Patience Unknown", "Igniting", "Just Right…", "Life’s Pathway", "Room For Sanity", "She Wonders", "Why? II", "Thomas: A Memoriam On Your Last Day", "Some Die Before Their Death", "Yesterday II", "Never Knowing", "Bless You", "Blawenburg Band", "Song For Superman", "A Cowboy’s Heart", "Old Men", "The Old Gray Lady", "Black Girl", "Pieces Of You", "Ode Of The Rural Shop", "Her Home…Africa", "The Marek", "Mommy Said", "A Father’s Love", "Imagination II", "All You Have To Do", "Behind Closed Doors", "The Apple", "The Farmhouse", "Sisters III", "Paradise", "Her Adopted Life", "The Treasure II", "A Rainbow For The World", "A Child’s World", "Ali", "Changes", “When you”, "Samantha", "A Little Boy", "Porcelain Doll II", "She", “He smelled strongly of after shave and brandy.”, "Great Grandson", "Sweet Revenge", "O Dolphin", "Wisdom", "The Charming Spirit", "A Holiday Wish", "Christmas Sentiment", "What A Fantasy", "A Summer Scratch", "Chino", "How Can She Keep These Blue Eyes Dry?", "Standing Naked", "Walls Of Death", "Only Mortal", “Walk gently through the rain”, "The Sacrifice", "The Pain Of The Rain", "Outside", "Inside Out", "The Storm IV", "Reflections II", "She Is", "Looking Ahead", "The Flight To El Paso", "Seventeen", "Inside", "To David D.", "Do You Love Her?", "Pure Love", "Beauty Rises Above The Weeds", "Without Love", "Please Hold Her", "A Passing Note", "The World Is Hers", "Wishful Thinking", "Love Her", "Fear Not His Love", "8 Minutes", "Black Man’s Worst Enemy", "Echoing Voices!!" and "Dusk Will Eat The Dawn".

In 2005, he wrote "Shattered", "The Beach", "Femininity Regained", "Haunted By The Rain", "The Statue", "Fireworks", "In The Moment", "Flapper", "Time III", "The High-Minded Must Come Down", "Callous Town", "Time Traveler", "Active Diversion", "Her Wuthering Heights", "Then And Now II", "Her Love", "Chestnut Grove", "Someday", "Caged", "Forbidden Love", "That Face", "Love Why So, Why So The Heart", "To Her Sons", "Parent’s Love", "Long Ago", "Flames", "Quilts Of Love", "The Friend", "Friendship", "The Gift Of Friendship", "A Friend In Need", "Brotherhood", "In His Wisdom They Must Trust", "Kindled Flame", "His Hands", "Sharing", "Their First Date", "Love’s Abstract", "Clouded Vision", "True Love II", "Harmony", "Bruises", "Unanswered Questions", "Time Served", "Coming Of Age At 50", "Life X", “Come into the vast, without impurities.”, "One Day At A Time…", "To Many Nations", "Postcard From His Boat", "90 Degrees Of Sanity", "Seasons Change", "Memories IV", "His Dreams", "Each One’s Life", "The Passion & The Flame", "The Change", "Life Is Like A Game Of Chess", "Plastic Rainbows", "Money, For The Love Of", "Lost Souls", "Whatever Happened To…?", "Ghetto Life", "True Or False", "Carving Stone", "The Old Man II", "A December Daydream", "Christmas II", Judge Of The Year", "Dream Lover", “You are her most precious”, "Sakes", "She’s Been Hurt", "Silent Tears II", "Corners", "Love IV", "Happy Anniversary--Valentine", "A Single Rose III", "Spiders", "The Lonely Wolves’ Serenade At Midnight", "Stray Cats (In Memories Of Bobit) The Verse", "The Big Orange Cat", "Doobie", "Mitzi & Her", "The Cat Who Moved Next Door (A True Story)", "Liberty", "Armistice--Korea July 27, 1953 Memorial Dedication--Washington DC July 27, 2005", "Old Glory", "For The Last Time", "The Master’s Stroke", "The Kite", “Since you left her,”, "Fingerprints In The Fireplace", "Envelope", "Hero/Villain", "Pushed", "This Side Of Heaven", "The Idea", "Heaven’s Baby", "The Fixation", "Their Angel Babe:", "Life And Death", "Them II", "Reflection III", "Perspectives", "Forgotten Soldiers", "Message From Her Brother Ira Leyte Island, Philippines 7 September 1945", "Mockery", "Friends IV", "Now", "At The Park", "Simply Harmony", "Empty Nest II", "Starpoints", "Always", "Eclipse Of The Night", "Thinking Of You", "Mama And The Soldier", "Her President", "America Is Still The Beautiful", "Faith IV", "Wondering, Searching, Finding", "Dream Of Love", "Life Without Love", "Solar Power", "Dreams", "Her Confession", “Let her kiss your eyes,”, "Thinking Of You II", "His And Hers", "Love’s Spring", "Love V", "Life IX", "Daddies", "A Touch Of A Class", "Snow", "Freedom", "New Perspective", "The Witch", "To Yellow Cat", "Cats", "Her Sister’s Balcony", "Mama Lee", "Her Jewel", "Alive", "A Word Of The Wise", "The Old Red Barn", "Many Questions Of Why", "Where A Dream Starts", "Love Took You From Them", "Deranged", "Friends V", "Time Gone By", "Jason", "Forever And A Day", "How Sweet The Song", "Unanswered Prayer", "A Bit Of History", "The Tree II", "Charisma…", "The Ancient Unicorns", "The Evening Lowers", "Regards To H.I.V.", "Love Is You", "Her Child", "Perception Of Gwen", "A Full Moon On A Cloudy Night", "Au Revoir", "Silence", "Elegy On The Doppler Effect", “This need, it burns”, "Hope II", "Devotion", "Simple Words", "The Whispered Lies", "The Waiting For Lilacs", "Impressions…Driving Home", "November 11th, 2005", "On Norman Rockwell’s 'Springtime'", "Woman To Her Newborn Daughter", "For Pat", "Meditation After Pablo Neruda", "The Poet Revisited/The Descent", "Prayer By Proxy (For Sarah)", "Manna", "Flamingo Sunset", "The Refugee", "This Man", "Lineage", "Your*Excite(--Ment)That--Morning!!(?)And--(After*Rome)--He*Was Invited (Out*To*Eat)--..?", “The spinning fans of”, "In The Fireplace", "Return To Autumn", "Snow Ballerinas", "The Ballet Master", "Southern Ballerina", "Break 6", "Silhouettes Of Mountains", "The Woman Within" and "Symphony Of The Night".

In 2006, he wrote "The Desert", “These are the lives they lead today”, "For Her Granddaughter", "Mss Unfinished…", "The Reds Of Dawn", "The Fading Florida Tomato Fields", "Moments Of Varessa", "Haiku", "Equine Pictographs", "The Arizona Desert", "In The Desert", “Each life a circumstance, each day of reckoning.”, “An apocalyptic dream,”, "Spider", "Nervous", "Someday--Never", "In Paradisum", “Coffee stains on”, "Cradlesong Of Dawn", “One melting into the other, on the bus”, "Elegy (In Blue) For Mother", "Desolation", "Beetles Crawling Over Wood Chips", "The Next Morning", "Raining And Running", "Ariata", "Her Bluejay", "Contentment", "That Faded Melody", "Black Like Her", "Femininity", "Just Open Your Eyes And Sea (A Book Report On Goodbye Vietnam By Gloria Whelan)", "Three Women On A Beach (For Edith, Margret, Rosetta On Marco Island, Florida)", "Their Ship At Sea", "Georgianna Laid To Rest", "Hush, Youth!", "Matter Of Record", "Cloud Waltzer", "For Frances", "Gown Of Lace", "Someday II", "The Cry Of The Moor", "Snowdust", "Horses In The Night", "Nine Hours Of Light", "Remember When (To The Walking Set.)", "Thing Of Beauty", "Liquid Paradise", “Beaded, shimmering”, “’Possum moon--“, "Spring Sunset", "Underground", "Freight Trains", "Recycling Workshop Poems (After The Flood)", "Last Chance", "An Invisible Warrior", "Eclipse", "The Journey", "Loneliness II", "Thoughts", "The Power Of Words", "No Trays On Thanksgiving Days!", "Inner Beauty", "Her III", "Silent Vigil", "The Man I Didn’t Know", "Black Man", "She Is An Africa Queen", "An Apology", "Sunday Kind Of Guy", "The Hero", "Unforgiven", "The True: Wife", "Journey", "Ibid", "Memo From Dad", "Never Ever Say Good Night", "Good Night, Sleep Tight", "Judgement Day", "Modern Tragedy", "A Broken Moment", "Grudge Burial", “This”, "Morning You", "Things Work Out For The Best", "A Radiant Shimmer", "Query", "They Be…", "Country Music Man", "Far Away", "Doors", “His mentality is madness now”, "Who Are You Passer-By?", "Fading", "Soul Search", "Circle", "To Boldly Go", "Riches", "Her Wishing Star", "Hands Of A Teacher", "Seashore Of Safety", "No Longer", "Bosnia’s Child", "What Was She Thinking Of…", "The Frown", "Quiet Raindrop", "Pharmocomaniacal", "Bud Girl In School", "Courtney Faye", "Motherhood", "The Photograph", "Right Of Passage", "The True: Husband", "Her Favorite Christmas Face", "And Daddies Love Their Little Girls", "A New Bundle Of Joy", "She Is II", "She’s Going To Be A Grandma!", "Dear Mama", "Desert Eveningsong", "Generalic Ch’i", "Reality", "Busy Bees", "The Lull Of Indian Summer", "Purple Mountains Majesty", "Windows", "Universe", "Proclamation Of Freedom", "The Reality Of The American Dream", “Thank you for the gesture, thank you for the time,”, "She Sees", "Sarah There Are Angels Everywhere", “Your angel”, "The Lord Calls Them", "Angel’s Tears", "Oh Joyous Morn", "Love Lives", "Love’s People", "Experience", "An Angel", "Heaven’s Angel", "An Angel II", "Pan", "Revenge", "The Flame", "Kaleidoscope", "Flowers II", "The Acorn Deluge", "Morning Rose", "Wind II", "Winter’s A Comin’", "Wind III", "One Journey", "Her Visions", "His Worst Nightmare", "Daydreaming II", "Just Her", “She has a whirlwind in her head”, "Fireside", "The Candle", "Candle II", "Young Man River", "Her Woods", "The Snowpeeler", "Can’t Comprehend", "Just For The Night", “Gloomy Home of Disbelief,”, "Tell Her Why?", "Colors Of A Rainbow", "The Saddle", "Moon Merchant", "Lady Butterfly", "Mystery Of Medicine Wheel", "Catch A Dream", "The Forgotten Man", "The House They Shared", "Peace Within", "Life Without You", “The hour of his demise is near”, "She Didn’t Leave You", "Bay Winds", "Waiting For Someone Like You", "Her Unconditional Love", "Separation", "Love Will Find A Way", "Serendipity", "A Summer Dream", "He Stood Beside The Bed", "The Riddle Of The Riddler", "When II", "This Ship Called Sanity", "The Best Of Friends:", "History II", "Reckoning From Fence To Fence", "Friends VI", "His Best Friend", "For Bonnie", "Getting Up In The Morning", "Time’s Enemy" and "Absent".

