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Sara Balderrama is an American massage therapist who came to the public's attention due to her friendship, then engagement, to James Forcillo, a former Police Constable convicted of murdering Sammy Yatim.[1][2]

Balderama and Forcillo met, in California, in 2002, when they were students at East Los Angeles College.[2] Balderrama lived in Santa Clara, California, prior to moving to Toronto, Canada, in 2017, to join Forcillo.[1]

Balderrama and Forcillo became friends when he lived in California, years ago.[1][2]

After his conviction Forcillo was able to win release on bail, while he appealed his sentence.[1][2] His bail conditions required he live under house arrest, with his Canadian wife, Irina Ratushnyak. Forcillo's first marriage collapsed. He had been corresponding with Balderrama, who agreed to move to Toronto, and marry him. Forcillo had requested permission to change where he would live under house arrest, to an apartment he would share with Balderrama. However, officials supervising his release on bail found that Forcillo had been living with Balderrama without first getting permission to change his abode. Forcillo's name was on apartment's lease. Forcillo's name was on the lobby annunciator panel.

In an affadavit to support Forcillo's change of residence Balderrama wrote that she was staying in Canada on a visitor's visa, that exprired in April 2018, but that she and Forcillo planned to wed in March 2018, where he would then sponsor her citizenhsip.[1] She wrote that she had applied for a work visa.