Sanjeda Islam Orne

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Sanjeda Islam Orne
Born 16 May 2005
Patuakhali, Bangladesh
Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation YouTuber, Food Vlogger
Years active since 2023

Sanjeda Islam Orne is a prominent YouTuber and Food Vlogger hailing from Bangladesh. She was born in the picturesque town of Patuakhali and currently resides in the bustling city of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Sanjeda Islam Orne gained recognition through her YouTube channel, where she shares her passion for food and culinary delights. Her channel has amassed a substantial following, making her a notable figure in the world of food vlogging.

Personal Life

Sanjeda was born and raised in Patuakhali, Bangladesh, and her love for food and cooking led her to pursue a career as a Food Vlogger. Her journey as a YouTuber and Food Vlogger has allowed her to showcase the rich and diverse culinary traditions of Bangladesh to a global audience.