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Saya Misaki

Saya Misaki (1985–2007)
Native name 美咲 沙耶

}}}}}}}} 17,

}} 1985
Hokkaidō, Japan
Died 6 July 2007(2007-07-06) (aged 21)
Other names Oyabun
Height 1.53 m (Template:Convert/ftin)
Weight 47 kg (Template:Convert/Loff)

Saya Misaki (Japanese: 美咲 沙耶 Hepburn: Misaki Saya?, 17 September 1985 – 6 July 2007), also known as Oyabun (親分?) was a Japanese adult video actress and glamour model. Misaki's career spanned over two years during which she appeared in at least seventy DVDs.[1]

AV career

Saya Misaki was born in 1985 in Hokkaidō, the northern island of Japan. She began her career in the adult industry at age 19 in April 2005 with the S1 No. 1 Style studio as a featured performer.[2] After 6 months with S1, she went to Moodyz where she remained for another 6 months[3] before moving on to work for a number of independent studios. In a 2007 video for Dogma Getting Told Off By A Young Girl Got Me Hard she plays a dominant "bitch" who verbally abuses men – and gets them excited.[4]

Misaki entered into more extreme porn genres with two S&M movies in 2007, Mad Cumming in Convulsion for Art Video and M-Drug Human Toilet Failed Attempt Saya Misaki for Dogma. She also made two uncensored videos (without the mosaic pixelation to obscure the genitals required in mainstream Japanese AVs) in 2007, Sky Angel Vol. 49 and Red Hot Fetish Collection Vol. 43, both released by Sky High Entertainment.


Misaki committed suicide by hanging[5] in the early hours of July 6, 2007 at her home in Hokkaidō. Her death was discovered by her mother when she went to visit her.[6][7] In her last blog entry, dated just a few days before her death she talks about her depression and ends with "Thank you everyone. Thank you God. Tomorrow I'll be better". (みんなありがとう。 神様ありがとう。 明日は元気が出そう!).[8] She was 21 at the time of her death.


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