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Transformers character
Generation 1 Scorch box art
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Species Transformer


Alternate mode


Rear Guard

"No-one gets past me. If they know what's good for them."

Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Timelines

Botcon exclusives, Deluxe vehicles, Turbomasters
Tech specs

ST06 IN10 SP08 EN06

RN08 CO08 FB08 SK09

Scorch is a fictional character in the Transformers series. He is an Autobot Turbomaster rear guard introduced in 1992 who turns into a truck. He is sometimes refered to as Turbomaster. He should not be confused with Fire Road or Singe, two similar looking Transformers.

Generation 1

Turbomasters were an Australian, Canadian, and European exclusive range of Transformers toys, released in 1992 as part of their final year of products for the original franchise. A subgroup of the Autobots, there were six Turbomasters: Thunder Clash, Rotorstorm, Boss, Hurricane, Flash, and Scorch. They all had the gimmick of missile launchers which became their engines or turbines when in vehicle mode. Their rivals were the Decepticon Predators.

Fictional biography

Generation 1: A formidable defense shield. Fiercely loyal to the Autobot leader and courageous to the point of recklessness. Is proud of his position in the Autobot ranks and enjoys teamwork. As vehicle, central turbine provides super defense power. As robot a formidable turbo-shielded presence.
Timelines: The "Turbomaster," a nickname of sorts for this Autobot, has become one of Optimus Prime's most trusted soldiers since the return of the Golden age of Cybertron. When word reached Optimus Prime from Autobot City on Earth that a new Decepticon threat had emerged, he sent Turbomaster to check on the Autobots who were safeguarding the planet. Now Turbomaster finds himself thrust into a battle with robots he does not know on a planet he finds a little confusing. While he loves working as part of a team, having even adopted a new earth based "alternate mode" to blend in, he is still unsure about how to respond to many of his "new" Autobot teammates.


Dreamwave Productions

The Turbomasters appeared in Dreamwave Productions adaptation of the Transformers. During the Decepticon conquest of Cybertron by Megatron, the Turbomasters evaded capture and became part of the Autobot underground resistance. They were assigned by Perceptor to monitor the "Think Tank", a device designed to help locate Optimus Prime. At one point Perceptor had left them alone, and the Turbomasters partook in a game of cat and mouse, which resulted in Flash accidentally driving into the Think Tank and being transported to the alien world of Quintessa, home of the Quintessons. Dreamwave Productions went bankrupt before the story arc could be fully published.

Fun Publications

Wings of Honor

As part of Fun Publication's "Wings of Honor" story, the Turbomasters Hurricane, Scorch, Flash and Boss were clearing out Decepticon nests across the galaxy, prior to the rise of the second generation of Transformers on Earth.

Alongside Streetwise, Scorch was assigned to Earth to supervise over the new "second generation" of Autobots. He didn't much like it when the youngsters mouthed off at him and acted like they were charge, like Rapido did after a lost battle with Clench's Decepticon Syndicate at the Large Hadron Collider. They planned a counterattack on the Decepticon-held facility, during which Scorch and Aquafend led most of the forces in a frontal assault while Streetwise, Rapido, and Meanstreak infiltrated the building. They didn't do well, causing Scorch to consider a retreat, but he regained his spirit once Go-Bot reinforcements arrived and helped him fight Double Punch. He had to be bailed out of that battle by Pyro, but in the end the Decepticons fled and the Autobots liberated the LHC.


  • Hasbro Transformers Generation 1 Turbomaster Scorch (1992)
Each Turbomaster had a missile launcher which became their engine or turbine when they were transformed into their vehicle mode. These missile launchers contained spring-powered projectiles so powerful that they were not released in the US as they violated toy regulations.[1] The small size of the missiles also presented problems, and any uses of the toy molds in the US have seen them altered so that the launchers where either neutered or made to fire larger missiles.
The Turbomasters all have design similarities. The four smaller Turbomasters—Boss, Scorch, Flash and Hurricane—all had silver faces and came with three yellow missiles alongside their missile launcher. Each missile had a slit in its side so that whilst one was in the missile launcher, the other two could be mounted on the Transformers vehicle and robot mode.
  • Hasbro TransformersTimelines Deluxe Turbomaster (2010)
A BotCon 2010 exclusive. A recolor of Universe Deluxe Hound. Came bundled with Double Punch and Shattered Glass Ravage.


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