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Early Life

Sahed Ahmed

Picture of Sahed Ahmed
Born Sahed Ahmed
04 March 1997
Sylhet, Bangladesh
Residence Sylhet
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Scholarshome and Madan Mohan College, Sylhet.
Occupation Entrepreneur

Sahed Ahmed[1] (Born on 04th March 1997) is an Entrepreneur[2] from Bangladesh[3]. Sahed Ahmed, popularly known as Freelancer Sahed Afridi is a Bangladesh-based Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketing Specialist. Sahed was born on 04 March 1997 in Sylhet. Sahed is currently living in Sylhet and running his freelance business and DM training program, which he handles full time by his hard work, dedication, and positive energy. Sahed obtained his higher school certificate degree from Scholarshome and continued his study at Madan Mohan College, Sylhet.


Sahed Ahmed specializes in Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Graphics Design. He is in the Digital Marketing sector for the past five years and managing his clients from more than 50+ countries. At the beginning of his career, Sahed did many jobs, but Sahed was not passionate about his role. He was looking for more fascinating opportunities to build his dream business and work with his dream clients. Later on, Sahed joined a digital marketing training program and developed his Digital Marketing and Graphics Design skills. Sahed took many courses online to sharpen his industry knowledge and kept reading helpful blogs of renowned Marketing experts. Sahed is now chasing his dreams and focusing on keeping himself up-to-date in the Digital Marketing industry.



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