Samantha Barbash

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Samantha Barbash
Born 1973 (age 46–47)
Nationality USA
Other names Samantha Foxx
Occupation bar hostess, author, occupational spa owner
Known for incidents from her life were dramatized into the movie Hustlers

Samantha Barbash is an American entrepreneur and former adult entertainment host whose real life story with Roselyn Keo formed the basis for the movie Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu. The film was adapted from Jessica Pressler's 2015 article in New York magazine, "The Hustlers at Scores".[1][2][3] Barbash hass written her own memoirs, entitled Underscore.[4]

Known professionally as Samantha Foxx, she became an adult entertainment host at 19 and later a hostess at Scores Gentlemen's Club in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan[5] and in the same borough's Hustlers Club. Many of their biggest spending clients were highly paid Wall Street brokers.[6] After the Wall Street bubble collapsed it took more effort for Barbash, Keo and their friends to make money.[7] So they started calling old clients, suggesting they meet up, in an ordinary bar or restaurant, for an ordinary date. However, at a key point, where the target had drunk enough to be suggestible, her friends would arrive, and suggest they go to a strip club. They had arrangements with certain strip clubs to get a generous kickback from the target's credit card bill. Once in a private room, at the strip club they would call rack up expensive charges on the target's credit card. Sometimes they would covertly drug the target to make him suggestible. The drug cocktail they used would also wipe the evening from the target's memory.

Barbash was on probation for five years after pleading guilty of conspiracy, assault and grand larceny. Following her conviction, Barbash opened a spa offering cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery.[2]

In April 2019, Barbash announced she was going to try to stop the film's release, citing defamation and that the producers did not acquire the rights to tell her story.[5][8][9] In April Barbash said she was flattered Jennifer Lopez was playing her.[8] But, by the time the film was released she said that Cardi B, who played a smaller role in the film, would have been a better choice.

Bay January, 2020, there were concerns over her book, Underscore.[10] Barbash's web-site allowed individuals who wanted to read the book to prepay, with publication coming in September 2019. Page Six magazine reported she had pre-sold 45,000 copies, and her share of this sale would be about $1 million, but that reader still had not received their books, prompting their headline "Has the woman who inspired ‘Hustlers’ run another $1 million hustle?".

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