In 2007, he wrote "Dwight Within?", "Life XII", "Love Is Their Hero", "Her Wondrous Knight", "Daddy", "His Loveable Vision", "Artistic Impressions", "Moonshoes", "Water Walls", "From The Sea", "Illumination", "An Awakening", "Eden", "Age Is Not A Battle", "Pond-Ering", "Bridging The Gap", "Hey That’s Life", "Whisper Of Yesterday", "Peaceful Rock", "Mother IV", "What A Family Is", "Ode To A Parent", "Rosetta (Xena)", "The Butterfly", "Hearts", "The Day", "Night And Death", "The Living…", "Crimson Rain", "Life’s Death", "White Halls", "Kerri’s Wish", "Jill, A Joy", "The Deficiency Child", "A Kitty", "Tabby’s Terrible Night Terror", "Guess Who", "Gone To The Birds", "But Their Bond Never Broken", "Her Dog", “She looked to the sky without a care,”, "The Pond", "August", "New Beginning", "The Trees", "The Mystery Of The Elements", "Collars", "Whippoorwill", "Soft Adventure", "Phoebe’s Orchard", "The Dewdrop", "Snow II", "The Magic Of Snow", "Autumn II", "Her Goodbye", "Lover, Friend, Poet, Painter, Prince", "Once Upon A Time", "[Soul-Mate ÷ Love-Thirst]", "For Jacob", "John", "I Love You II", “As the tears roll down her face”, "Mental Love", "She Promises", "She Can’t Wait", "Kissing, And All That", "Pretty Pictures", "Newness", "O Such Innocence", "Sleepless", “A castle reflects”, "Fish Tank Blues", "A Wish For Her Brother", "Mother At Ninety", "Grandma", "Mama", "Joseph Mckinley Gieryn", "Father’s Day 1994", "Her Daddy II", "Knights", "Reflections III", "His Reality", "Cry Of Love", "She’s Sorry", "How", "Where Evil Lies", "Decaffeinated Karma (Chapter 9)", "Challenge", "The Same", "Showdown Coming Soon", "A Peasant Laments", "Count Your Blessings", "Wake Up", "Contentment", "Moment By Moment", "The Mystic Hand Of Love", "Can You See?", "Special Aunt", "In Memory Of The Little Black Pony Who Died Monday Night March 26, 1973", "The Jungle", "Purgatory", "Father’s Day At The Mausoleum", "Final Peace", "Crossing Life’s Bridge", "Shallow Graves", "A Perfect Rose", "Another Angel", "Good-Bye", "The Choice II", "Gone Again, Eh?", "Are You Alright?", "This Is About 'Victory'", "That Special Smile", "One Million Strong", "Morning Glory", "An Everlasting Dream", "If For Just One Moment", "He Gave To Her A Flower", "The Iron Horse Is Free", "Crossroads II", "She Loves Her Mommy And That’s Why", "To Her Mom, (Charlene Hopper) Aug. 14, 1939-Oct. 5, 2007", "Dad II", “A young man looked up”, "Grandma Never Talks", "The First Dance", "Seasons Of Love", "By Touch Of Hand", "He Is Confused", "Wedding Union", "Time Frame", "February", "Forget Her Not III", "My Inspiration", "Journey Into Dawn", "Questions!", "Time IV", "Fear", “She feels a presence in the room tonight”, "Human Vice", "Her Family (A Thanksgiving Tribute)", "Anniversary Of Gold", "Christmas Eve Night", "The Innocence Of Youth", "Her Old House", "The Reunion", "The Wrinkled Face", "Phantom II", "Black II", "Moving On", "What About Me?", "Touched II", "Patience Can Prove A Virtue", "Nature’s Canvas", "The Eagle Dreaming", "Doing This Time", "With You On His Mind", "Tiger By The Tail", "Lost Dreams", “In the country of fields and streams”, "Think Twice", "The Bell Rings", "A Dream Come True", "The Wanderer", "Broken Ties", "He Does Not Want To Go To Heaven", "Today, The Land", “Like a steady flowing stream of water in a river,”, "No One", "Wounded Warrior (A Memory From Those Who Never Came Home)", "Alive In Oh-Seven", “He sits awhile and wonders why he’s here”, "Simple Scribblings", "A Wise Man", "The Indians", "Bound For Heaven", "On Wings Of Love", "The Shepherd’s Voice", "Heaven II", "Consolation", "Heaven III", "A World Gone Wrong", "Let The Lord Step In", "Thy Will Be Done", "She Sees In You", "The Lord Is Always There", "Legacy Of Lucy", "The World Turned On", "A Farewell Moon", "A Hand Of Power", "Only Here For A Little While", "*Cold In The Face*", "In Darkness", "The Musician", "A Poet", "Millennial Greetings", "Vis-A-Vis", "Autumn Air", "The Willow" and "A Cry For Help".

In 2008, he wrote "Forces", "Nothing Lasts Forever", "The Prophet", "Screaming", "A Cowboy’s Silent Cry", “Followed a mountain road once,”, "Overcoming", "Love And The 41¢ Stamp", "For You Micki", "Always There To Listen", "The Senses Of Love", "A Simple Love", "A Tale Of Two Hearts", "Summer Love", "Young Love Forever Love", "Don’t Quit Love", "When Happiness Has Arrived", "A Mother’s Death (In Honor Of Her Mother Bernice B. Bailey)", "Dear Daddy,", "Christmas III", "A Place To Rest", "The Day After Christmas", "Youth", "The Love Of A Knight For His Lady", "The Forgiving Love", "He Loves Her So", "Love Hurts", "Only You", "Love VI", "He Knows He Loves You", "She’s Tried", "Quietly Happy", "He Beat The Battle", "Betrayed", "Some Lines On Love", "Her One And Only", "The Lost Tribe", "Speak True", "Emancipation", "The 'Real World'", "Night Creature", "The Phone", "The Inherited Foolishness", “She stands on the edge of forever”, "True Understanding", "Waiting", "Stone Companions", "Up", "Nameless--For A 4 Week Old Kitten", "Abandoned And Deaf", "Sal The Cow", "King Of The Air", "Barnyard Pickings", "The Apple II", "Meet Tuffy, A Gentleman Cat", "Charlie", "His Prayer", "Creature Of Love", "Who Dares Say Love’s Not Alive", "Guardian Angel", "Making Christmas", "A Creator’s Creator", "Peel Away Night", "Eleven Wonders Of Note", "Fairy Dance", "Ode To Where She’s Not", "Winter Dream", "Snow III", "A Patch Of Blue", "Time V", "Billy’s Angel", "The Beginning Of The End", "Lady Of His Dream", "Dearest Mom", "4 Grandma", "Mommy", "Her Mother", "Her Girl", "Friendship Soup", "Simple Pleasures", “She was talking to a special Lady”, “She sees you now so proud and strong,”, "Her Only Friend", "Friendship II", "Her Dream World", "The Inchworm", "Power And Poetry", "Tale Of The Season", "A Kaleidoscope Of Clouds", "Winter IV", "Her Eyes Are Different From Yours", "Meteor Shower", "Through Her Eyes", "Alone…", "Shadows Of Yesterday", "The Year", "The People Of Earth", "Much Needed Changes", "The Old Fashion Neighbor", "Let Her Look Again", "Childhood Revisited", “The way you look at yourself,”, "Dream Days", "In The End", "Eye Of Beauty", "Baby Grace", "Ninety-Three Years--Or More?", "Attention Teenagers", "Gray", "Elephant Man", "A Chain Of Memories", "Plastic Magic", "Passion’s Glimmer", "Acceptance", "The Sub-Conscious Mind", "A Note In Bypassing", “Few things”, "Come Day", "Electronic Him", "Indivisible Souls", "Blue", "A Small Request For Booboo", "Too Late", "The Cat Ladies Of Centre Street", "Alzheimer’s II", "To Die From The Lie.", "The Different One", "The Best And Worst Of Times", "Scared Little Child", "The Hurt--The Pain", "Days Of Sickness", "Victim’s Eyes", "War III", "Cold Season", "The Hawk Soars", "Innocence", "Tensile Strength", "Lightning", "In The Spring", "When…It Is Time", "A Meeting Of Two Souls", "Secret Love", "Gypsy Heart", "She Still Cares", "Neighbors", "To Cynthia", "The Story Of Noah’s Ark", "Killer Mosquitoes From Hell", "Turn Around", "Happiness", “Today his brother comes”, "The Pen", "Morning", "Thank You For the Best", "Echo Of Faith #2826A I & II", "Echo Of Faith #3144", "Echo Of Faith #3293", "Fire", "Fade To Darkness", "Flowers III", "Shadows Of Despair", "What Do You See?", "Geriatric Tower", "Blackness", "Alone!!!", "A Mother", "Forgotten", “A pain so deep, wished it”, “She wrote a poem last night”, "Drifter", "Fatal Ground", "Handsome", "A Frail Woman Stands Before Her", "Night’s Woman", "The Vehicle", "Dreams Gone By", “He was thinking about you and him…”, "I Will Go There With You", "Woodsmoke And Apple Blossoms", "Eternal Thanks", "Science? Evolution? Technology? Love?", "The Choice III", "Friends VII", "In His Name", "Love’s Promise", "Always And Forever", "His Sister", "Home", "Daddy II", "Her Mom’s Poem", "The Days Are Short", "But The Nights Are Long", "Nick Her Loving Husband", "Morning Hugs", “There once was a woman that lived in a booth”, "Truth", "Beacon In The Night", "Rivers", "Those Resolutions", "Walk In The Light", "His Life", "The Girl She Left Behind" and "Age".

