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This is the "Sazib Biswas". I am a Student And Online Activist and social worker from Bangladesh. I am also a Intelligent Student.

However, "Sazib" is my actual name. My name is "Sazib Biswas". But I am well known to people as an Online Activist by this name "Sazib"

Doing lots of social work. Helping people and encourage people to do something better for our society. I am very simple person, friendly, fun loving. I am a man with specific mission.

Sazib Biswas (Born: March 03,2000) is a student, Content creator, Digital Marketer, Graphics Designer.

Career Sazib Biswas is building up his Career. He is still a student. To obtain a suitable job position in a reputed organization where nice working environment and decision making opportunities will enable me to contribute my best efforts for the organization and attaining higher career building opportunities may be assured.

Personal Skills Ability to work under pressure and Positive attitude. Ability to adopt in any environment. Working hard with logical thinking & environment. Self-Motivated. Popular among Friend.