SFB Power House Limited

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SFB Power House Limited Verified.png
Born 2017
Residence House-272, Road-12, Army Cantonment, Nabinagor, Savar DOHS
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Electricity provider
Years active 2023-Present
Known for Electricity provider
Home town Savar, Dhaka-1340
Title Fuel Killer Technology For The Welfare Of The Human Race & Runs Carefree.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority in 2017[1] to control global warming, reduce the risk of natural disasters and ensure energy security by gradually reducing dependence on fossil fuels, promoting renewable energy, reducing energy wastage through energy saving, conservation and efficient use in residential, commercial and industrial sectors ( SFB Power House) was formed. Then the activities started in 2018. As a partner in meeting 25% of Bangladesh's total demand by setting up and massively expanding fuel-killer generation power plants using innovative technologies and bringing economic activity dynamics to bring more people under the reach of electricity system and reduce the cost of electricity at the consumer level and reduce Bangladesh's dependence on fuel consumption. Converting life fueled oil and gas based motor vehicles to electric motor vehicles, playing a special role in dealing with climate.
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