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Santosh Rabi Das Anjon
Native name সন্তোষ রবি দাস অঞ্জন
Born 7th January, 1996
Shamshernagar, Bangladesh
Residence Shamshernagar, Moulvibazar
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Entrepreneur, Vlogger, Digital Marketer.
Years active 2013
Organization Ekti Bidyarthir Drishty Songho, Anjon's
Known for Social Worker, Political person, Student, Entrepreneur, Tour & Event Planner, Consultant.
Height 5'7"
Religion Hindu
Parents Satyanarayan Rabi Das Kamoli Rabi Das

Santosh Rabi Das Anjon is a young politician, student leader, entrepreneur,digitial marketer, and organizer. Experience in managing teams and a lot of social campaigns. His background in entrepreneurship development, brand management, MI, MA, visual design, digital marketing, event management, tour planning, research, and clubbing inform his mindful but competitive approach. [1] Santosh is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of local politics. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in marketing and stays in tune with the latest digital marketing strategies through continued coursework. [2]


An entrepreneur, a digital content creator, a warrior. This war is against the social barriers for tea garden workers of Sylhet, Bangladesh. Santosh Rabi Das Anjon- the multi-talented son of tea labourer Kamli Rabi Das- the founder of Anjon's Tea, Ekti Bidyarthir Drishti Songho, the adviser of University Tea Students Association, a tour guide as well. Besides all these, Santosh is representing Bangladesh to the outer world by his continuous effort to traditional and cultural dress and food of Sylhet as well as the famous eye-catchy locations of the different parts of Sylhet. As a marketing student of DU, his participation in the prestigious DUCSU election has proved that a positive mentality can lead a person to his goal and uphold his majestic personality. Yes, Santosh is unique, Santosh is different, Santosh has that kind of personality that everyone cannot handle. [3] [4] [5] [6]

Early Life

Santosh Rabidas is the son of a backward tea community. He was admitted in the marketing department of Dhaka University on his own merits. However, he is working to improve the living standards and health awareness of the children of the poor tea workers who have been left behind. He is holding awareness meetings and exchanging views with them.

Thus, Santosh Rabidas has become a 'light' for the students at Kanihati Tea Garden, the outpost of Shamshernagar Tea Garden in Kamalganj, Moulvibazar. [7] Now Santosh Rabidas is teaching more than 100 students from 6th to 10th class in Kanihati Tea Garden. Since the university was closed during the Corona period, he taught students in the tea garden five days a week. He took their test one day a week. One day a week he would discuss various problems of the society, possibilities, religious customs and health awareness. Educational materials were given to the students. [8]

Satyanarayana Rabidas, a former tea worker from the backward Rabidas community, and Santosh Rabidas, son of mother Kamali Rabidas. He lost his father when he was only six months old and grew up on his mother's troubles. Admitted to the marketing department of Dhaka University, he continued his tuition fees by doing tuition in different places of the capital. He is currently giving MBA final exam. [9] Santosh Rabidas [10] can never forget his troubled days. So he is working for the backward students of his community. Santosh Rabidas said that his mother used to get a daily wage of 75 rupees. Now get 120 rupees. It was difficult for them to run their family on this income of their mother. His mother took a micro-loan from Grameen Bank to pay for his son's university. In order to repay the loan installments, he has worked in the tea-garden as well as sand extraction in the hills. Mother and son have spent many nights in the family eating potatoes.

Santosh Rabidas said, the tea garden is no longer the same. At present the facilities of education, communication and sanitation have increased. Costs and competition have also increased a lot. However, the children of the tea community are not yet able to take the opportunity of higher education properly. So he has set up educational support activities in the tea garden on his own initiative. He is running activities in the tea garden primary school under the slogan 'Help each other'. Occasionally he held large-scale discussion meetings and awareness meetings in the tea-garden dance hall.


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