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Picture of Samiur rahman
Native name Samiur rahman
Born 30 October,1999
Residence Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Years active 2020 - present
Home town Chittagong
Height 6.1 "

Samiur Rahaman Magnetism is a Young serial Entrepreneur in Bangladesh. Samiur rahman is considered Bangladeshi very first authentic knowledge-based fashion vlogger and classic fashion expert. He is also a serial entrepreneur. He is also known as 'magnetism' among his mighty fan base. Samiur Rahman is a certified image consultant who learned about Nutrition and Exercise Science and is determined to change the grooming game, especially for males. Samiur Rahman realized that there is a lack of options and resources for men in the grooming sector. So after a few years of procrastination, he decided to open a channel to provide real-life advice to his fellows by uploading videos to the youtube platform samiur rahman Magnetism which is one of the very first image consulting channels in Bangladesh.


Samiur Rahman Nickname- Magnetism Samiur Rahman date of birth - October 30, 1999 Samiur Rahman Nationality- Bangladeshi Samiur Rahman 'Magnetism' Religion-Islam Samiur Rahman Magnetism Age-22

Samiur rahman Body feature- Samiur rahman Height in feet - 6.1 Samiur rahman Height in meter - 1.86 Samiur rahman Height in cm- 186 samiur rahman Weight in kg- 92kg Samiur rahman Weight in lbs - 202lbs

Samiur Rahman Facial features- Skin- Brunnet Hair- Black Eye- Brown Nose- Roman Samiur Rahman's estimated net worth is over - 150k - 220k USD

Personality type of Samiur Rahman:

According to the data of our research team, he is an extremely charismatic, motivating, humble, and sigma male type of person. He is an ambivert.

Samiur rahman Magnetism Girlfriends - Anika doyale - (2015 -2016) Maliha Sarwar (2016-2016) Alisha nafee (2017-2019) Jerin sufia (2019-2021) Flora D'suza (2021-2021) Taspi Ari (Present)

Samiur Rahman Magnetism is currently dating his highschool sweet heart Taspi_ari (Twitter) from University of Dhaka.

Samiur rahman magnetism education :

School- Cantonment Public School and college University - University of Chittagong Subject- Public Administration

Samiur Rahman Profession:

Content creator, Model, Personal fitness coach, Fashion coach, Student, entrepreneur, Image consultant.

Source of information:

Wiki Research team , social media, podcasts, neighbors and friends.


Weight lifting, Fashion, He gained fame in recent years through high-quality and scientific content. Which is a completely new type of fashion content in Bangladeshi content creation. He has more than 10 million+ views and counting from all over the internet.

Samiur rahman is also known as the pioneer of Bangladeshi classic men's fashion expert in the field of Bangladeshi content creation.

Samiur Rahman also makes and talks about scientific product reviews, phycology, mental peace, and Ayurveda Menswear, classic style, Fitness, Cursive handwriting, Filmmaking, video editing.