In 2009, he wrote "The Little Train", "Her Voice", "Spring And Fall", "Happiness II", "Things He Cannot Do", "American Blessing", “He had a vision, a vision of a new age.”, "Assumptions", "Hug", "Hell And Heaven", "Phantom Ship", "Penumbra", "She Knows", "Holocaust Is A Nine Letter Word", "Needs Met", "Blood And Tears", "In Memoriam Al And Evelyn", "Beneath The Harvest Moon", "And Where Now?", "Carrousel Horse Pegasus?", "Carolina", "What Object Is It?", "True Wisdom", "The First Gift Of Christmas", "Memories V", "Her Spiritual Christmas Tree", "Sunday’s Gentleness", "Evening By The Pond", "Big Sandy River Mud", "Save Their Earth", "Snowflake", "Haleakala Crater", "A Girl", "Her Father’s Flight", "Child In The Sky", "The Crow Of Death", "The Truth Of Light", "Chiseled In Stone", "The Eagle II", "The Amish Farmer’s Horse", "The Wee Mother", "About Feet", “He is a Blue Jay.”, "Sunrise And Her", "The Forgotten Generation", "What Has The World Become", "Humberto", "Glisten", "Think Of Her", "The Gifted", "Frozen Memories", "Keep It Alive", "Her Closet", "Attire", "Life, Will It Last?", "Bianca", "Lesson In Life", "Fallacy", “Time is a long, dark,”, "Watching The World Go By", "A Dream II", "Cattle Drive ‘09", "Survival", "The Her Inside", "Inner Realm", "He Will Not Forget", "The Present", "If She Fell In Love With You", "One Wish Today", "New Love…", "Longing For Isabella", "Ode To The Twentieth Century", "Greed", "Weltchmerz", "Wanting To Fly", "Thirteen", "By The Shore", "A Sailor’s Poem", "Tahw Fi?", "Pathway Garden", "Spring Dance/Love’s Glory", "…A New Day", "A New Season", "The Garden Of Roses", "Stars (A Haiku Sequence)", "Seasons Of Change", "A Majestic Place", "Ocean", "A Tree", "Sometimes A Title Is Not Needed", "In Grandma’s Garden", "Seeds", "Color Her World", "Dear Love She Prays", "She’s Free At Last!", "All Saint’s Day", "Unseen", "Basking In His Love", "Going Home II", "The Shelves", "A Place To Remember", "Tee-Hee-Hee! Chuckle Chuckle!", "Premonitions", "The Basis", "Fireworks In July", "Precious Choice", "Equality Between Them", "Child Of Thunder", "The Journey II", "Spirit Of The Lake", "Lacoochee And The Wandering Irish Lad", "The Two Stanleys", "An Old Man And His Friend", "Dream II", "Mandy", "Friendship’s Reign", "Summer Days", "Winter Storm’s Drummer", "Maine Memories", "Wind IV", "Summer Breezes Blow", "Florida", "Archie", "A Child’s Only Wish", "Toy Soldier", "His Teddy Bear", "Lost Child Behind The Man", "The Treasures Of Her Life", "The Mighty Oak", "The Hand Of Love Inspired From Her First Skydive Jump", "Their Gift", "Love Shrine", "That Sweet Rose You Gave Her", "Hiding From Love", “Beneath the street lights”, "She Loves You II", "Love VII", "Life XIII", "The Old Photo Album", "A Glimpse At Life", "Memories VI", "There Is Always Tomorrow", "His Sunshine", "One", "Surrendering Love", "Valentine’s Way", "Moonlight", "Curtains Of Art", "Winter Hate", "Dawn’s A Breaking", "In The Snow", "Zemestan", "His Desert Home", "Love You To Death", "Kimberly", "Babies In Heaven", "Grand Daddy", "Missing You", "Intense Pain", "A Star Named Amelia", "8:14 AM", "The Day He Died", "Rigidity", "Where Are You", "The Two Sides Of Rain", “Hard life, strife…”, "The Price Of Peace: The War Within", "Ode To High School Band", "The Journey III", "Confidence Is Trusting", "A Prayer To Love", "He Whispered", "For You", "2010 Wish (Twenty Ten Wish)", "Four Little Words", "The Perfect Plan", "Snow IV", "New", "Keep Faith", “She’s sending you a message,”, "The Little Rag Doll", "Nexus", "Bed Of Roses", "Enchanted Hello", "So Close Yet So Far", "Your Touch", "The Windowbox", "As Seasons Change", "Winter V", "The Overgrown Garden", "The Dandelion, Played", "Nature’s Rhyme", "Four Seasons II", "To Be The One That Whispers", "Stained Glass Faces", "Verbalization" and "Sunday Rain".

In 2010, he wrote "Seasons Out Of Time", "The Woodpecker", "Hurricane", "The Flower Ere Blooming", "Cameo Dream", "Life Is Nothing Without Love", "Restoration In Oblivion", "The Die Is Cast", "Feelings About War", "He Finds Himself", "Unseen Hands", "Too Late II", "Sometimes II", "Never Mind", "Endless Secrets", "Shadows II", "Again…", “The miles ticked away”, "The Forgotten Man II", "Goodbye", "Love’s Gift To Man", "Morning Earth", "The Falling Rain", "D-Day: The Soldier’s Sorrow", "A Face In The Neighbor’s Window", "Day Of A Thousand Years", "Pain II", "The Invasion", "Echoes Of Silence", "Rape", "The 10ssssssssss Brothers Sisters", "Why? III", “A fury born: the soul is torn”, “Voices of fury rise with the flame”, "That Which Could Have Been", “Slowly the large hideous beast”, "Eulogy Of A Dream", "Comfort In Times Of Loss", "Friend II", "The Birthday Card", "Melodies", "Farewell Friend", "It’s Always Nice To Know", "Her Best Friend III", "This Day", "What Will She Be", "A Guessing Poem", "Knowing 2 Years", "In Her Mind’s Eye", "A Normal Child", "Reality II", "Suicidal Death", "Diminishing Return", "Indiana Dunes", "Loess Hills Of Iowa", "Escape To Wisconsin", "Stars", "Leaves", "Creation’s Web", "Stars That Twinkle", "She Loves These Things", "Blossom", "The Seasons Of Change", "Seasons", "Summer’s Rain", "Georgia Dawn", "His Life As A Tree", “Who is she, why is she so sad, why does she need to be held and comforted. Why is she”, "Hurting Her", "Mummy", "Obsession II", "Shadow Of Her Mind", “Destroy the morning cold and bleak”, "The Silent Cry", "Blinded By The Logic", "Her Sister", "A Mother’s Heart", "His Mother Was There", "The Windowsill", "Memory", "A Few Words For Her Parents", "A Coincidence", "Enchanted Night", "Waterfront Dawning", "Laughter May Be A Medicine", "Out Her Window", "The Four Of Rushmore", "Delta Redneck", "Her Man", “Successful minded young Businessmen”, "Peaceful", "The Things Not Done", "Face Of Her", "In Peaceful Days", “Listen to the noise at night”, "To Watch For Whales", "Safe Harbor", "Ode To Benjamin Franklin", "Thanksgiving", "Remembrance II", “C”, "Wisps Of Clouds/9-10-09", "Comfort In Sorrow", "Was This Only In Her Dreams…", "Goodbye Her Friend", “Words are unspoken,”, "In Memoriam", "Memories VII", "In Memory Of Mr. Klingler", "To Those Left Behind In ‘10", “A girl stood on a crowded street”, "One II", "He Wants To Die Today", "Why The Lie?", "Circle Of Time", "Much More", "Murdered Innocence", "Apathy", "She Is…", "She Is Young", "Winter Dreamland", "Spare A Dime", "Her Life Path", "How Will He Know?", "Yo-Yo", "Images", "Can You Feel The Rain?", "Only In Her Dreams", "A Sonnet For Today", "Regrettable", "Ode To A Scarecrow", "The Sad Song", "Why She Dreams?", "Syrup Daze", "Lil-Bit", "Cats Cats", "Silhouette", "The Purple Martin", "Little Blue Fly", "Hubcap Alley", "Racing, Crashing, Pounding", "Dust", "Wansta Run", "Words", "Trapped", "Ecstasy", "To Be Free!", "No House Does the Bird Use", "The Seagull", "Love’s Wings", "Song Sparrows", "Coyote", "Birds", "Penguins", "Her Love Has A Cold Wet Nose", "Her Precious Memoirs Of Yesteryear", "Someday III", "Farmhouse: Summer", "Action Packed", "A Simple Poem For Life", "Robins And Sparrows", "Choices", "Thoughts II", "Field Of Dreams", “How can he distinguish you from him,”, "World Of Many Colors", "Search For Change", “A venture through life”, “A Bum”, "Time VI", "Recalling The Gray Matter", "Beyond Forever", "Soaring Deep", "A Dream Of Youth", "Quaint Vestibule", "Arise", "Waves Of Life", "To Truth", "Hidden", "Genesis", "When Reality Is Less Than Pleasant…", "A Shade Of Green", "The Mirror", "Words To Live By", "Attitude", "Color", "Dear Mother Russia", "The Balance", "The Red Buffalo", "On This Ground", "Spiral Voice", "Pressure", "How He Wonders", "Dried Roses", "Sunny Day", "The Excitement Of Watching Snow Melt", "October Frost", "Weeping Willow", "Memory II" and "From Her Heart".

