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Sadjo Ture reportedly an associate of "Jihadi John", was killed in action in Daesh-occupied Syria in 2015.[1][2]

Ture, and five friends from Portugal, left Portugal, and travelled to the United Kingdom, in hope of becoming professional Association Football players. All six men were unsuccessful. All six men converted to Islam and travelled to Daesh-occupied Syria, so they could volunteer as jihadi fighters.

Ture, and his friend, Celso Da Costa, married a pair of sisters born in the United Kingdom.[2] Ture was married to Zara Iqbal, while Da Costa married Reema Iqbal.

Prior to leaving for Syria Ture had taken a second wife, Shima Essanoor, who had been Reema's best friend in school.[1][3] However, she left him, because she didn't want to go to Syria. Shima was pregnant with twins when she left him. She says she warned UK security officials about the plans of Ture and his friends.


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