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Sarid Drory
Born October 19, 1964 (1964-10-19) (age 59)
Kibbutz Sarid, Israel
Nationality Italian
Citizenship American & Italian
Occupation Entrepreneur and Founder of Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro
Organization Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro
Height 1.80m (6 foot 0)

Sarid Drory was born on October 19, 1964, in Kibbutz Sarid, Israel. He is a successful entrepreneur. He grew up with his parents and brother in Israel. Furthermore, Sarid moved to the United States of America and completed his studies.[1][2]


American-Israeli Entrepreneur Sarid Drory rose his fame as a celebrated Chef & Chairman based in New York City. He is the Owner and Founder of Artisanal Fromagerie Group & Bistro. Sarid is a specialist in the development, construction, and growth of leading restaurant properties. Drory has lived and worked in New York City for twenty-six years building his food, beverage, and hospitality empire with his distinct mix of passion and acute discipline in one of the world’s top markets.[3][4]

After serving as a Special Forces Lieutenant in Israel, stationed in Lebanon for five years, Drory’s first development and management experience were in the carpet and floor cleaning industry. He developed six successful companies in this category, selling them at a profit. As a European citizen, he pursued his passion for the high-end restaurant industry acquiring wine and beverage skills in France and Italy and then emigrated to New York City to apply his studies and experiences.[5]

Since that time, Vincent Sarid Drory has cultivated a prestigious history of success in the New York City restaurant scene. His first purchase was Ye Waverly Inn from the family who had run the establishment for three generations. Due to his strategic upgrades to the restaurant, including the installation of the famed garden, Drory created a popular New York hot spot and tripled the revenue in three years. After about ten years Drory sold the restaurant for $2.5 million.[6]

Drory’s next restaurant and renovation project was Greenwich café, a 24-hour café. The initial project cost for the restaurant was $350,000 and it was sold for $1.8 million, adding to Drory’s portfolio.[7]

Drory’s other projects have included two Italian restaurants. He brought in special cooks from a village in Palermo, Italy, to enhance the romantic feel of the restaurant. The two restaurants were a big success after 14 years of operating and were sold for $1.8 million each.[8][9]

One of Drory’s latest projects is Artisanal Bistro, located on 2 Park Avenue, noted as NYC’s first artisanal food entries. He hired Adam Tihany, the famed hospitality designer who originally designed the space, to renovate Artisanal. Sarid also bought the club Fat Baby for $3 million. Drory will be moving Artisanal to a better and bigger location on Park Avenue.[10][11]

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