Sach Industries

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Sach Industries
Type Private
Industry CleanTech
Founder(s) Santosh Singh, Chandan Singh
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Area served Pan India
Employees 20+

Established in 2017 by Santosh Singh and Chandan Singh, Sach Industries is a prominent cleaning product manufacturer. Their renowned brands—Dr. Cleanee, Mr. Best, and Mr. Special—provide a wide array of cleaning solutions ranging from handwash to liquid air fresheners.[1]

Notably, their flagship product, D-5 Liquid Air Freshener, is a top-seller, offering up to 8 hours of lasting freshness. Sach Industries prioritizes quality and efficacy, ensuring their products meet the standards across various sectors. From handwash to floor cleaners, their products aim to maintain hygienic environments effectively.


In 2017, Santosh Singh and Chandan Singh, alumni of Mumbai’s Oxford High School, established Sach Industries after collectively accruing over five years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Leveraging their expertise in pharmaceuticals and their common educational background, they launched Sach Industries, unveiling their signature brands: Dr. Cleanee, Mr. Best, and Mr. Special, all trademarks of the company.

This blend of professional acumen and shared schooling laid the groundwork for Sach Industries. With a dedication to quality and innovation, Santosh and Chandan entered the cleaning product market confidently, driven by their collective experiences and aspirations for success.


Sach Industries stands at the forefront of providing a diverse range of cleaning products, proudly showcased under their flagship brands: Dr. Cleanee, Mr. Best, and Mr. Special. Tailored to meet the exacting cleanliness standards demanded by an array of sectors, their clientele spans hospitals, luxury hotels, facility management companies, pharmaceutical industries, educational institutions, and more. From essential handwash and dishwasher solutions to specialized floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, and refreshing air fresheners, Sach Industries offers a comprehensive suite of cleaning solutions.[2]

Trusted by a wide range of customers, Sach Industries plays a pivotal role in upholding hygiene standards in hospitals and enhancing cleanliness in hotels and other establishments. Their reputation for reliability and superior performance makes them the preferred choice for those seeking effective cleaning solutions.


Santosh Singh and Chandan Singh, the founders of Sach Industries, were classmates at Oxford High School in Mumbai. Post their education, both gained over 5 years of expertise working in the pharmaceutical domain. This exposure instilled in them an appreciation for maintaining stringent hygiene and cleanliness standards.

Combining their complementary abilities and learnings from the pharma field, Santosh and Chandan launched Sach Industries in 2017. They curated a range of superior cleaning merchandise under the brand names Dr. Cleanee, Mr. Best, and Mr. Special, leveraging their knowledge of quality formulations.

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