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Scott Hassan
Born 1970 (age 52–53)
Nationality USA
Occupation computer scientists
Known for founding high-tech companies

Scott Hassan is an American computer scientist and entrepeneur.[1]

Hassan has been described as Google's third, unofficial founder.[1]

Hassan went on to found other companies, and to be an initial investor in other companies.[1]

Hassan is one of the sponsors of the Global Learning XPRIZE.[2]


Hassan earned his Bachelor's degree in Buffalo, New York, and earned a Masters in Computer Science at Stanford University, where he then spent several years in a support position in the Computer Science Department, where he formed professional relationships with PhD students who were about to launch technology startups. Notably he worked with both Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the founders of[1] Hassan encouraged them to turn the code into an official product, and, although he was never an official Google employee, they allowed him to purchase 160,000 shares, for $800.

Hassan left Stanford, and founded, or played a role in the founding, of several successful technology startups, including Willow Garage.[3]

Marriage and divorce

Hassan met Allison Huynh, another Stanford grad, in 2000, and the pair married in 2001.[1][4][5] Hassan and Huynh did not sign a prenuptial agreement.

The couple had three children together.[1][4]

According to The New York Times, in 2004, Hassan suggested that, in return for "waiving any future claims to marital assets", he would transfer some of his assets to her.[1][4] The assets he was willing to transfer constituted only a small fraction of his net worth, and she declined.

In 2013 Hassan informed Huynh he was commencing divorce proceedings against her, via text message.[1][4] By 2021 the divorce procedure had dragged out for more than seven years, while other billionaire's divorces were handled more promptly and more quietly. Huynh has claimed Hassan is dragging the procedure out, out of malice.

In August of 2021 Huynh became aware that someone had created a website in her name, that included links to three potentially embarrassing websites.[1][4] She suspected Hassan, and hired researchers to examine the site for clues to his involvement. Ironically, when they failed to find any signs, and she took a closer look, herself, she found clues he had created it, in the site's DNS registration. According to The New York Post Hassan acknowledged he had created the site, stating:

“I did, but I have taken it down. It came together in a moment of frustration, when I felt Allison and her attorney were telling one-sided stories to the press. I thought aggregating publicly available information without commenting or editorializing would help … It only ended up making our dispute more public and tense, which was never what I intended.”[4]


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