In 2011, he wrote "Evilyn", "The Exchange", "Love At Forty", "New Love’s Ways", "Truly, Duly", "The Rouge", "Out In The Field With Love", "When The Books Are Opened", "Thanksgiving Poem", "Trust Love With Today", “If she could lead one soul to Love,”, "Beyond Tomorrow", "Merry Christmas!", "Christmas Angel", "Remnant Of Christmas, ‘11", "The Best Christmas Present", "Christmas IV", "Her Box Of Christmas Cards", "When Christmas Comes", "What Is Love II", "She Shall Not Be Moved", "A Summer Day’s Breeze", "For You To Hear", "David", "Childhood", "Kids", "Happiness", "The Peppermint Tree!", "A Gift Sent From Heaven", "Looking For Truth", "Yearnings", "Finely He Belongs", "Love Knows The Umpire", "When Love Came To Her", "Love’s Bouquet", "Love VIII", "The Meaning Of Easter", "The Place Inside", "The Person He’d Almost Forgotten", "Special Bond", "Vow", "Feeling Pain", "The Bum", "Can You Feel It?", "Fluorescent", "As A Rose", "Friend Turned Love", "Who Do You Think You Are?", "What They All Want", "Humanicity", "The World Of Today", "Dream III", "Holy Duty", “Sadness drips from her body…”, "Random Thoughts", "Rebecca", "A Weight", "R. & J.", "A Soldier’s Vision", "The Man With A Single Callus", "The Evil That Lurks From Beyond", "Bougainvillea Night", "Darkness II", "Nightmares And Dreams", "Impotent Convection", "Only If You Knew", "Of Innocents", "Full Moon", "An Ode To St. Simons Island", "Early Spring Day", "January", "Sobering Thought II", "Dewdrops In An April Snow", "Boulder", "The Care Giver", "Gotta Be Spiritualism, Sexism And Racism Free", "Nature II", "Silver Silk", "Nature’s Challenge", "The Seasons", "A Light Drizzle", "Above The Dillon Lake", "Bosnia", "The Battle", "Niffoc", “The days of shadow are hard and speak of pain”, "The Visitor II", "Search", "The Horrible Page Filled With Rage!", "A Dream III", "Unspoken Words", "Her Life", “And where has the daylight gone, so quickly, so quickly?”, "Races", "Amore Vincit Omnia", "Love Is Important…", "His Battle", "The Harmless Lie", "Lucifer’s Feast", "Chandrasekhar’s Gift", "Her Cherished Pet", "Answers", "Changes II", "Why", "The Question", "Are You A Winner?", "Every Day", "Give Her The Time O’ Day", "Wisdom II", "Her In Disguise", "Street Life", "The Hill", "Time VII", "Time VIII", "His Life II", "Creeping Things", "Granny’s Final Triumph", "Looking Down Upon You", "Man, You’re A Bubble Off!", "Angels Fly", "The Manger Scene", "He Sees", "Easter II", "Praises", "Old Coin", "What Love Has In Store", "A Cry To Heaven", "This Story Happened A Long Time Ago", "Asking Love’s Help", "Thy Will Be Done!", "Grandparents Aren’t Forgotten", "Watchin’s Helpin’", "The Fisherman", "Gone Fishing", "Looking For The Days Of His Youth", "A Gift Of Love", "Love IX", "Only A Dream", "The Howl Of Winter’s Wind", "Poetic Portraits Of Their Children", "Daddy’s Little Girl", "Why Daddy Why", "Toby…Daddy", "Endless Love", "Her Hero, Her Father, Her Dad", "Telephone Lovers", "She Loved", "The Angel Of The Night", "The Woman In Her", "Always & All Ways", "Love Grows", "Little Chick", "Ode To Her Kitty Tiela", "Freddie, The Ferocious Kimodo Dragon", “On a crisp cold day”, "The Bat Who Scared The Cat", "Afraid", "Silence II", "The Rage Within", "Billy’s Guns", "Want To Find Her", "Feeling Fine Inside", "Dance", "A Fairy Tale Life", "He Doesn’t Know", "The Princess And The River", "No Time", "The Dark Man", "The Casino", "Night Thoughts II", "Thoughts III", "Take Her Home", "Forgive Her", "The Silent Cry II", "Ashes", "The Scars In My Heart", "Powerlessness", "Broken Pedestal", "Tainted Money", "Capricorn", "Fame And Wealth", “Children suffering.”, "Moving Day", "What Is Color", "Fear Overridden", "The Day You Went Away", "The 'Big C'", “She entered.”, “The suave and staggering cobra”, “No one will ever take”, "Survivor", "The Artichoke", "Duality", "Young Love", "Her Love For You", "Dreaming Of You", "Freedom II", "Let Her Know", "Love X" and "Farewell To Love".

In 2012, he wrote "Insight #57", "In Your Hands", "Love XI", "True Love III", "Together Forever That’s How It Will Be", "If You Would Only Listen", "Stems From The Heart", "Hope III", "A Hole-In-One", "Mari", “In a corner next to a window”, "Planner", "Contentment II", "Midnight Delight", "She Is III", "Destiny", "Stop Hurting Her!", "Loneliness", "As She Stands On The Bridge", "Gainesville", "Conversations", "The Ballad Of The Chesapeake Ferry", "Analysis", "Grabby", "Life And Death II", "The World", “He wears a uniform of Blue and Gray,”, "No Messiah", "Monotony", "Miss Dirks Is Missing", "Technology", "Life Is…", "School Beginnings", "Parents Eat Free, But Children Must Pay", "Change III", "81 Lives", "Aut One Or Emily And A Certain Mr. Porter Take One Squarely On The Chin Or Read It To Yourself", "She Wants To Be Your Friend", "Phoenix", "Uncut Pages", "Something To Crow About", "Gershwin In The Park", "Joshua Tree", "Her Grouchy Sister", "Wrongful", "The Child Without Christmas", "White Wishes", "A Father Laments", "Funeral", "Man’s Destruction…", "Her Mother! Her Friend!", "His Love", "Her Mother", "Her Sun", "Poor Lil Her", "Insane", "You Exist In Two Places At Once", "A Cherished Gift Of The Lord", "Love Helps Those Who Help Themselves", "A Gift For Love", "Trust In Love", "Love Gave This To Him", "Use Her Lord", "Too Late To Be Sorry", "Forever True", "The Jewel", "She Can See Her Savior", "When Will It Be", “Love is someone who will be there when you need them”, "Rejoice", "Christmas Magic", "Spirit’s Call", "Gifts From Love", "Beyond The Sunrise", "Coincidence", "Sorrow", "Whispers In The Night", "To Hell Crack And Back", "Lost Love", "Bitter Anguish", "Colors Of War", "Death IV", "You Were A Song", "Love’s New Angel (In Memory Of Her Grandfather)", "Gone", “Cheyenne,”, "Crying Black Tears Of Fear", "The Ravens In Flight", "Her Sister Kate", "Iguana And Cat", "Golden Oak & Silver Pine", "The Snow Leopard", "The Bluebird", "Screams Of No Reply", "Behind These Walls", "College Days", "Comfort", "After The Sun Has Gone", "Why Her?", "Created For Knowledge", "Cobble City", "Montana Home", “Pale pink sky,”, "Rock Hard", "Sour Milk", "Jessica", "Don’t Light That Candle", "The Windmill", "The Farmer", "Don’t You 'Get It?'", "Modern Haiku", "Rain Dance", "He’s Sure", "Unspoken Love", "The Resolve Of His Red-Breasted Nuthatch", "Magenta Mouse", "The Welcome Tree", "The Wonders Of Fall", "The Beautiful Leaves Of Fall", "Out On A Limb", "What Is He", "She’ll Stand By You", "If II", "How Precious Art Thou", "Remind Her Lord", "The Gift II", "Dedicated To Mindy Payne", "Why Teach?", "Thanks To You", "Wishcraft", "Suicide", "Strife", "Judgement In Life", "Family", "Daddy III", "Walk The Walk", "Divorce", "In The Hills Of Indiana", "Friends?", "Confederate Souls", "Just Once…", "They’re Really Too Old", "Best Friend", "Yesterday Friends", "The Only One", "What Do You See? II", "Shadow Of Power", "She Is All Peace And Design", "5 O’Clock Dive", "Tears Gather No Dust", "Ode To The Patriots", "A Pretty Little Squirrel", "Wolves", "Her Job", "The Mountain Trail", "What’s The Rainbow Without The Red?", "What’s Going On?", "Free To Feel", "Hamster Love", "The Tree III", "Dedicated To The Parents Of Murdered Children", "Time For Reflection", "The Treasure III", "Secrets", "Returning Soul", "A Soldier’s Journal", "Shared Pain", "You", "To Her Sister", "The Path Of Friendship", "The Waves Still Crash The Same", "Bird Of Omen", "The Nature Of The Boy", "For Frances II", "A Lonely Star", "This One Wish", "Feel The Love", “Racism rules the world”, "Eternity’s Passage", "Through The Eyes Of Man", "Christmas Joy", "Help", "The Last Goodbye", "Old Teddy", "Time Is Ticking", "Nothing More Than A Child", "Friends VIII", "Little Sky Blue Where Have You Gone?", "Divorce II", "In The Garden", "Essence Of Beauty", "For Billy…", "Amber Hues", "Love’s Universe", "Mother Days", "Journey Home", "His Spirit Remains", "They In The Caves", "Black Holes", "Three Wishes For Love", "Desert" and “She holds his heart in her arms,”.

He had a book deal with CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform to write books.

He published the poetry books The Poems of Scott Ransopher, Collected Poems Volume One 1995-2004 and Collected Poems Volume Two 2005-2012 in 2012.

In 2013, he wrote "This Bed", "A Shorter Way", "Evolution", "Desire", "A Ship’s Sullage", "How Would She?", "Winter Delight", "Who Are You", "Children", "Take A Look!", "To The Firefighter 'Her Guardian Angel'", "Feet", "Air Carousel (A Summer Frolic)", "Spirit Child", “Faint hope from far away bestirs”, "Your Presence", "Trail Of Tears", "A Child’s Destiny", “Mother and father came not in vain.”, "The Savior’s Love", "The Light", "Ain’t No Theme For English B", "Just The Opposite", "Dawn Of A New Era", "Yours", "Spring", "Robber", "Reborn", "Poem For Mother", "The Face Of Death", "The Deadly Jewel", "The Old Man Next Door", "The Question", "Feelings II", "She Wonders If You Really Miss Her", "Feeling Sad", "Fascination", "Destinations", "The Will Of Love", "Flowers IV", "Infestation Frustration", "The Last Rose In Summer", "Branches Of Life", "The Captivation", "Fair-Weathered Friend", "Life XIV", "Living Is Loving", "No More Heart To Give", "Sons In Saudi", "Purpose", "Another Age", "She Won’t Forget", "Still Waters", "The Golden Door", "She May Worship…For You", "A Day Of Watercolors", “On a hillside, in a far off land, a seed is planted.”, "A Garden, Writer’s Cramp", "To A Snowflake", "To Her Children", "Tomorrow", "Emptiness", "Common Dreams", "London, 1944:", "Okie", "Marionettes", "Diversification", "A Moment In Time", "The Best Friend A Friend Could Have", "Their Wedding", "Thank You", "Soaring Free", "Thunderstorm", "Preacher", “Between heaven and earth two birds of paradise”, "Summer Vacation", "Take A Break And Enjoy The Day", “As she looked at”, "Autobiography Of An Electric Pole", "To Their Unknown Child", "The Child", "Strength Of Love", "Have You Really Changed", "You Mean The World To Him", "A House", "When All Green Is Gone", "Reflections (Reflections On California I-5)", "His Love II", "Best Friends", "Another War", "The Brave G.I.", "The Flag Pole’s Bare", "And You Are There", "Her Little Boy", "Two Prizes", "The Youth", "Dance Deceive", "Yesterday’s Memories", "Lament", “Wind blustering cold”, "Hear Her Speak", "Living Wonder", "A Son Of Love 2000", "Destiny Of Love", "Amber", "Her Guy", "The Greatest Gift", "Christmas V", "End Times", "Angels", "Nature’s Hieroglyphics", "She Is IV", "Reflections IV", "Snowflakes II", "Chimes", "Structuring Fire Buttons", "Picture Perfect", "The Parade Of The Word Soldiers", "The Mountains West", "The Awakening", "Their Azalea", "One Perfect Rose", "The Dance III", "To Their Beloved Daughter (Tina)", "Poetic Advice", "A Mother Is Waiting", "Christmas VI", "The Magic", "Dear John", "Are You Listening Lord?", "On The Relativity Of Time", "Ship With No Rudder", "To Do", "Larry Hesterfer", "Red", "Someone She Believes In", "Collection Of Memories", "The Gnat", "--Innocence--", "The End Of The World", "Green Harmony", "Amber’s Prayer", "Dear Grandpa Heath:", "Along", "Children--Their Natural Resource", "Glassware", "Reptilian Testimony", "The Mirror II", "Marble Fudge", “Love--A Treasure Of One’s Heart”, "Shayla Rain", "To All The Veterans", "Along For The Ride", "The Forbidden Love", “Pride Is…”, "33 Years", "Scattered Toys", "If III", "Uncharted Voyage", "Whisper", "Recipe For A Picnic", "The Baby", "B.D. Poem For G.", "Friends IX", "Dacchau", "Strange Changes", "Loves Soldiers", "Tear Drop", "Flower Children", "A Friend Of Love", "Dreams II", "Mind Broken Box", "His Kite", "Desert Storm", "Untitled", "Imprints On Her Heart", “You Want Her To Be Perfect”, "Remember II", "Oh As An Eagle", "Windy Weather", "Untitled II", "She Touched A Star", "Reach Up", "Season’s Glory", "Untitled III", "The Gift III", “Sea Of Doubt”, "Snow V", "The Highway Man", “A Place”, “Alone”, “The Wave Of Life”, "Frustration", "The Angry Tiger", "Sins Of Indifference", "(The Life They Live Also The Life!...)", "Who She Is", "Love In His Eyes" and "Pressing Invitation".

