Saleha Begum

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Saleha Begum

Photo of Saleha Begum & her son
Native name সালেহা বেগম
Born 10 February, 1967
Habiganj, Bangladesh
Height 4'8"
Spouse Abul Hussain

Saidujjaman Durjoy,

Swadheen Islam Robi,Sazna Akther,Nazma Akther,Anjuman Akther

Saleha Begum was born on February 10, 1967 in a village of Habiganj, Bangladesh. Her father's name is Md Sona Miya & mother's name is Ayesha Begum. At present, she is living in the Habiganj city with her family.She has a joint family.She has four brothers & three sisters.

Saleha Begum is mother of musician Saidujjaman Durjoy. His Younger son is Swadheen Islam Robi Who is a well-known musician and he is better than Saidujjaman Durjoy. She has two sons and three daughters.

Her Elder son Saidujjaman Durjoy is a Bangladeshi verified musician.He (SD) release a lot of national and international song in various music platform in Bangladesh. His younger son is Swadheen Islam Robi. He is the best. Saleha Begum and her family proud of Saidujjaman Durjoy's success.