Scott Borgerson

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Scott Borgerson
Born 1976 (age 46–47)
Nationality USA
Occupation USCG officer, professor, entrepeneur

Scott Borgerson is a high-tech entrepeneur.[2]

Early life

Borgerson was born in Missouri to a military family.[2] His father was an officer in the US Marine Corps. After he graduated from high school he studied at the US Coast Guard Academy, and then spent four years serving as Coast Guard officer.


After his Coast Guard service Borgerson was a graduate student at Tufts University, earning a Masters in law and diplomacy, followed by a PhD in International Relations.[2]

In 2010 he founded CargoMetrics, a firm that provides clients with the location of ocean-going vessels.[2] The firm made Borgerson rich.


Borgerson had two children with his first wife, Rebecca, whom he divorced in 2015.[2]

Borgerson had become friends with Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.[2] After Maxwell disappeared it turned out she was living in one of Borgerson's houses. Later it became known that Borgerson and Maxwell had married.

Borgerson stepped down from heading CargoMetrics when his marriage to Maxwell became known.[2]

Maxwell was divorcing Borgerson at the time of her arrest.[2] Reporters have described the divorce as a "divorce of convenience" - a nominal divorce meant only to shield Borgerson's wealth from civil suits filed against her by Epstein's victims.



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