He published the poetry books Selected Poems 1995-2013 and Collected Poems Volume Three 2013 in 2013.

In 2014, he wrote "A Question Of Priorities", "∑ Part > Whole", "Untitled IV", "Dear Love II", "Their Sea Of Love", "They As The People", "Autumn III", "Their Crown", "A Rose For Mother", “A Mother’s Prayer”, “Little Jake”, "Bird Of Prey", "Untitled V", "Picture In The Water", "Autumn Reflections", “Joey”, "Country In His Heart", "A Dreamer", "Searching", "Someday IV", "Untitled VI", "Silence III", “He Is Just A Prayer Away”, "He Gave Them The Best", "Untitled VII", "Open Your Eyes", "Personality", "She’ll At Ease", "Night Fright", "To Wayne", "Love Lost IV", "Alchemy", "Mother’s Lullaby", "She Looking Into Her Child’s Eyes", "A Better Place", “Little Child”, "Genesis II", "Cancer’s Box", "He’ll Wait", "The Gift IV", "She’ll Believe", "Untitled VIII", "What The Future Holds", "School Days", "Camille", "The Hummingbird Dance", "Untitled IX", "Her Tribute--A Loving Farewell", "Home II", "Dreams Of You", "Connection With Nature", "The Rain", "Requiem For Victoria Lucas", "Shattered Dreams", "Imagination III", "Night Butterflies", "The Rope", "Untitled X", "The Sands Of Time", "Trees Of Life", "Forever Friends", "Prayer Battalion", "Untitled XI", "Seasons II", "In His Eyes", "His Dentist", "Her Shadow", "Her Winter", "Untitled XII", "Untitled XIII", "Sweet Celestial Being", "Left Alone In Your Last Days", "Memories VIII", "Tracks That’ll Never Be Again", "Was It Really Silent?", "Grandchildren", "Untitled XIV", "Learning To Live", "Jester", "A Binding Between Them", "The Unknown Him", "Black Sunshine", "Things Of Beauty", "Guardian Angel II", "A Cry For Help II", "Farewell Mr. President", "Shadows III", "Mother To Be", "Thinking Of You III", "Into The Rainset", "The Illumination", "Love Is Like A Rose", "Colors II", "Freedom III", "A Moment Of Freedom", "Lost Love II", "Ascent From Hell", “Gotta Go”, "A Silent World", "Poem", "Loss II", "He Can’t Get Over You", "Masks", "Depression", "She’ll Miss You", “In Flight”, "Untitled XV", "What Is Black", "His Grandpa", "She Seems To Be", "Sometimes", "Children Of Rwanda", "Cover Him", "Message Of The Butterfly", "Granny", "Circle Of Life", “Minds Of Men”, "Music Of Love", "Conquered", "Mask", "Passion", "Hour Glass", "Time Isn’t Enough", "Coral Reef", "Moms", "Where Did The Summer Go?", "Goodbye II", "Angel In Heaven", "Growing Up", "Wonderland Winter", “Morning Dew”, "The Resurrection", "Untitled XVI", "Nature’s Detriment", "Concept", “Happiness From Within”, "The Puzzle Of Life", "February 1st, 2014", "Legacy", "Child Of Sorrow", "Thought Of You", "Dream III", "Untitled XVII", "Recognize", "Did You Stop Dreaming?", "The River Of Love", "Rolly Her Kitten", "Inside II", “The Serpent”, "A Tribute To A Friend", "Save The Little Children", "The Waterfall", "Dream IV", "Alligator Junction", "Uisge Beatha", "Take A Chance", "Untitled XVIII", "Life…", "Untitled XIX", "Like Oak", "Friendship III", "Parting", “Clouded”, “Lost Of Feeling”, "In A Flash", "Untitled XX", "Alone III", “A Summer Rose”, "Stars Of Love", "Destiny II", "Life Of Dreams", "Condensation Point", "Fall II", "Untitled XXI", "1 Left Shoe", "The Freedom Makes Her Cry", "The Dances", "Witness Cauldron", "She’s A Red-Blooded American", "To J. L.", "For Tina", "Peace II", "Alone IV", "His Heart", "When You Talk", "Her Mother II", "This One Child", "Earth", “No More Will He Cry”, "Love Of A Son", "Generations II", "What He Feels For You", "Remembering 1945", "Dreams Of A Tomorrow", “Foolish Heart”, "Where Did It Go?", "Until They Meet Again", “G.P.O. Tidbits” and "Eternity".

He published the poetry books Selected Poems 1995-2014 and Collected Poems Volume Three 2013-2014 in 2014.

In 2015, he wrote "Forsythia", "Seasons Of Life!", "Wolf", "Sky Song", "Little Brothers", "Snowing Poetry", "Prayer II", "Renewal", "Purification", "Quiet Passage", "Gargantuan Grandeur", "The Spark", "Nineteen Years…And Still", "Finally Free", "Pearl", "The Awakening II", "Brooklyn Pale 2015", "Without Form", "Thankful", "Ito, Lance", "Reunion", "Opening Her Heart To The Lord", "Sixth Grade Psalm", "Love’s Care", "Sorry That He’d Lied", "Broken III", "Love Too Far", "Her Dog, Willie", "Some Of The Things", "His Love Made", "This Is How Deep", "Untitled XXII", "Trust Her", "Alexander At Four Years", "Heaven’s Stairs", "Crime Of The Heart", "Summer’s Night", "Her IV", "The Rose Garden Of Love!", "A Teacher", “Miss You”, "Good Morning Darling", "Children II", "Your Touch II", "Such Words", "Lying In The Sun", "The Sitter", "Vigil", "Rocking", "Reunited II", "A Sister’s Prayer", "Never Alone", "Her Elusive Smile", "Cycle", "Curtain Call", "Love From Your Daughter", "Freedom IV", “Old Age”, "Now Her Reality", "Where Are You", "To Be A Victim", “One Road”, "Cameo Dream", "Her Place", "She Wants To", "Future’s Past", "Someone Care II", "Shadows Of Her Memory", "Her Dad II", "The Night They Danced", "Untitled XXIII", "Dreams III", "Comfort II", "Grieving Yesterday", "No Way Out", "Your Shadow’s Intrusion", "Loneliness III", "His Gift", "Smiles", "Lonely, He Is", "Seasons III", "Rain II", "Stars II", "Wake Her If She’s Dreaming", "Her IV", "Untitled XXIV", "The Snowfall In June", "Her New Hobby", "The Concentration Of A Race", "You And He", "She Wishes", "If The Demon Calls Again", "The Forest II", "In The Wilderness", "Wrong", "Dreams In Your Eyes", "His Fiddle", "Eternal Loving", "Left Over", "Fade", "Love XII", "If She Could Choose Her Parents", "Her Learning Experience", "Endless Thoughts", "Life XV", "Angel Voices", "Like A Rose", "Forever", "When Mama Comes To See Her", "Let Her Write", "Being Different", "To A Dandelion", "Bye, Bye Winter", "Alone V", “Baby Girl”, "An Endless Road…", "A Great Dream For The World", "In Honored Glory", "Her Strength", "Her Point Of View…", "Common Treasure", "When Words Fail Them", "In The Brush Of Voiceless Words", “Cancer”, "Nature III", "Vision Of Peace", "Untitled XXV", "Lord, Make Her A Blessing Today", "A Forgotten Child", "One Little Tear Drop", "A Daydream Into Heaven", "The Man In The Moon", "Untitled XXVI", "A Better Tomorrow", “His World”, "Free Speech", "The Pressure Is On", "Their Savior", "A Tear", "Lavender", "Weave On S. T.", "Baggy Pants", "Untitled XXVII", "Being Within The Lord", “Yes”, "Again For You", "Take Time", "The Anointing", "Things That Go Bump In The Night", "Summer Tide", "Moon Magic", "A Rest From Reality", "Maria Rose", "Her Gift II", "Untitled XXVIII", "Only Love Could Create A Star", "Much Easier Said Than Done", "Her Dear Madam Alexander Doll", "Each Moment In Time", "In Search Of", "Walking The Endless Road", "The Quiet Moments Of Night", "Untitled XXIX", "Untitled XXX", "To Gina, From Your Dog, Freddy", "Don’t Give Up", "A Baby’s Cry", "His Promise", "Leaves II", "Mojo Rises", "Beginnings", "Trapped In By Discipline", "Love’s Eternal Soul", "Whatever Do You Think It’s Worth?", "Love XIII", “Daybreak”, "Cacophany", "It Somehow Looks Familiar Like…", "Hear The Children", “Dream”, "Who", "The Breeze", "Untitled XXXI", "Reasons", "A Friend", "Vice-Versa", "Love Is…..", "Love…", "The Hot Air Balloon", "Dear Chad", "Searching II", "This Cowboy", "Broken Levy", "Peace III", "You Lie, You Cheat, You Steal", "Beauty By The Road", "A Christmas Dream" and "Dear Her Love".

He published the poetry books Selected Poems 1995-2015 and Collected Poems Volume Three 2013-2015 in 2015.

