Scooter Enhanced

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"Scooter Enhanced"
Challenge of the GoBots episode
Scooter uses his new blasters
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 34
Written by Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and Mark Young
Original air date October 9th, 1984
Guest actors

B.J. Ward as Small Foot

Episode chronology
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Next →
"Tarnished Image"

Scooter Enhanced is an episode of the animated television series Challenge of the GoBots, which was broadcast on October 9th, 1984 in the United States. It was written by Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and Mark Young.[1]


Scooter and Small Foot join Nick and A.J. to watch a car stunt show which is attacked by Crasher, BuggyMan and Fly Trap. Small Foot fights Buggyman and defeats him, but the Renegades gain the upper hand. The Guardians are rescued by Leader-1 and Turbo who arrive in Power Suits. Cy-Kill vows to gain Power Suits for the Renegades. Scooter decides he needs more firepower, so he has Professor von Joy remove his damaged holo projector in favor of a blaster unit. Screw Head, Bad Boy and Cop-Tur are sent to attack Unecom bases and distract the Guardians while Cy-Kill, Crasher and Scorp attempt to take the suits from the Guardian Command Center. Small Foot and Scooter are able to delay the Renegades until Leader-1 and Turbo return to chase away the Renegades. Realizing he was a better Guardian with his holo projector, Scooter has it reinstalled.


  1. "Scooter Enhanced". Written by Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and Mark Young. Challenge of the GoBots. First-run syndication. October 9th, 1984. No. 34, season 1.

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