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Md. Saiful Islam is a Bangladeshi Newspaper's Journalist who is working as an Output Editor in Daily Eai Amar Desh Newspaper. He lives in Foitamari (Chunia) village of Beribaid union in Madhupur upazila of Tangail district.

Md. Saiful Islam's Personal Details: Name: Md. Saiful Islam Father's name: Sajahan Ali Mother's name: Shajada Begum Current and Permanent Address: Village: Foitamari (Chunia), Post Office: Aushnara, Upazila: Madhupur, District: Tangail Born: 29th October 2004 Nationality: Bangladeshi Religion: Islam,


Mobile: 01733437596 Email: [email protected] Facebook:

About His Activities: Md. Saiful Islam loved writing since he was a child and have a strong interest in writing. Thus, he joined the online news portal since December 2017 and later in 2019 and 2020 he is working in the national daily and governmental media newspapers. Md. Saiful Islam joined the daily Mukta Awaz as a Tangail correspondent from December 2017 and left 2019, also worked in Naya Jugantar from February 2018-19. Since then, He has been working as a representative of Madhupur Upazila in the national daily and government media Daily Tritriya Matra from February 2020-2021. also working as a representative of Madhupur Upazila in the Daily Delta Times Newspaper since April 2020. Since November 2020. he has been sending the news of Madhupur Upazila to Daily Amader Notun Shomoy Newspaper, it is also being published in print. Md. Saiful Islam also worked as a Tangail representative in the current portals of, grambanglanews24, dainikbarta24, dainik sahosi kalam, dainik rupsanchal, dainik dksnews24. He is also worked as a Madhupur Upazila Representative in the weekly Jahajmara Patrika, Tnewsbd. Currently, he has joined the Daily Eai Amar Desh Newspaper as an Output Editor from February 06, 2021.

Education Background of Md. Saiful Islam: he got GPA-5 from Aushnara Government Primary School in 2014 with PSC exam and GPA-5 from Aushnara High School in 2017 with JSC exam and passed SSC exam from Aushnara High School in 2020. After that he was admitted in class XI at Aushnara College.

also read about him: Journalist Md. Saiful Islam has been addicted to writing since childhood. Md. Saiful Islam is one of our youngest honest, courageous and emerging journalists. We wish him to do honesty journalism and hope that his future will be smooth.

Md. Saiful Islam thanked everyone and said, "I have been fascinated by writing since I was a child after watching the news on TV and in newspapers. I am new to the media and I want to be by your side." I want to match myself as a media worker. I sincerely wish your cooperation. "I am grateful to all those who wished me and given me advised," he said Everyone will pray for me (Md. Saiful Islam).

Md. Saiful Islam's characteristics given below: Highly observant: He is a quite prudent observers. he has the ability to take things in stride and try not focus too much on the small things. Carefully consider and review everything so that no ordinary or important thing escapes the eye. It is seen that he has noticed and remembered very well the many simple details that have escaped the eyes of the common people. This is a great quality because if you want to step in intelligently, you have to be equally attentive to everything, you have to be equally careful to avoid mistakes.

Possessing sensitive intelligence: Intelligent people tend to be very sensitive to the emotions, reactions and experiences of others. his behave sympathetically and kindly. Surprisingly, it is often the case that intelligent people can see what is going on in the mind of the person next to them, meaning that he can get an idea of ​​how the person is mentally from the expression of that person very quickly. However, it is not that he understand everything, in fact the subject is the people who are close to them or those with whom they are talking or spending time paying close attention to the issues. To be emotionally stable, to comfort them, to help them find comfort. He also become popular with people for their sensitive intelligence. Those with such sensitive intelligence are quite keen, it is seen that he is a quite good scorers in the intelligence test.

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