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Scott Curtis
Nationality USA
Other names Scott B. Curtis
Occupation naval officer, professor

Scott Curtis is a University professor and an officer in the United States Navy.[1] He is the ROTC officer at the Iowa State University.

Military career

After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Kansas State University, in 1992, Curtis attended Officer Candidate School, and was commissioned into the United States Navy.[2] He first served in the Engineering department of the USS Bainbridge (CGN-25). Following that commission he served as a fire control officer on the USS California (CGN-36).

He then served two years at the Naval Postgraduate School, earning a Masters of Science in Engineering Acoustics.[2]

His next ship was the USS Fife (DD-991).[2]

He then served on the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) while it supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq.[2]

He took command of USS Dextrous (MCM-13) in 2006.[2]

This was followed by a staff appointment in Alexandria Virginia.[2]

In 2010 he took command of the USS Ashland (LHD-48).[2]

In 2012 he served as Reactor Officer on the USS Harry Truman (CVN 75).[2]

In 2016 he was appointed ROTC officer at the Iowa State University.[2][3]

In 2017 Curtis expelled a cadet who claimed he had been sexually assaulted from the ROTC program.[4] According to USMC Life Curtis didn't believe the cadet, and thought he had invented the assault claim to distract from the fact he had been injured while engaged in underage drinking. The cadet and his supporters responded that Curtis's disbelief showed a double standard, as a female cadet would have had her claim taken at face value. Being expelled from the program means the cadet will be expected to pay back the financial support he received while in the ROTC -- estimated to be approximately $100,000.

He also served at the Jury Foreman for Majid Khan's sentencing in the fall of 2021.[1][5] This service triggered scrutiny when he drafted a letter suggesting clemency, signed by all but one of his fellow jurors, after they learned that the Central Intelligence Agency had used multiple torture techniques on Khan, including anal rape.


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