Sahar Jahani

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Sahar Jahani
Nationality USA
Occupation screenwriter

Sahar Jahani is an American writer, known for working on several popular television series, including 13 Reasons Why, and Ramy.[1] In 2020 she was hired to write an adaptation of Uzma Jalaluddin's novel Ayesha at last for Pascal pictures.[2]

Educational career

Jahani graduated from film studies at the University of California at Irvine, in 2013.[1][3] In 2019, as a successful alumnus, she was invited to join a panel on the changing landscape of film/television creation and distribution at Zotfest, the school's student film festival.[4]

Film career

In February 2019 Jahani was a founding member of Muslim Women in Film & Television.[5]


Sahar Jahani's filmography
title role year notes
Grey Matter director 2017 Earned her the 2017 Islamic Scholarship Fund Film Grant.[6]
Ramy screenwriter 2019 A comedy series about Muslim-Americans, broadcast on Hulu.[7]
13 Reasons Why screenwriter 2019 A series revolving around teens struggling with the surprising suicide of a peer.
Just One Night director 2019 A short film that premiered at the Bentonville Film Festival in 2019.[8]


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