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Sajir Ahmed Snigdho (Born in 16th Feb 2003 Pirganj, Thakurgaon, Bangladesh) better known, as in Bangladeshi musical artist. Introduced to the music industry lunch the first song “SURAH AL FATIHA” on different music platform like Spotify, Google play music, Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon Music, Jiosavan, Deezer and many other international platforms and he also get verified those platform.

He has finished many songs outdoors the nation, he has finished lots of enterprise in addition to singing, he has organized his future in many roles together with on-line digital marketing managing, YouTube promoted, Fb Advertising. Sajir Ahmed Snigdho has gained the hearts of everybody along with his songs. Everybody is aware of who Sajir Ahmed Snigdho is now.

He collaborates and has paid promotion activities on social media platforms. With the quality of giving information and helping hands for youth to grow their identity Sajir Ahmed Snigdho has never let it down, he has also helped in editing most of his friend’s knowledge graph and made them identifiable on Google searches. Gains Huge Fame On Social Media & Becomes A Successful Influencer & Blogger, He Collabs With Many Brands & He Influence Youth Of Thakurgaon To Earn Money From Social Media. He Founded Digital Marketing Company “Random It” It Provide Services Online Marketing & Strategy, Including SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Video Marketing, Website Design, App Design, Photography, AI & Software Development It Provide Various Types Of Services To Client. Sajir Ahmed Snigdho currently owner of 1 digital marketing companies.