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Samiul Sojol Ponishare-verified.png Snapchat-1383820020.jpg
Born 11 June, 1999
Sardha, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Residence Sardha, Charghat, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Sardha Govt Pilot High School, Rajshahi , Sardha College, Rajshahi college
Occupation Student, Digital creator, Ethical hacker

Samiul Sojol (born: June 11,1999) is a student, Digital creator, Ethical hacker and web designer.

Samiul Sojol was born in Sardha, Charghat, Bangladesh , and was raised in Rajshahi Town. He attended Sardha Govt Pilot High School, located in Sardha, Rajshahi then Sardha Govt. college to complete his secondary & higher level of education. His graduation Education College Name: Rajshahi College. His education is still going on. Snapchat-1670911674.jpg


Samiul Sojol is building up his Carrer. He is still a student but interested in Ethical hacking Web developing and Writing blogs.

Devloped website: Happy New Year

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