In 2016, he wrote The "Spring Wait", "Pass On", “Eulogy For Herself As Well”, "Silent Words II", "Judgement", "Night Prayer", "Weary", "November", "Keesha", "'Alone' II", "Affirmation", "Deathless Death", "Writing In Wonderland", "October Haiku", "Palause Hills Soft Warm Grain", "The Shaman", "Mary Elizabeth", "Dreaming Of You II", "Oh California", "His Queen", "Happy Birthday To Her Mother", "Sweet Sleep", "After She’s Gone", "His Cologne", "More Than One To See", "She Stands Alone", "Blue Vision", “Life In His Eyes”, "She’s Here", "The Senses Of Love", "Pilar-Star", "She Stands With Awe", "Everybody Knows Her…", "Rocket Man", "She Will Be Gone From Here", "Someday", "The Perfect", "A Grandmother’s Song", "Feelings III", "A Glorious Moment", "Shadow", "Her Friend", "School Days II", "Symbols Of Faith", "If She Could", "Touches Of Love", “November”, "Alone In Reflection", "Nobody Deserves That", "Gold Country Winter", "When Noah Smiles", "Her V", "A Picture Of Her Without The Picture", "Good-Bye Her Friend", "Time IX", "Turning", “A Miracle In Bethlehem”, "Homeless II", “Glimpses”, "Her Child Strong Black Lady", "American Salad Bowl", "Time, Pain And Peace", "The Angel From Above", "Pictures Of Grace", "Scrapbook", "Untitled XXXII", “Transformation”, "Fractured Reflection", "Traveling Cockroach", "Ode To A Friend", "A Deny That Was Found", "A Mother And Daughter", “In Her Heart”, "Untitled XXXIII", "Thunderstorm II", "Phases Of Love", "The Encounter", "Moving Down Day", "A Father’s Best", "The White Sea", "Untitled XXXIV", "Camelot’s Promise", "Untitled XXXV", "A Promise Kept", "Eternal Bloom", "Live On!", "Spring’s Secret Smile", "Life’s Journey", "The Meadow", “Her Love”, “No Place To Cry”, "A Heavy Heart", "Rectangles", "Faith Of The Flowers", "The Silver Casket", "After The River (The First Kiss)", "Flickering Life", "Turning The Corner", "Untitled XXXVI", "The Smoking Room", "Why? IV", "Man", “Illusions”, "To Where Shall The Eagle Fly?", "Assurance Of Life…", "Just In Case She Hasn’t Told You", "The Wall", "Catharsis", “The Ladybug”, "Untitled XXXVII", "Until She Went To The Mountains", "A Forgotten Friendship", "Fire In The Forest", "Bleak Outlook", "Apple", "The Loss Of A Special Friend", "Shattered Anxieties", "The Gift V", "Dreams IV", "His Neighbors Are Eagles!", "The Subway Train", "Betrayal", "Heaven In The End", “A Tribute To The Veterans”, "King Of The Dew", "A Just World", "Clear Doubts", "Hope Deferred By A Dream In 1972", "Cake", "Life Changes", "Chances Are…", "Samantha Faith", "The Beast?", “Forever Love”, "Hiding The Pain", "Their Greatest Friend", "Walt Beauty", "No Man’s Land", "Autumn IV", "Timmy", “Love Is Like A Flower”, "The Migration", "Dreams V", "Mother V", “Love’s Might”, "Soulmates", "At Last", "At Last She Has Found You!", "Fantasies", “Nanny’s Backyard”, "The Jewel Of Life", "Thank You II", "Her Love For Daniel", "Obey Today", "Naughty Diabetic", "Wishing You Were Here", "Elijah’s Poem", "A Mother’s Arms", “Thoughts Of Yesterday”, "Love Provides", "As The Tears Go By", "Looking Out A Window", "As She Prays", "A Toy Lament", "The Mystery Machine", "Mozart Meets Metallica", "Earth Kiss", “Love’s Prayer”, "Lost Remembrances", "First Love II", "If He Had His Way", "Thoughts Of You", "What’s Next", "Coffee House Blessings", "The Love That Never Was", "Untitled XXXVIII", "Tiny Dancer", "Undertone", "Untitled XXXIX", "Blessed Devotion", “Her Mom Is In Heaven And She’s Glad”, "Number Three, John Starks", "Grandparents! Grandparents! Grandparents!", "Sisters IV", "Men Who Cry", "Pisces", "Silent Thunder", "Unity Broken", "A World Where Dreams Come True", "Space", "Your Smile", "Sunset III", "The Presence Of Love", "Into The Wind", "Untitled XL", "And Then…", "Mistaken Identity", "Forever Love", "Along The Narrow Road", "This Town", "Clouds", and “Goodbye For Now, Dear Friend”.

He published the poetry books Selected Poems 1995-2016, Collected Poems Volume Two 2005-2011 and Collected Poems Volume Three 2012-2016 in 2016.

In 2017, he wrote "For Her", "Life Wind", "Northern", "The Stone Crop", "Her Sons And Her", "Faces Of The Future", "When She Has Wings", "Skipping Through The Night", "The Lonely One", "Oh, Sweet Panic", "Life Is Like A Rose", "A Frustrated Mother", “Wanting Freedom”, "Unrecognized", "Her Dear Sweet Mother", "Blessings", "Her Family", "Young Love II", "Life’s Dream", "Powers Of Red", "Friendship IV", "Angel Of Aquarius", "The Golden Rule", "Happiness III", "Untitled XLI", "Tides", "Thoughts IV", "Consecrated Ground", "Fighting", “Death Becomes Her”, "Night Thoughts III", "The Pilots View Of Man", "In A Quiet Time", “Sheet Of Love”, "River Of Life", "Of Thee She Sings", "Thoughts Of You Shine Through", "There Is A River", "Beyond Redemption", “The Essence Of Love”, "Purity Born Upon The Wind", "As Summer Comes", “The Keeper Of The Lighthouse”, "Water That Moves", "Footprints Of Life", "Reflections In An Autumn Day", "First Born", "Untitled XLII", "Life’s Merry-Go-Round", "The Wall II", "The Black Coyote", "Lost Love III", "Untitled XLIII", "The Cloud", "Meeting", "Skin Deep", “Waiting”, "Dream Lover II", "Pause And Reflect", "Untitled XLIV", "Home III", "Memories Of The Future", "Wonderful World", "To Her Dearest Friend", "Night Time", "Her Mom", "The Years Roll By", "Arm Of Flesh", "The Holocaust", "Words Unspoken", "Their Immigrant Relatives", “The Innocent”, "Dear Friend", "Greed", "The Mask", "Untitled XLV", "Relentless", "A Time To Live--Always", “The Years Of The Locusts”, "Peace IV", "The Blackness They Have", "The Difficult Dream", "Remembering", "Having A Wonderful Time Wish You Were Here", "Their Friend", "Same And Different", "Mourning", "Remarkable Reptiles", "Slightly Schizo", "The Stella Star", "The Stallion", "Wind V", "Excerpt From The Mind", "Lifelong Tears", "A Means To Their End", "The Wraith", "Mississippi Fog", “The Star”, "For Her Mother", "Independent", "Caught Between A Smile And A Tear", “The Baking Of The B’s”, "The Tunnel", "Her Confused Pain", "A Burning", "The Empty Desert", "Love’s Autograph", "Can You See It?", "From Concentrate", "Steven", "The Thought Of Losing You", "Wind Of Happiness Brings Release", "Changes III", "The End II", "Don’t Call Him Brother", "Happiness III", "Darkness Of A New Day", "Untitled XLVI", "Nana", "His Gift From Love", "Never Forgotten", "Do Angels Forgive?", "True Love IV", "A New Life", "They Choose", "Love Gave All Beauty", "Untitled XLVII", "Address Unknown", "Paths", "Children First", "She II", "Holding On", "Seasons IV", "Untitled XLVIII", "Only More…", "It’s Happening Again", "A Gathering Of Crows", "Black Sunrise", "Beauty So Deep", “How Seasons Change”, “Wondering”, "The Journey IV", "Peace And Hope", "At Day’s End", "A Hand For The Tears (A Villanelle)", "Contraction", "Invitation", “Emily Dreams”, “Cracked Glass Escape”, "Love You Baby", "Life XVI", "Life’s Change", “Songs Sung By The Journey”, "The Love He Seeks", "She Is On The Ocean", "A Poet’s Song", "Lilies Of The Valley", “To Weave A Soul”, "Being Different II", "Pow Wow", "The Disdained", "Raggedy Anne", "Inner City Life", "The Valley", "The Promise", "A Glimpse Of Eternity", "The River And Him", "Love’s Promise II", "Autumn’s Soldiers", "Untitled XLIX", "She’s Traveling On", "Curtain Of Doom", "Tempest Wind", "Destruction", "Thy Blackened Soul", "Dew", "Ascent From Disillusion", "The Colorado", "Suspense", "Seed Of Thought", "Her Quest", "The Little Sparrow", "Accepting", "A 'Do Not' Prayer", "The Reflection", "The Key II", "Happiness Found", "Daylight Saving Time", "Lay Then Down", "Untitled L", "Steps", "Flight…", "Alive In Your Eyes", "They’ll Join In Heaven…", "Life’s Illusions", “Her Dad”, "Beach Days", "Ocean Wind", "A Tribute To Ron Goldman And Nichole Brown Simpson", "Darkness III" and "King Of Her Soul".

He published the poetry books Selected Poems 1995-2017 and Collected Poems Volume Three 2012-2017 in 2017.

In 2017, Ransopher said he does not intend to run for President in 2020, and he has subsequently often repeated this despair.

In 2018, he wrote "Tribute To A Friend", "It", "Be Still Before The Lord", "The Happy Trio", "One Touch", "Nobody But His Soul", "Angels In The Snow", "Little Boys", “Nancy Sue”, "A Poem For His Wonderful Grandmother", "A Journey To Home!", “Deep In Her Heart”, "Holiday Blues", "The Warmth Of Christmas", "The Fisherman’s Memorial", “The Memory Keeper”, "To The One He Loves", "Back To The Basics", "Heart", "Mission District 1990", "Heaven IV", "Ode To Her Man", "Christmas Thought", "Beginnings II", "A Place Of Dreams", "Untitled LI", "This Nurse; She Sleeps", "Aging With Delight", "Untitled LII", "Open Your Eyes And See", "She Hears Rhode Island Singing", "Forest Love", "A Peaceful Place", "A Kiss", "Violence", "White Clean Sheets", "Moon Thrall", "Unity Or Defeat", "Autumn Morn", "Love XIV", “The Northern Lights”, "The Dance Of Love", "Soft Heaven", "Untitled LIII", "Managing Care 4 Patients", "A Christmas Star", "The Beginning II", "Colors Of Italy", “The Reason For The Seasons”, "Angel In The House", "The Shape Of The Soul", "Rite Of The Scissor Tails", "Black Butterfly", "Ode To Love", "The Lost World", "Her Prince", "Thanksgiving II", “Within The Eyes Of Love”, “Proud Without Shame”, "Ode To A Plebe", "The Stand", “Trucker’s Wife”, "Grandma And Her", "The Master’s Cup", "The Eighth Wonder", "To Live", "There’s A Man", “The 6th Of November”, "The Raven Part II", "Bill", "Moonlit Dance", "A Dose Of Patience", "Old Mrs. Green", "For Ruth", "Friendship V", "The Puzzle Of Peace", "Whispers In The Night", "A Message", "In The Garden II", "Labor Not", "Spring II", "Spirit On The Wing", "Endless Love II", "The Pearl", "Osiris", "A Friend II", "It’s Monday Again", "He Is There", "The Cry Of The Homeless", "Daybreak", "Inside Of Grandpa’s Heart", "His Life Story", "Running In The Barrens", "The Rainbow II", "Tragedia De La Rosa (Tragedy Of A Rose)", "Life’s Road", "The Night", "Cliffs", "Madness Strikes To Make Suffer", "Do You Know Him?--Memories Of A 50th Year Anniversary", "Their Loving Mother", "Can’t Get Over You", "On Being Eighty", “Feeling The Joy And Pain”, "The Belles", "Letting Go Of Love", "Meet Him On The Clouds Heave’s For Singing", "You Are So Special", "Autumn Colors", "Life That’s Given", "In The Garden III", "Pinholes In Heaven", "Across The Potomac", "Roots That Will Remain", "Love’s Nest", "Teen-Age Years", "Untitled LIV", “The Portrait”, "Black Butterfly II", "Her Father’s Roses", "A Mother’s Sorrow", "Love’s Gift", "Bondage", "With Harp And Lyre", "The World’s Birthday", "Love Lost V", "The Long Gray Cloak Of Winter", "A Stronger Love", "Cosmic Nook", "Emptiness II", "Untitled LV", "What He Doesn’t Know", "The Gentle Giant", "Her Inspiration", "Father’s Day", "Alzheimer’s Unit", "The Gift VI", "Love Has Been Waiting On Her", "Christmas VII", "The Church Passed By", "Chocolate Man", "Strength Of A Man", "Jim", "Why? V", "Silence IV", "The Mechanical Dog", "Their Great Little Callings", "Father’s Day II", "Deeper Than All Roses", "Pacific Northwest", "Amputation", "From Far", "Fear II", "Upon Awakening", "Rain III", "Again", "Zoot", "Demo Rapture", "Realization", "Party Of 205", "Untitled LVI", “A Day”, "When She Cares", “There was a sound…”, "Untitled LVII", "Solitary Region", "Jack G.", "Market Of Death", "Memories Of Mario", "Hope IV", "Eternal Life", "What Is This?", "Untitled LVIII", "Untitled LIX", "At The Center", "At Eventide", "Who Are We", "Dawn", "The Pain You Feel", “Love”, "He Thought He Knew", "Dreams And Memories", "Untitled LX", "Monument", "A Sailor’s Creed", "Roses II", "Untitled LXI", "The Aura", "Her Mind Is Gone", "Worlds And Countries", "Wonders Of The Butterfly", "Nowhere", "Jeffrey", "Forever Friends II", "The Final Farewell", "To A Calendar", “Hit And Run”, "Salty Air" and "From The Beginning Of Time".

He published the poetry books Selected Poems 1995-2018, Collected Poems Volume One 1995-2003, Collected Poems Volume Two 2004-2009, Collected Poems Volume Three 2010-2015 and Collected Poems Volume Four 2016-2018 in 2018.

In 2019, he wrote "Melting Innocence", "Dream Star", "The Coyote", "With Mama And Her", "Precious Moments With Her", "Star Stuff", "Mom IV", "Girls", "Behind The Badge", "Reality’s Child", "Untitled LXII", "The Flight", “Eagle”, "The Computer", "Lizards Are Lickable", "Nightmare", "Insong", "Another Child Gone…", “A View”, "Winter Wonderland", "Let Them Play", "Just You Are Her", "Issues", "Cats II", "Song Of The Heart", "Build A Wall", "Memories That Bind", "Finding A Perceptive Listener", "Her Fortress", "Untitled LXIII", "In The Beginning II", "Voyager Contemplation", "The Last Song", "Oh So Young", "The Black Heart Inside Of Her", "The Blue Spruce Tree", “Lost”, "Bitter Words", "A Mother’s Moment", "Distance", "Veneer", "A Dream IV", "Faith, Hope And Love", "The Scooterville Incident", "Untitled LXIV", "Where The Poplar’s Roots Are Buried", "Lands-End: A Simple Question?", “Transition”, “Jack Frost”, "Royalty", "Holding On II", "The Times They Share(d) Together", "It’s All Right To Chase Rainbows", "Forever Near", "Cosmic Vanity", "The Eyes Of A Child", “Race”, "Artist Of The Fall", "Blood On The Moon", "Untitled LXV", "The Ballet Shoes", "Her One True Love", "Early Snow", "Untitled LXVI", "Untitled LXVII", "Appreciation", "The End III", "A Little Pumpkin", "Rites Of Passage #7", "The World As She Sees It", "Daybreak II", “The Roses Of Love”, "An American--Rose", "Untitled LXVIII", "Dreams In White", "Night Time Prayer", "Untitled LXIX", "Being Sick", "Time X", “Ode To Her Mailbox”, "Highway", "She Is Old", "Take A Tripp With Her", "Friends X", “Her Deepest Prayer”, "This Too Will Pass", "Love, What Do You Think?", "Autumn V", "In Time", "Untitled LXX", "'Love' II", "Belonging", "Without You II", "Family Ties", "Precious Rose", "Tunnel Vision", "Nature Weaves Love", "Golden Reflections", "Evanescence", "Whether They Know It Or Not", "Forward Woman", "Innocent Love", “Insanity”, "The Sounds Of Christmas", "Butterfly", "Bird Of Love", "Silent As Frost Falling", "When Love Dies", “Self”, "Self", "Juxtaposition Of Seasons", “Razor sharp”, "Passage", "Upon The Ridge", "A Joyful Sign", "Untitled LXXI", "Confrontations", "Reflections In A Cymbal", "The Western Star", "This Day II", "Shadows IV", "Shades Of Gray", "Mementos", "Her Way", "Travelers Of Arcadia", "Behind A Locked Door", "Death’s Door", "Untitled LXXII", "Editor’s Note", "Someone’s Treasure", "Sing A Little Lover’s Song", "Mother’s Day 2019", "Doubt", "Tomorrow’s Yesterday", "Draw Them, Lord", "Mmorality", "The Passing", "The Starfish", "Incense", "Windows Of The Soul", "Untitled LXXIII", "Thank You Lord", "Untitled LXXIV", "The Tears She’s Cried", "Untitled LXXV", "The Last Call", "Her Beauty", "Alone VI", "Untitled LXXVI", "Namesake", "Precious Lord", “Destination”, "Hypnotized", "The Ocean", "One With Nature", "Inner Pain", "To A Runt Named Chewing Gum", "A Turbid Odyssey", "Visual Serenity", "Small Life", "Her Gratitude", “Country Days In Kansas”, "A Heart Of Dreams", "To His Beloved", "Second Place", "Wings", "Christmas Cheer", “First Of All”, "She Died For Love", "The Church", "Chameleon", "Day", "Randy’s Eyes", "Freedom Stands", "The Soft Touch", "Fear III", "One People", "Dangerous Dinosaurs", "Roller", "Empty Promises", “Give Her Your Completeness”, "Country Treasures", “Windchime Dreams”, "Something Bad", "Bless This Little One", "Failing", “It Takes Both Fathers To Raise A Son”, "Love’s Gift Of Love", "Squish", "Water’s Victim", "Love And Hate", "Be Free Loved One", “The Charmer”, "Walking With Love", "The View", "Looking In On An Outlook", "Her First Gold", "Ode To A Sense Of Humor", “Dawn” and "Hidden Self".

He published the poetry books Selected Poems 1995-2019 and Collected Poems Volume Four 2016-2019 in 2019.

He expressed support for abortion rights and Roe v. Wade.

In 2020, he wrote "Words II", "Back Home II", "Oh Friend!", "His Granddaughter", "Lies", "The Ferris Wheel", "That Intimacy Called Friendship", "Her Dreams Of Yesterday", "Real Illusion", "Her Love For You II", "Feelings IV", "Paralyzed Thoughts", "Seasons V", “Children Of His Children”, "Untitled LXXVII", "Let Her Go", "A Dying Poet’s Wish", "Past, Present, And Future", "When You Were Here", "Room At The Top", "Christmas Tree", "To Soar", “Tender Thoughts”, "Christmas Love", "The Sky", "The Horn", "A Day In June", "Taken", "Her Song", "Wonder Why", "Reality III", "Innocent Hunger", "Someone Called Her Name", "Untitled LXXVIII", "Frustrating Reassuring", "Her Sympathy", "Her Daughter, The Carpenter", "Father’s Gift", “Goodbye”, "Night Games", "Future, Past Or Present", "Rapture", "Autumn VI", "Her Valentine", "Her Love II", "Magnificent Is Her Guardian Angel", "Untitled LXXIX", "Absence", "Early Frost", "Hope For Rachel Lavinsky", "Untitled LXXX", "In Terminal Sound?", "Love’s Gift II", "A Moment In Time II", "Defined", "The Unforgiving Light", "Sonnet No. Fifteen", "To Her Son", "Dreaming", “As she stared into nothingness of abyss,”, "Eyes", "Zace And Grace", "Whenever She Thinks Of Love", "Her Feelings", "The Clown", "Untitled LXXXI", "Rosebushes", "Like A Flower", “His One And Only”, "Dead Life", "The Seasons (In Haiku)", "Happiness IV", "Not Hers", "Wouldn’t It Be Nice", "The Message Of The Dove", "Untitled LXXXII", "Autumns", "She’ll Be There", "Goodnight", "Return To Reality", "Winter Tribute", "Whomever Made The Earth?", "A Mother (His)", "A Sure Sign", "David’s House", "Kindness", "Dream Chasin’", "Wings Of Faith", "Reflections V", "Memories IX", "Gentle Piranhas", "Guilt No More", "In Silence", "In No One’s Name", "Untitled LXXXIII", "Whisper In The Night", "Apples It Seems", "Music For St. Peter", "Sailing", "Remembering You II", "Untitled LXXXIV", "Anna Lodena Noel", "Breaking The Cycle", "Untitled LXXXV", "The Contest", "Violin Concert", "Untitled LXXXVI", "Prospecting For Love", "Untitled LXXXVII", "Untitled LXXXVIII", "His Best Friend II", "The Tree Outside Her Window", "Love XV", "Contest Or Not--A Real Dilemma", “A Rose”, "She Loves Her Time With You, O Love", "River On A Run", "Her Life Is A Rose", "Untitled LXXXIX", "Race", "Writing In The Sky", "The Bird’s Message", "Life Related To Geometry", "Dandelion", "No Cure", "Captain Hook", "The Sky", "Roses III", "Eternal Fire", "Untitled XC", "Written Communication", "Her Michael", "Spring Is Here!", "When III", "The Best Side Of Her", “Over Avalon”, "Untitled XCI", "Company Man", "Untitled XCII", “His Buddy Ron”, "Untitled XCIII", "Untitled XCIV", "Untitled XCV", "September Silence", "You Two Were Sleeping", "Untitled XCVI", "Her Young Niece", "The Fireplace", "Time XI", "Let Her Be Somebody", "Untitled XCVII", "Never Part", "Together III", "Old And Waiting To Die", "The Unfolding Of Grace", "The First Snowfall", "Sunset IV", "Silent Tears III", "A Whispering Voice", “Clouds”, "Falling Leaves", “Her Brother”, "Did You Ever Get The Feeling", “Outside And Inside”, "To An Unknown Love", “Thoughts”, "A Cabin In The Woods", "Letting Go II", "Geese In Flight", "Dad III", "Passion II", "Empty II", "Love Is…", "Love XVI", "Life XVII", “Dreamer By Your Side”, "The Wall Of Tears", "Piano", "Love XVII", "Suffering", "Heavy Laden", "Untitled XCIII", "Tear", "Canadian Rockies", "Untitled XCIX", "Ocean", "Before His Time", "To His Wife", "Song Is Music", "Life XVIII", "She Asked For A Poem", "Phantasma", "'Thoughts' II", "Winter VI", "Milkie", "Freedom Throw", "Cookie", "Her Sister And Her", "Heart And Soul", "Mother In Waiting" and "The Man Above".

He published the poetry books Selected Poems 1995-2020 and Collected Poems Volume Four 2016-2020 in 2020.


In 2021, he wrote "Untitled C", "The Grandmother She Never Knew", "Ohio Spring", "His Love III", “In A Blink Of An Eye”, "Depressed", "You Can Reach Out, Friend?", "Eternal", "The Kiss He Never Had", "She’s Getting Old?", "Time Ain’t Money", "Something Keeps Him Hanging On", "Hope V", "Thoughts For A Friend", "For A Love So Rare, So Warm, So Complete", "No One Wants To Leave Their Home", "Untitled CI", "Chain Reaction", "From Her Window", "Travelin’", "A Second Chance", "Love XVIII", "Dreams VI", "Understanding Love", "The Healer", “The Untold”, "Happy Birthday Little Carolyn", "Dreaming…", "Never Tomorrow", "These His Dreams Are Yours", "April", "To Dream Of A Better Place", "A Murder", "Christmas Blessings", "A Lie", "A Hunting Trip", "The Beauty Of Love", "Possibilities", "Confusion", "Shadow Of Women", "Reminisce", "Artist's Farewell", "Looking For A Home", "The Marrow", "Love XIX", "The End Of The World II", "Marching On", "To His Wife", "A Forest Aflame", "Sunday Is", "His Prayer II", "She Will Never Let You Down", "Travelers In Eternity", "Inside Him", "Ending Feelings", "Untitled CII", "Look Where He's Brought Them From", "Morbid Thought", "Peckerwaddle Special", "Lake Side", "Penguins In The House", "Away From Home", "The Waterfall II", "Life's Departure", "Come In", "A Thanksgiving Song", "Seeking An Escape", "Beyond Dust Dreaming", "Expressions", "Fall III", "The End IV", "Quilted Memories", "Farewell", "Frozen Leaves", "Life In The World", "Thanksgiving III", "Flowers V", "Blue Dolphins", "Not Just Me", "Untitled CIII", "Searching III", "The Elements Of Earth", "Survival II", "Man...", "A Celebration Of Love", "Nature's Apron Strings", "Ode To A Friend II", "The Passing II", "Rain IV", "In Her Garden Green", "Claire", "Dust Of Snow", "The Gift VII", "Prisms", "No One's Listening", "Childhood II", "Mountain Magic", "A Letter To Her Dad", "Promises To Keep", "Bay Watch", "Dear Daughter", "Deference", "Life XIX", "Inner Strength", "Black Mama", "Love Bless The World Today", "Ode To A Toad", "How She Loves The Ocean!!!", "Jump Start", "A Friend In Love", "The Bethlehem Star", "Seat Belts", "One Nation Under Love", "Memories X", "Lonely II", "Special Thoughts", "Ancients", "Untitled CIV", "Tryst In Time", "Labels", "Zen Painting", "A Portrait", "Cloud", "Writing Complaints", "An Ode To Dennis", "Hope V", "Lie", "Slow Steps", "The Ebony Soul Of Man", "Phantom III", "Long Overdue", "When III", "Dear Mother", "Nurse Beth", "'Love' III", "At Peace", "Untitled CV", "The Wall", "Her Faith, The Hand Of Her Soul", "A Challenge To Fill", "History Repeats", "Love's Creation", "Family Ties II", "A Sister's Love", "Relief II", "Autumn VII", "Untitled CVI", "Retrospect", "Nostalgia", "Intoxicating Ride", "Sunrise", "Your Blessing Sis", "Differences", "The Chair", "Laughter II", "She Wishes She Could", "Sheila, The Child", "She Wishes II", "Paradoxic Day", "The Wall III", "She Was A Whisper", "Wind In The Trees", "Cosmo", "This World They Live In", "Drowning", "Melancholy", "She's A Leaf", "What Is A Vampire?", "Ode To A Handkerchief", "Individuality", "Progeny", "Into Silence", "Fontonelle", "Changes IV", "Untitled CVII", "Untitled CVIII", "Who Is She? II", "She's A Poor Mutt", "Full Circle", "In Her Garden", "Tomorrow II", "The Penguins", "Memories Never Say Goodbye", "Forever Yours", "Rain V", "Light", "Euonymous", "Untitled/Unsigned", "Memories Of Love", "Untitled CIX", "Heaven V", "Beads", "Life XX", "Seasons VI", "Diana's Place", "Crossroads III", "The Rain II" and "Home IV".

He published the poetry books Selected Poems 1995-2021, Collected Poems Volume One 1995-2001, Collected Poems Volume Two 2002-2005, Collected Poems Volume Three 2006-2009, Collected Poems Volume Four 2010-2013 and Collected Poems Volume Five 2014-2017 in 2021.

In 2022, he wrote "The Man From Yesterday", "Bravo (Company--B)", "Remember III", "Memories XI", "Lost Innocence", "The Twilight Horseman", "Night", "Reflections VI", "She Loves You III", "Wintertime", "False Spring", "Patience", "Concerto", "Harvest Moon", "Together In The Sand", "Endometriosis", "Rivers Of Love", "Love XX", "Silent Screams", "Love Ago", "Collecting Novembers", "Her Firstborn Son", "Watchful Eyes", "Life XXI", "Untitled CX", "Invisible Hands", "Untitled CXI", "Adversity", "Give Them Your Hungry", "Ocean Mover", "Black Woman", "Green Thumb", "Mother's Day", "Misty", "Darkness IV", "On Trial", "Her Little Sister", "Untitled CXII", "Empty III", "The American Rodeo Cowboy", "Simira", "Moonset", "Poet In Prison", "Music Of The Bow", "Untitled CXIII", "Untitled CXIV", "The Way You Make Her Feel", "Untitled CXV", "Listen For Silent Words", "Snow VI", "Endless Possibilities", "Nature IV", "The School Bus Driver", "Whom Will She Leave?", "A Tiny Rosebud", "Time XII", "Devil's Mission", "Her Garden II", "Similies Of Life", "Answers II", "From The Shadow....", "Lamentations", "Untitled CXVI", "Roads", "What Is True Love", "Rapture II", "Untitled CXVII", "I Love You", "Sometimes II", "Essence Of Her Life", "Shades Of Hue", "Human Doll", "She's Gone!", "Truth Revealed", "Good-Bye II", "Question On A Springtime Walk", "Blue II", "A Bird's Playtime", "Untitled CXVIII", "Black Brother, Black Brother", "Re-Entry", "The Gift II", "Sun Break", "His Love IV", "Don't Settle For Less Than Love", "A Time To Remember", "Untitled CXIX", "Tears Of Pain/Tears Of Joy", "A Tribute To The End Of Their Lives", "Marooned In Sydney", "Ten Little Fingers--Ten Little Toes", "Thanksgiving Expressed", "Love Is The One", "Untitled CXX", "Love Is Like A Candle", "The Poem Is Yours", "Autumn Time", "A Pawn", "Untitled CXXI", "There Is Not A Day", "One Day At A Time", "Secret Stories", "Scarlet", "You II", "Spoke Too Soon", "Loneliness IV", "Angel On Her Shoulder", "Untitled CXXII", "Wondered", "Untitled CXXIII", "Expressions Of Grief", "Answer Her", "Teacher, You Just Don't Understand", "The Many Years Of Friendship", "A Woman Of Love", "Stands Alone", "There But Not Seen", "The Undying Magic", "O, Father", "Untitled CXXIV", "Her Prayer II", "Poets And Poems" and "The External Equation", "Untitled CXXV", "Age Is Upon Her!", "Hungry", "No Good Byes", "Mirror", "Untitled CXXVI", "Sunset V", "Miracles Abound", "Dying Ember", "This Poem Is For You", "Untitled CXXVII", "Untitled CXXVIII", "For Her II", "Anticipating Springs" and "Rewards".

He published the poetry books Selected Poems 1995-2022 and Collected Poems Volume Six 2018-2021 in 2022.

In the wake of the May 2022 Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Ransopher encouraged action to promote gun safety. He continued to express his support for Roe v. Wade and abortion rights.

Personal life

Ransopher is a Theravada Buddhist, a member of Chua Dao Quang, in his hometown of Garland.

In 1998, it was reported that Ransopher "aspires to be a human rights advocate."

Ransopher and Amy Robertson have lived together for ten years.

Amy has been an encouragement and an inspiration for his poetry.

Honors and recognition

  • 2010: Poetic Skies Poem Of The Week (Blacktop River)
  • 2010: Poetic Skies Poem Of The Week (The Seagull)
  • 2010: Poetic Skies Poem Of The Week (Her Love Has A Cold Wet Nose)
  • 2015: First weekly winner for Fortune Poets group A Soldier's Fortune
  • 2015: Poet of the year for Fortune Poets